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School Starts Monday!
The 2017-18 school year begins Monday, August 21. Parents of students who have not yet enrolled may do so at their attendance area school.
Secondary class schedule pick up dates vary by school - contact or visit your junior high or high school for more schedule information.
Share your back-to-school photos with the hashtag #RISDFirstDay
If you have back-to-school questions, please contact RISD at risd@risd.org or 469-593-0000.
State Fails to Provide Additional Resources
On behalf of the RISD Board of Trustees, I am extremely disappointed in the results of the recent Special Legislative Session regarding school finance. 
The Texas House passed a responsible bill (House Bill 21) that would have given RISD an appropriate and needed increase in state funding of approximately $7- $9 million dollars per year.
The Texas Senate then substituted their own bill (CSHB 21) that left RISD, along with most school districts across Texas, with $0 in additional funding.
The Texas Constitution makes clear the state's responsibility to provide for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of free public schools. Yet by not supporting public education, the actions of the Texas Senate leave RISD taxpayers responsible for a steadily increasing share of financing our local schools, while the State's share continues to decline.
While property values and taxes continue to rise in RISD, the state continues to decrease its share of funding our schools. State funding to RISD is projected to decrease by nearly $23 million, causing a drop of $650 per student over two years.
                             State Aid           Student Enrollment*     State Aid Per Student
2016-2017     $ 88,453,253                36,672                             $  2,412.00
2017-2018     $ 75,214,524                36,861                             $  2,040.50
2018-2019     $ 65,736,792                37,325                             $  1,761.20
*Average Daily Attendance
In order to provide our teachers a well-deserved 3% raise this year, we were forced to budget into savings by nearly $6.3 million.   Additional teaching and special education staff to support our growing student enrollment, plus cost increases for student transportation and utilities consumed an even greater portion of our limited operating funds.
We will continue working with our legislators to help them understand the important needs of our students and teachers that require additional dollars if we are to educate each student to meet and exceed the state's expectations under the Texas accountability system.
Thanks to all of you who contacted your legislator to support RISD this year. I ask everyone who values strong schools in our community to remain involved and support those things that will help our students and teachers.
Justin Bono
ISD Board of Trustees
STAAR Results & School Ratings
The Texas Education Agency released school ratings this week along with full state STAAR test performance results and campus academic distinctions earned. See the story from the RISD homepage here.
School Accountability Ratings
Under the state accountability system changes effective with the introduction of the standardized state  STAAR test in 2012, schools and districts are assigned a rating of Met Standard or Improvement Required
In 2017, RISD and 51 of 52 ratings-eligible schools were assigned a rating of Met Standard, and one school (Bukhair Elementary) was assigned a rating of Improvement Required. Accountability Ratings are primarily based on student performance on the STAAR test.
Academic Distinctions
To differentiate a school's academic performance beyond the Met Standard rating, a school can earn academic distinctions in different subject areas. Distinctions can be earned through strong academic performance compared to a group of schools with similar demographic profiles. 83% of RISD schools earned at least one academic distinction, compared to 52% of schools across Texas. Four RISD schools, Arapaho Classical, Brentfield, MST and Richardson High School, earned all possible academic distinctions in 2017.

STAAR Results

As has occurred each year since the STAAR test was introduced in 2012, components of the accountability system changed again in 2017, which render comparisons of 2017 results with previous years not meaningful. Major accountability system changes for 2017 included:
  • Qualifying students receiving services through special education or section 504 plan took the STAAR-A assessment in 2016 (a separate test designed with built-in accommodations for qualifying students). The STAAR-A version was eliminated in 2017, and those qualifying students were instead required to take the general STAAR test in each subject.

  • Qualifying students with limited proficiency in the English Language took the STAAR-L assessment in 2016 (a separate test designed with built-in language accommodations for qualifying students). The STAAR-L version was eliminated in 2017, and those qualifying students were instead required to take the general STAAR test in each subject.
STAAR results from students in both of these groups were therefore not included as part of general STAAR test results in 2016 but were included in 2017. This change impacted overall STAAR results reported for all districts serving those student groups across the state.
Overall, RISD scores on the STAAR test met or outperformed state scores in all subject areas. On individual grade and subject assessments, RISD students met or outperformed their state peers on 20 of 22 assessments.
“Our students continue to perform well against others in similar settings throughout the state,” said Dr. Jeannie Stone, RISD superintendent. “There are several key contributors to that continued success—our students, teachers, parents, community members—and we are proud of all the work. But test scores alone don’t mark the success of students or districts.” 

Stone says measuring success has become a moving target while the state changes passing standards and eliminates tests from one year to the next. 

“Straight comparisons from year-to-year cannot be made,” she explained. “Accommodations are removed, student groups are tested in different ways with different measures and applications, and all this muddies the waters when trying to help our kids. We cannot accurately assess the areas our students have improved and continue with those initiatives that are working, just like we can’t dig into student performance decline and make better those avenues to reach more kids.” 
An area where RISD continues to face challenges on the STAAR assessment is Writing, where additional resources and interventions are being planned for the 2017-18 school year.
This year, the district received unexpected results in 7th grade math, where RISD students underperformed the state in an area that RISD has traditionally outperformed Texas. A preliminary analysis indicates that 40% of RISD 7th graders in 2017 took advanced (pre-AP) math, the highest percentage ever. Under the Texas accountability system, 7th graders taking advanced math are required to take the 8th grade math STAAR test instead of the 7th grade math STAAR test. Since the advanced math students are RISD's highest math performers, the 7th grade STAAR passing rates were negatively impacted. RISD 7th graders taking the 8th grade math STAAR test passed the assessment at a 99% rate.
Parents were sent information about their child's individual STAAR results over the summer. Parents with questions about their child's individual STAAR results are encouraged to contact their child's teacher or principal.
2017 STAAR RISD & state passing rate comparisons by tested grade level & subject - All Students
Bukhair, Duckett Named Interim EiE Foundation Leaders
Former RISD Superintendent Dr. Carolyn Bukhair and retired RISD teacher and administrator Brenda Duckett have been named Co-interim Presidents of the RISD Excellence in Education Foundation. Both former educators have been members of the EiE Foundation’s Board of Trustees and will manage the day-to-day operations after the retirement of former President and CEO Elizabeth Hart. The Excellence in Education Foundation’s mission is to promote enrichment, innovation and excellence in education throughout Richardson ISD. The Foundation is a way for individuals, organizations and businesses to support initiatives that recognize and support students and educators in RISD. Some examples of Excellence in Education Foundation efforts include:
  • RISD STARS teacher of the year program
  • Fujitsu Trailblazer teacher program
  • Student Scholarship programs
  • E3 grants for teacher development and classroom materials
  • Texas Instruments Innovations in STEM Teaching Award program
  • Support for the AVID college readiness program in RISD
  • Champions Award recognition program for support staff
  • Administrative Excellence recognition program
Dr. Bukhair and Ms. Duckett will provide stability and continuity as the process to identify the Foundation’s next leader is completed. The Excellence in Education Foundation offices can be reached at 469-593-0243 or Jannae.Castanon@risd.org.
School Websites Transitioning
Pardon our dust as RISD transitions campus websites to a new platform called Schoolwires. Current campus websites utilize a platform called Edline, which is being discontinued in RISD by the end of the 2017-18 school year.
Parents and staff should not notice a functional or performance difference, but will notice a new look and may need to update their web browser bookmarks.
Eclipse Information
As parents are likely aware, a solar eclipse is set to occur on the first day of school. It will provide a rare educational experience for our students. Safety concerns are also a consideration while viewing the eclipse. Richardson ISD has put safety measures in place to allow student participation in this unique learning opportunity while also providing a safe environment.
The district will provide NASA-approved glasses to all students in grades 5-6 for viewing the eclipse. These grade levels were specifically chosen as they relate to curriculum guidelines. Campuses, at their discretion, also had the option to purchase these same glasses for additional students and incorporate the eclipse into the day’s learning activities.
These NASA-approved glasses, provided by the school, are required to view the eclipse. No student will be allowed to view the eclipse with glasses brought to school from home. Families that do not want their students to participate in viewing the eclipse should notify their principal. Additionally, no outdoor activities will take place throughout the district from 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - the projected times for the eclipse.
District Calendar

  • August 21 - First Day of School for 2017-18
  • August 28 - Board Work Session
  • September 4 - Student & Staff Holiday
  • September 5 - Regular Board Meeting
  • September 25 - Board Work Session
  • October 2 - Regular Board Meeting
  • October 6 - Student Holiday/Staff Development
  • October 9 - Student & Staff Holiday
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