A message of encouragement amidst a sea of change
and a sound rationale

In the early 1980s Capistrano Valley Baptist Church (SBC) changed its name to Capistrano Valley Community Church. Since then, they have adopted Capistrano Valley Church. They are still an SBC affiliate, just operating under a different public designation. This was the home church of my HS alma mater, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (cvcs.org). More than 40 years later, both the church, and the school are thriving.
Early in the 1990s, San Clemente First Baptist Church (CBA) changed its name (and location) to Pacific Coast Church while maintaining its Baptistic Polity History - Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente. As their Youth Director in the late ‘80s, it is encouraging to see this church that started in 1955 continue to serve this beach community.
This was not a fad among a few churches, it is a trend that continues with many churches to this day.
Through the decades, many TBS families and alumni pursued their undergraduate, advanced, and theological degrees, teaching credentials and associated certifications, at Corban University.
  • Corban began in Phoenix, AZ, in 1935, as Phoenix Bible Institute (GARB).
  • In 1946, the school moved to Oakland, CA, and was renamed Western Baptist Bible College.
  • After moving the college to Salem, OR, in 1969, a decision was made to drop “Bible” and Western Baptist College became the moniker.
  • Then, in 2005, Corban College was the new brand. Who We Are | Corban University.
Although that appears to be a lot of relocating and name changing, even my college alma mater has had its share of “identity crises” via mergers and acquisitions through the years, contributing to its multidenominational ethos Timeline - About APU - Azusa Pacific University.
The encouragement to the Tacoma Baptist School community is that these types of transitions have happened before. Despite the momentary disruption and appropriate constituent concerns, these communities have not only survived – they have thrived.
The Board of Directors and the Administrative Leadership Team, et. al., approached the name change with prayerful contemplation, collegial conversation and careful consideration. The Baptist name is a part of the founding history and rich legacy of the school. However, it no longer accurately conveys who we have been recently and are becoming. With the graceful retirement of this name, we respect the denomination by not maintaining to be something we are no longer.
We honor our heritage. We invite you to do so as well by being a part of our renewal. We have been celebrating our 60-year Jubilee Anniversary and we will continue to do so – building on the strength of the foundation of the past as we build for the future.
On July 1, 2021, South Sound Christian Schools, our formal 501c3 nonprofit corporate identity, formerly doing business as the Tacoma Baptist School Crusaders, will begin doing business as the Sound Christian Academy Lions.
Our theme is Renew. Romans 12 will strengthen and guide us through this summer of transition and into the 2021-22 school year. We prayerfully seek to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 
Hopefully, you have followed the progress of the process at Tacoma Baptist Schools - FAQ . We are excited about these changes. In selecting Sound, we found a name that resonates, including:
  • Verbs: to proclaim or make known, to make or convey an impression
  • Adjectives: solid, firm, stable, secure, reliable, thorough, orthodox, showing good judgement
  • Nouns: a long broad inlet of the ocean or long passage of water (Puget or South, et al.)
  • Synonyms: coherent, consequent, good, logical, rational, reasonable, sensible, valid, well-founded, well-grounded
When Sound is positioned alongside Christian, we believe this to be an apt, accurate and aspirational descriptor of the mission, purpose and vision of our community.
The term Academy defines our academic model and differentiates us from public schools and within our private school consortium. It also reflects the biblical saturation students receive in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This focus on spiritual formation represents our “special or particular field” along with educational elements of mental, emotional, social and physical development.
We appreciate the feedback, encouragement and support we have received from our stakeholders. We also embrace the difficult conversations that come with a change of this scope. We value all these relationships and look forward to continuing these conversations and connections for years to come. 
Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks and months ahead. Along with additional assets of the visual brand identity, the campus will be transformed over the summer with new signage, paint, office relocations, a renovated Administrative “G” Building, grounds enhancements, expanded elementary class space to accommodate growth, a new, robust K-12 science initiative, and other upgrades and improvements as we launch Sound Christian Academy.
Go Lions!
Rick Johnsen
Strategic Advisor

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