A special message from ATMIA to all our members.
A special message from ATMIA to all our members.
Dear Sandra,
The MIT Technology Review has recently run an article underscoring the ongoing relevance of cash as a payment method. The key underlying message is that despite increasing moves to digital payments, there are attributes of cash that cannot be replaced by any other payment method. Across the world, and especially in South East Asia, consumers are recognising that no matter what conveniences are provided by cashless payment methods there cannot be a substitute for the reliability, anonymity, and security of cash.

Professor Lana Swartz writes that “Cash is the best transactional tool for increasing community and individual autonomy that we have invented so far. It offers many affordances that prove hard to replicate. Cash does not need someone else’s signature to spend. It does not specify where you can spend it, or on what. It is anonymous: no one needs to know who you are for you to spend it. It generates no data about your transaction for third parties. It transacts without fees for the payer or the payee. You know how much you have on hand: it cannot be frozen in your account by an opaque third-party payment processor on a whim, reversed by a scammer, or eaten away by fees until you tip into overdraft without realizing it. It does not rely on many layers of the brittle infrastructure of both hardware and software in order to operate at the point of sale.”    To read the full article click here. 

An important part of achieving this will be showcased at ATMIA’s Next Gen Asian ATMs event. This in-person two-day event will be held in Singapore on 27th & 28th July 2022. 
The conference will provide a world-class agenda of regional and international speakers, presenting highly insightful and informative presentations in their fields of expertise.
Highlights include:
• Future-proofing ATMs through Next Gen 
• Trends in cash use, cash logistics, and cash management
• Digital innovations
• Improving the ATM customer experience through mobile apps
• Innovating the cash cycle 
• Crypto and the role of  ATMs, and Central Banks
• All aspects of ATM security
• Improving uptime and reducing operation cost
We encourage all industry stakeholders, especially from the South East Asia region, to visit ATMIA's conference website to learn more about what's on offer at this two-day industry event and take advantage of our early-bird discount rate.
It's time to start planning and be part of an industry forum as we all work together and plan the future of the industry to 2050 and beyond.
Feel free to contact  sandra.smith@atmia.com.  any time if you have any questions or require further information.


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660
This position paper overviews the benefits of recycling cash at ATMs with universal deposit-taking by:

1. Increasing the relevance of ATMs in an era of declining bank branches.

2. Keeping the costs of cash competitive

3. Increasing foot traffic at ATMs for additional transactions

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Next Gen ATM Opportunities for India: An Industry Update for the Future Webinar

May 25, 2022

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ATM Security Training Course Updates

ATM security is a vital part of any successful ATM business and helps build high levels of customer trust. We have recently updated the security training course to help your company and technicians stay up to date with the latest threats and at a reasonable cost. 

Vist our ATMIA Academy to learn more about the courses offered..

 Cash Readiness for ATMs Survey Results

Survey Shows Swing Towards Universal Cash Deposits for ATMs

“With over 68.5% of the respondents saying they would support Universal Cash Deposits at ATMs,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, “the signs are good that the ATM industry itself is shifting towards the need to accelerate ATM cash deposits as both a long-term economic necessity and as a consumer or end-user demand.”

  View survey results: click here

 Membership Level for Financial Institutions

ATMIA recently announced a new membership level that focuses on benefits to meet the needs of small to mid-size financial institutions. 

More than 50 of the world’s largest banks are already active members of ATMIA, a financial industry trade association that provides its members with ATM industry best practices, education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

ATMIA Offers Financial Institutions Member Companies:

Connections with Key ATM Businesses: We have over 10,000 members from every aspect of the ATM industry. You are able to connect with the right people for your needs.

Looking to Outsource your ATM services? We have educational materials to help connect you with the right companies that can help.

ATMIA Academy - Two on-demand ATM training courses annually. Ideal for new staff! (value of $600)

ATM Security Association (ASA) - subscription included (value of $500) to access security best practices, documents, and access to a global Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) which tracks current and emerging crime trends and methods of attack.

Next Gen Consortium - Be part of the future innovation global project for ATMs.

Add unlimited staff - To access our education, connections and advocacy benefits.

Discounted pricing - for top industry conferences, including the Asia 2022 conference.

And much more...

We invite you to explore the benefits offered with this membership. Contact membership@atmia.com to learn more

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What We Do:
Monitor and coordinate intelligence about criminal activity and ATM threats to create security standards focused on the self-service channel.

Our Mandate:
To design responses to ongoing criminal activity targeting the industry by focusing on attacks that impact ATM usage and operation, globally.

Who We Serve:
Global manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, deployers, and financial institutions to establish a 'one-stop shop' for ATM security.

Key Benefits:

Faster, more comprehensive information on ATM threats

Collaborate on countermeasure recommendations

Influence the development of new security solutions

Participate in the standardization process

Networking with other industry stakeholders

Comprehensive ATM security best practices

Access to ASA Webinars - New!

Post white papers and blogs to the ASA site - New!

Company showroom and industry calendar - New!

Post videos on ASA's YouTube channel - Coming Soon!

Join Today!

Contact Hope Lerman at ASA for more information or to join.

Member to Member Introduction Service

Connecting with ATMIA members is easy with our member to member introduction service.
Sign in to your account on the ATMIA website home page. Then go to the Member Directory and search for new contacts by keyword, company type, country or region. Full contact and other pertinent information is displayed for each ATMIA member.

Simply click the Request Introduction button to email a personalized message with your contact information. Recipients will know that ATMIA sanctioned your outreach. Try it Now...
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ATM Industry Career Center

The ATM Industry Career Center is the only dedicated job posting site for the ATM industry. It allows human resource managers to manage job postings, track activity, and create alerts when candidates match specified criteria.  Options are also available to be listed as a “Featured Employer”, create a “Featured Job Posting”, attach videos, and recruit through social media. 

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Brand Building Opportunity
Sponsoring ATMIA's Southeast Asia newsletter can help your company build brand awareness, stay top of mind, increase customer loyalty and drive new sales.  

Member Rate = $1000 for 1 Issue, or $1500 for 2 Issues- 

Sponsorship includes:
Logo and website link in newsletter top box, right column
  • 500-word company backgrounder article with two photos placed in media library on ATMIA website for two years with distribution to global and regional members
  • Banner Ad and website link 
  • Ad supplied by sponsor and sized to 420 x 200 pixels
Email sandra.smith@atmia.com for more information.
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