The Family eUpdate - June 14, 2021

At a Glance

Wednesday (June 16)
5:30 - 6:30 pm - Wednesday Night Dinner To-Go (Reservations Required)

Sunday (June 20) - Happy Father's Day!
8:45 am - Worship, Sanctuary
10 am - Bridges & Children's Summer Sunday School, G05 and Rm. 108
11 am - Worship, Sanctuary
5 pm - The Table Worship, Highland Hall

This Week

For clarification, the 2s-5K class is RISING 2s (age 2 by to 9/1/19) - 5K, and the 1st-6th grade class is RISING 1st - 6th grade.
Rising 7th graders can either be a youth helper in Children's Summer Sunday School or attend the Jeff Leonard Summer Sunday School class with JD and the youth.

Bibletimes Marketplace 2021

"The Bibletimes Blues"

Only a few highlights from an amazing week! If your child attended BTMP and you would like to see more than a 150 pictures from the week, request to follow our PRIVATE Instagram account @ipc_btmp