Spring 2021 Newsletter
Spring 2021 Newsletter
Spring 2021 Newsletter
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Featured Story

California city skyline

Santa Ana cites ND-GAIN data in public health and climate change resolution

The City of Santa Ana, California is planning to vote on a resolution declaring a climate and public health emergency. The resolution stems from multiple sources, including Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Initiative's (ND-GAIN) Urban Adaptation Assessment (UAA), and asks that the city council make a commitment to oppose fossil fuel expansion, accelerate the use of clean energy, support policies that will reduce lead contamination, and more. Read more.


Apply! Graduate Student Launch Funding: Summer 2021

The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) is pleased to offer summer stipend support for new, incoming graduate students that would like to jumpstart their training during Summer 2021. The graduate stipends, based on their matriculating department, will be supported by ND-ECI. The duration of summer funding can be for one or two months and will depend on the applicant pools and needs. For more information, please visit our opportunities page.

ND-ECI Celebrated Earth Day

ND-ECI celebrated Earth Week by tweeting about the exciting research of early-career scientists at Notre Dame. Their amazing work will help us understand and protect our Earth. As we move forward, if you have additional accomplishments, publications, or articles to promote that are relevant to the ND-ECI community, please email them to Kara Primmer.

Calling for Nominations Fall 2021 ND-ECI Seminar Series

ND-ECI hosted ten virtual seminars throughout the spring semester featuring esteemed internal and external faculty members that had been nominated by ND-ECI faculty and postdocs. The seminars covered diverse topics related to environmental change including climate drivers of infectious disease, biodiversity, disaster response, and equity in water infrastructure.
To nominate someone for the Fall 2021 Seminar Series, please fill out the nomination form.

Research Q&A

Salvatore Curasi (left) and Ian Klupar (right) are from Adrian Rocha's lab. Salvatore, who recently completed his Ph.D., and Ian, who recently earned his master's in biology, have developed an inexpensive sensor to log and measure temperature in a variety of settings.
In the interview below, they discuss the sensors, what makes them unique, and what they see for the future as they are able to make them more widely available.
Q: Can you describe the data logger to me in detail?
A: The data logger was created as an inexpensive device to measure temperature and snow depth. It has been modified into a DIY soil temperature sensor which can be deployed broadly for the collection of large amounts of soil temperature data. Both the hardware and the software of the sensors are open-source which is really important so that it is accessible. Detailed videos of how to build and deploy the data loggers can be accessed in this series of tutorial youtube videos created by the Rocha Lab.
To read more of the Q&A, please click here.

Research News from the ND-ECI Community

Bald eaglet hatch begins at Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility in St. Patrick's County Park

The first of three bald eagle eggs laid at Notre Dame's Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility in St. Patrick’s County Park, hatched on Monday, March 29, 2021. Read more
Unfortunately, the in-nest camera has malfunctioned and will not be able to be repaired until the fall when the eagles leave for the season. However, thanks to over 30 individuals and groups who donated during Notre Dame Day, ND-ECI was able to raise over $2,000 towards a replacement. Please stay tuned in fall 2021 for the eagle cam to come back online.

South Bend Tribune Viewpoint: Protecting Indiana's Wetlands

Gary Lamberti (BIOS) and Ph.D. candidate Katherine O'Reilly wrote a viewpoint article that was featured in the South Bend Tribune urging Hoosiers to let Indiana legislators know the value of the state's remaining wetlands. Read more

Similar pesticides show consistent effects on freshwater ecosystems

A new study from the lab of Jason Rohr (BIOS) shows that evaluating the effects of chemicals used for managing agricultural pests can be streamlined if the compounds are done in broad classes rather than individually. Read more

Stuart Jones listed as a highly-cited researcher for 2020

Stuart Jones (BIOS) has been named a highly cited researcher by Clarivate Web of Science. Read more

Diogo Bolster to lead department of civil and environmental engineering and earth sciences

Diogo Bolster (CEEES), professor and Notre Dame Chair in Hydrology, has been appointed as the Henry J. Massman Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. Read more

Faculty in science, engineering named AAAS fellows

Jennifer L. Tank (BIOS) has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read more

Alex Perkins receives 2021 College of Science Research Award

Alex Perkins (BIOS) is the recipient of the 2021 College of Science Research Award. The award recognizes an outstanding investigator who has made substantial recent contributions to his or her field. Read more

New research grants

It has been a great year so far for ND-ECI affiliated faculty with seven new awards since November 2020 for a total of $2,756,029!
Jason McLachlan (BIOS) - Smithsonian Institution: Data-Model integration for monitoring and forecasting coastal wetland carbon exchanges: Serving local to national greenhouse gas inventories
Kyle Bibby (CEEES) - USDA: Antimicrobial resistance fate and transport in flowing waters
Jason Rohr (BIOS) - NSF: Collaborative Proposal: MRA: Using NEON data to elucidate the ecological effects of global climate change on phenology across time and space
Jason Rohr (BIOS) - USDA: Training under-represented and cross-disciplinary graduate students in agricultural biosecurity and data science
Marc Muller (CEEES) - BHP Group Limited: A rights-based paradigm for water governance in a 21st century world: Managing the crisis of scarcity
Vijay Gupta (EE) - DARPA: Distributed learning and controller design for assured autonomy
Elizabeth Archie (BIOS) - NIH: A life course perspective on gut microbiome aging and health in a non-human primate model

Recent Publications

The ND-ECI Community has been quite productive with 90 publications since December 1, 2020. Below is a subset, please click here to view the full list.