ALA Committees and Project Teams, Legal Management, and more.
ALA Committees and Project Teams, Legal Management, and more.
September 2020
Apply to serve on an ALA Committees or Project Teams — Applications due October 30
Help ALA fill upcoming vacancies on our standing committees and project teams. Service is open to ALA members, business partners or other interested parties whose knowledge, skills and expertise are deemed useful to a specific project.

Applicants can expect to participate in a brief interview in November during which they will discuss committee/project team activities and expectations with current leaders.

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Legal Management Magazine 
September 2020
Working Around Micromanagement

A tough employee-manager relationship can make work unbearable, but there are ways that can help improve your situation. 

Micromanagers are toxic and unpredictable. They may watch your every move, criticize you for not doing a perfect job or refuse to give you the freedom or support to make your own decisions.

Chances are, you’ve experienced this situation in your career. Even if you’ve been spared the draining drama of reporting to one, you likely still will need to help employees stuck in such a situation. If these problems aren’t addressed, they can drive down productivity while also driving away otherwise good employees who are being stymied by the situation. Read more

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September 2020 Business Partner Webcast
Law Firm Accounting - The Biggest Challenges
Thursday, September 17, 2020
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By: T.C. Whittaker C.P.A., Leader - InsightsOfficer, PwC New Ventures
Sponsored by: PwC Insights Officer
After two years supporting law firms with accounting solutions the PwC InsightsOfficer team has been excited to see the challenges that law firm accounting teams actually face day-to-day. When we embarked on this journey we, and the law firms we worked with, believed their biggest need was deeper insights, and KPIs. However, we were intrigued to find out that actually law firms face accounting challenges that are far more foundational, rooted in process and deliverables.

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