Ordway Elementary Newsletter
Wednesday May 27, 2020 
Dear Ordway Families,

I hope this finds you well rested after a 3-day weekend! It is hard to believe this week is the last week of May and there are four weeks remaining in the school year.  Many parents are wondering what fall will bring for schools. As our District Superintendent, Dr. Peter Bang Knudsen shared, this fall we will need to plan for a variety of options:

Path 1: Traditional school environment (highly unlikely for the opening of the school year)
Path 2: Online learning
Path 3: A hybrid model of some in-person learning and some online (a limited number of students would attend school at a time, allowing for proper social distancing measures.)

Washington state organizations (such as OSPI and the Department of Health) will provide us with parameters which will help us decide the best path forward. The District will work closely with families, staff, and the community to create a thorough and thoughtful plan to best support students. As plans are developed, more communication will follow.

No matter what the plan, the staff and I look forward to seeing you in the fall. There are still many things to look forward to as we plan for next year. In fact, if you have been following our newletter trivia videos, you will have learned some fun facts about Ordway including seeing a sneak peak of our new playground blacktop! We will have a new Peaceful Playgrounds recess space for students to enjoy and we can’t wait to see Ordway’s awesome otters at play.

May you and your family stay healthy and connected as we coast into summer. If you have questions about the K-4 end of year report or how the District is making plans as we move forward, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Melinda Reynvaan
Dear Ordway Families,

Since school was cancelled my counseling colleagues and I have been attending a lot of webinars.  As counselors, we are working on how to offer the same social/emotional support in an online environment when we are facing times of unpredictability and uncertainty.  During one of those webinars a frustrated counselor asked, “How do you keep kids motivated when they see no end in sight?” His answer, “As an educator use your relationships to find out what your students love to learn then help them to grow by showing them pathways to get to what they love to learn.”

I wasn’t prepared for the philosophical answer he provided but it did inspire me because it brought up the power of hope. Charles R Snyder is one of the leading psychologists who researches the psychology behind hope and explains why hope is a needed skill.  Hope is important because life can provide a lot of obstacles, much like the unpredictability COVID-19 has brought to a lot of our households.  Hope allows people to approach problems with a positive mindset.  Here are some ways you can provide hope to our young students.

1. Focus on goals which provide mastery and realistic expectations for your family and their situation in the moment.  Remember due to emotional states and moods these goals could be different on a daily basis.  Collaborate with your teachers on what their students realistic academic goals should be.  Students become overwhelmed when the goals are seen as unattainable.

2. Help your students see that frustration can be viewed as an opportunity for growth.  Our teachers use the term “growth mindset” where they not only celebrate what your students can do but help to guide them on what they are working on.  This also helps students turn negative thinking into positive.

3. Remember to stay connected.  There are many different ways to stay connected with not only your school community but with your neighborhood and friends.  Letters, pictures, emails, zoom calls are all ways to reach out to those around you.  I’ve heard of students writing letters to the local nursing homes, nurses and doctors.  When you are connected to those around you your sense of hope remains intact.

Feel free to contact to use me as a resource, my email is jdodge@bisd303.org and phone is 206-780-1455
Student Placement Parent Input 20-21 School Year

Annual Back to School Check-in

Parents, please complete the Annual Back-to-School Check-In (ABC) process for your student(s). This allows us to collect information about students returning to the district for the next school year. Having an accurate understanding of the number of returning students helps us determine staffing, class size and building capacity to better serve the needs of our students. 

All current BISD parents: Access the ABC process on your computer through Skyward, or on your mobile device by choosing "Desktop" access in the Skyward mobile app. 

Parents of new students to the district for the 2020-21 School Year (kindergarteners, transfer students): Access the ABC process after July 25, 2020. (That's when new students are added to our system.)
The ABC process also allows the district to fulfill annual notification requirements for public schools in Washington State in an efficient manner.
IMPORTANT: The ABC process must be completed and submitted to the district in order to access your student's class placement for next year. Class placements and schedules will be available in late August. 
If your student is not returning next year, please inform the Ordway office manager Sarah Dunstan at sdunstan@bisd303.org. 

Science and Maker Faire Videos
In case you missed the post last week here are the Science and Maker Faire projects from many Ordway Otters!  

Please take some time to enjoy the work your school mates have done!
Science Fair Videos
The password for Video access is
The Ordway Office phone is being monitored during this closure. If you have questions, please call Office Manager Sarah Dunstan during normal business hours 8 am-3 pm on her direct line at (206) 780-1397 or email at sdunstan@bisd303.org.
Nondiscrimination statement: Bainbridge Island School District School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. For questions, please contact Civil Rights Coordinator, Erin Murphy at emurphy@bisd303.org.