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Introducing QuadEx

Students wearing Duke blue t-shirts throwing confetti in front of the Chapel.

The message below is being sent to all Duke undergraduate students.

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Dear students, 
We hope all is well as you navigate midterms and look forward to a little downtime over Fall Break. After all we went through last year—no matter where you were—we hope you will agree that it has been amazing to see the Blue Devil energy live and in person this semester.

Despite many obstacles, you have kept the spirit of Duke alive. As we look ahead to not only a new year, but to Duke’s second century, we too are embracing the transformations necessary to meet the demands of the moment and the promise of the future.

We owe it to you to offer a residential experience that is as inspiring, engaging, and fun as the rest of the extraordinary opportunities you have here at Duke. And we believe that experience should be available to all.

To that end, we write to announce our new residential model, QuadEx.

QuadEx is comprised of seven Quads on West Campus that will enhance social and intellectual connection and foster bonds that will last a lifetime.

The system is designed to deliver on our promise of a transformative undergraduate education by extending the best of Duke’s living and learning experiences to all. QuadEx will also provide you greater opportunity to connect to one another and to the many resources Duke has to offer throughout your four years here.

Why QuadEx:

Building a renewed campus community that promotes growth is one of the five pillars of President Price’s strategic framework. It states in part: “… This will be a healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive environment for all of us—faculty, students, and staff—who call Duke home.”
This strategic framework also affirms “… as we look ahead to Duke’s future, it is our human infrastructure that is our true value proposition.” QuadEx upholds this belief and builds upon the strengths of our existing residential model, with the goal of preparing you and your classmates for the world you will one day lead.

Features of QuadEx:

What happens outside the classroom plays a critical role in your experience here. To that end, we wanted to highlight key aspects of QuadEx:
  • QuadEx will create new residential communities, centered around seven West Campus Quads, that will support students throughout all four years of the undergraduate experience.
  • East Campus Houses will be permanently connected to associated West Campus Quads.
  • Each Quad will develop its own identity, traditions, and events.
  • University resources and support will be provided for programming, social events, and other community building activities.
  • QuadEx will offer increased access to faculty, alumni, and other sources of mentoring.
  • QuadEx will support students for all four years:
    • First-year students will continue to live on East Campus but will have automatic membership into their affiliated Quad on West Campus.
    • Sophomores will live in their affiliated West Campus Quad.
    • Juniors will live in their Quad, in the Hollows or 300 Swift.
    • Seniors will live in their Quad, in the Hollows, 300 Swift, or off campus.
    • Juniors and seniors will retain Quad affiliation and have access to all Quad events and resources, regardless of where they choose to live.
  • Each Quad will have governance and leadership structures comprised of students, faculty and staff, and students will lead the direction of and meaningfully contribute to their Quad’s social and intellectual life (with resources and support from Duke).
  • Opportunities for intellectual exploration and co-curricular life-skills, career, and purpose programming will be tied to the needs of students in each year.
  • To fully develop the benefits of inclusive community that are central to QuadEx, Duke will no longer provide dedicated university housing sections to Greek and non-Greek selective living groups (SLGs) after the 2022-2023 academic year. Students may continue to affiliate with these groups starting in their sophomore year as an added dimension to their social experience at Duke.
  • Implementation of QuadEx began this summer and will continue throughout this academic year, with QuadEx becoming fully operational in the fall of 2022.

QuadEx is intended to uphold the Duke values, spirit, and energy that drew you here, while enhancing traditions, experiences, and memories for all students who call this place home.

A great deal of time, effort, and thought has gone into conceiving QuadEx. Over the past several years, we have followed a disciplined process that included input from alumni, faculty, staff, and hundreds of your fellow classmates.

We know that you are eager to know more details about QuadEx. We will be introducing more about the Quads themselves—including opportunities to get involved in building the social and intellectual life of the Quads—in October. 

These are very exciting times at Duke. Each of you have an important role to play in building this new residential model for you and your peers. To learn more, we invite you to visit the QuadEx website, QuadEx.duke.edu, which will provide more specifics. We also welcome your input and encourage you to share it with us. We look forward to seeing you around campus.

Go Duke,

Mary Pat McMahon
Vice Provost/Vice President of Student Affairs

Gary Bennett
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Global Health and Medicine