March 2, 2021


How did it go? 

On Monday, March 1st we were prepared to welcome a total of 1114 high school students back to classrooms on the Bainbridge High School campus.  And, they showed up!  With a 98% attendance rate, almost 1100 students checked in through Covid monitoring stations, traveled the hallways, and settled into classrooms.  And we did it again today.  After almost a full year learning from home, you might be wondering how did it go? 
Here is some feedback from our awesome BHS teachers about the first few days when asked, "What went well?"
  • The dialogue with kids was great for day one.
  • A lot of students wanted to talk and kids were volunteering ideas who generally didn't do so by zoom.
  • It was nice to actually see students.
  • Seeing kids!!! 
  • Students appeared motivated to learn & work.
  • Teaching was MUCH more natural-better discussion, more participation.
  • Jokes work better in person!
  • Perfect attendance- so nice to see kids I haven't had on Zoom or responding at all! 
  • Everything!
  • The students were great about social distancing and following all of the protocols
  • Seeing the students was a joyful experience today
  • It was so fun to see the students!
  • All the staff (covid monitors, admin, counselors) out and about on campus were really positive and cheerful
  • Students were delightful! They relaxed a bit and got more talkative as the period went on - yay!
  • Everything seemed very organized both in my room and outside too!
  • Was able to have fun, help the students get to know each other and still get some heavy duty academics covered
  • The students were respectful of the COVID safety rules. I didn't have to correct any behaviors. 
  • Everything worked well today
  • It was great to see students-to actually meet the people I have been interacting with for the last few weeks and/or months. It was also fun to do an activity on paper
  • Seeing students' faces and HEIGHTS was great
  • Helping students feel safe and at ease. Having hallway monitors really helped!
  • Students were so glad to see us, in some cases meet us for the first time.
  • Seeing the kids, having some laughs
  • Hearing them ask questions & conversing with the
  • Being able to explain things on the fly without figuring out a virtual whiteboard, easier to adjust the lesson.
  • The students were so happy to be here (overall) and it was energizing to have them all in "real life"
  • Seeing students faces & seeing them enjoy one another
  • Everything felt safe, and it was great having real-time students again. 
  • Reading a poem out loud and having that magic that only happens in person.
  • Seeing the students! Teaching in person was fun. :) 

Check this out before coming to campus

Please review the new attestation questions above, and be sure that you can answer NO to all four questions prior to coming to any BISD campus. This message applies to all staff, students, families and community members ~ thanks for helping to keep our schools healthy!


While we can't hold this event in person, we have a week filled with VIRTUAL Beyond BHS events for parents/guardians & high school students. Tune in!
March 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th

YES for all!

We would like for ALL BHS students to experience all high school has to offer. Please don't hesitate to request financial assistance through the YES student scholarship application form - linked here.

Ready, Set, Go! 

Season 2 Sports
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We Are Grateful For...

Our custodial and facilities crew who worked tirelessly to get our teachers moved into the new 100 building for our day 1 of in-person learning! THANK YOU!

Student Showing Symptoms?

Students that are showing symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to get tested at the BISD testing site. Click here for info.
We Are Hiring!
Bainbridge Island School District is hiring to expand our pool of available substitute teachers! If you have a college degree, we encourage you to learn more!

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