Walk and Roll 2017

Walk and Roll Success

To mark the United Nations International Day of Persons with DisAbilities, Astonished! hosted our third Annual Walk and Roll, December 3rd, 2017. It was a fabulous success. Thank you to our generous teams and donors, and our wonderful sponsor, The Kinesiology and Health Studies Students Society. With your support we raised over $20,000 (10% of our annual budget). To see photos from the day….
Darke Hall Five
Darke Hall Five
(l-r)Dave Malloy, david Gregory, David Gerhard and Dave McLennan
rehearsing for theBattle of the Cover Bands. Photo: U of R Photography

A! Spring Gala

Join us as we support and celebrate the Astonished! Members and rock to Darke Hall Five at the Astonished! Inc. 6th Annual Spring Gala, Saturday March 10th, 2018, 6:30 -10:00, 4720 Castle Road, Regina. For ticket and event details .....
Elisa Wong
Elisa Wong

Elisa Wong

Elisa Wong is a 4th year University of Regina student in the Kinesiology and Health Studies Program. This semester, Elisa is doing her Fieldwork Placement (560 hours) with Astonished! Elisa is particularly interested in the program areas of Astonished!. She is focusing on the Astonished! Teaching and Learning Centre and the Astonished! Social Club.
She is also developing her skills writing grant proposals and assisting with preparation for the Astonished! Spring Gala. Although she has volunteered with Astonished! in previous semesters, Elisa says her current role is new to her and she is happy for the guidance Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous and Katherine Taylor offer her. To read more and to check out Elisa's vlog........
What's Your Style
The next dance evening is March 1, 2018  Click here for details......
Heidi, Samya, Ashley

First Dance Event of 2018

Heidi, Samya, Ashley, Rebekah, Ryan, Brenda, and Katherine got into the grove at the first "What's Your Style" dance evening on January 25, 2018.  They are looking forward to seeing you on March 1st at the next  "What's Your Style"
The diversity of opportunities available to me and the good health to enjoy them. These opportunities are a catalyst to help me evolve into a better person who can then better understand and appreciate diversity and difference in others. Nancy Lee Hassen

Barbara and Doug Mader and Pepper
Barbara, Pepper, Doug

Future Makers Barbara and Doug Mader

A Future Maker acts now, for the future, not only for their personal future, but for the future well-being of the wider community. In November 2017, Doug and Barbara Mader gave a generous donation to the Astonished! Endowment Fund through transfer of shares in a stock. The Astonished! Endowment Fund was established in 2015 through the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation. Donations to the Astonished! Endowment Fund are invested in perpetuity, the capital is never touched. It is left to grow. A portion of the annual investment income from the fund may be used for Astonished! operations and programming, thus providing a legacy for Astonished! Thank you Barbara and Doug! To learn more......
The opportunity to support such an important and inclusive organization. All of us who are human need places where we feel included and loved. I love how Astonished! fosters that, and I enjoy the times when I get to 'hang out' with folks connected with Astonished! Laura Thomson

West Jet Roundtrip Flight for Two

West Jet
Tickets available now and at the event
Tickets: 1/$20 or 3/$40

E-mail Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous for tickets

Tickets may only be purchased/sold within Saskatchewan

Big Thank You to West Jet

Grow Gratitude 2017

Grow Gratitude 2017

Thank you to all the supporters of our 2017 Grow Gratitude Fall Fundraising Campaign. Grow Gratitude raises money to fund the innovative and vital work of Astonished and shares stories of gratitude. 80% of our annual budget comes from generous donors like you. We invited you to support Astonished! and share your story with us. Some of your stories are in this newsletter, others are on our Grow Gratitude page.   We are better together!  With your help, together with young adults with complex physical disAbilities, we are workiing to reach their dreams, thus creating an innovative and vital expression of social inclusion.
I am grateful for my nephew, Duncan Thomas Rice, who taught me a lot about life--lessons that no one else would have been able to teach me. He continues to teach me and I continue to grow my gratitude for his presence in my life. Karen Clark

Video Camp
Kevin Ma and Pagan Racette

Video Camp

At the Astonished! Video Camp on January 27th our goal was to add music and voice over tracks to our videos. Our main goal was to have fun. We were successful. To see the videographers at work click here…

Sizzling Beef Raffle

$500 package of beef
BBQ valued at $350 (winner can choose to upgrade at his/her own expense)

Tickets: 1/$10.00 or 3/$25.00

  Tickets available January 25 – March 10, 2018

E-mail Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous for tickets
Tickets must be purchased within Saskatchewan

  Big Thank You to the Lindenbach family of Broyhill Holsteins for being
a Major Raffle Sponsor of the A! Spring Gala

Hillary Moffatt

Hillary Moffatt

Changing your life path is not easy at any age but sometimes life swoops in and invites you to make a change. Four years ago, Hillary Moffatt was a third-year apprentice electrician, pregnant with her second child, and living with excruciating back pain. Yoga was the only thing that helped alleviate the back pain, and yoga became the path that intrigued Hillary.

Hillary is volunteering with Astonished! in our Yoga for Everybody class. To read more.......

A! Social Club

Sometimes it’s nice to have a night in, with some great friends. January 26th was Pizza & Movie Night for the A! Social Club. Thanks for the delicious pizza from The Owl  and thanks Community Initiatives Fund for supporting our Social Club! inclusive, social, recreational, and cultural events for young adults with complex physical disAbilities and the wider community. The monthly events provide a great avenue for potential Core Members to come out and see what Astonished! is all about! The February event is a night at the theatre, click here for details ....
The opportunities that give these people a chance to show their abilities. Ruth Boren

Your donations bring this innovative social inclusion to life .................

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