OCTOBER 29, 2020

Meal Delivery Changes

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we try to move to this next phase of feeding and transporting students.  We are working very hard to do these two jobs; however, mistakes will happen.  We are working to correct these mistakes and trying to come up with new ways to balance these jobs.  We ask for your grace and understanding and know that we are doing our best.  In order to ensure that our families receive meals on days we are off next week, we will have a special meal delivery this Friday, 10/30.  We will be giving out three (3) meals to cover Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, November 4th, we will again give out three (3) meals to cover Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

They're Back!

It was an exciting and much anticipated week at Leach, Colwyck, and other schools with specialized programs. Students were reunited with administrators, teachers, and staff, or introduced as newcomers. Everyone spent time getting used to all of the new safety protocols, and all were happy to see each other face-to-face! #Wegotthis

A reminder of School Times

District-Wide November Calendar 

  • November 2 - Professional development day- Self-Paced Online Learning Day (Asynchronous Learning) No Teacher Zooms
  • November 3 -- Schools and Offices Closed for Election Day
  • November 9 -- Phase 3: Face to Face Learning Dates for All Elementary Schools, Intensive Learning Center (ILC) at Gunning Bedford, Communication and Social Learning (CASL) at Gunning Bedford, Integration B at George Read, Identified Classes at William Penn High School
  • November 11 -- Schools and Offices Closed for Veterans Day
  • November 23-24 -- Elementary Conferences, Middle School Special Program Conferences, High School Conferences 
    - *All non-special program Middle School Conferences will be rescheduled for December by parent request.  
    - All students are doing Self-paced Online Learning Days (Asynchronous Learning). No Teacher Zooms
  • November 26-27 -- Schools and Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
  • November 30 -- Phase 4: First day of face-to-face classes for families that selected this option: middle school students, Wallace Wallin students, and Integration B William Penn students

Grade Updates for Families

Elementary Schools: 
The middle of the semester is November 6, 2020, for elementary students. Midterms reports should arrive home at least 7 - 10 days after this date.  

Middle Schools: 
November 13, 2020- Marking period 1 ends, report cards should arrive home at least 7 - 10 days after this date.  

High School:
November 6, 2020- Marking period 1 ends, report cards should arrive home at least 7 - 10 days after this date. 

Don't Forget Your Vote Counts!

November 3rd is Election Day!  Schools and offices are closed (including Remote Learning Activities).  We encourage all registered voters in Colonial Nation to get out and vote.  It is important for everyone to remember their role in stopping the spread of COVID-19:
• Wear your face mask
• Practice 6 feet social distancing
• Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently
• Cover your coughs and sneezes

Many schools across Colonial Nation will serve as a polling site for the community.  Colonial is committed to providing a safe environment for students and staff to return to on November 4th.  The following practices will be put in place:
• Polling site worker will disinfect machines and materials following specific protocols
• Colonial Custodial Staff will be disinfecting all spaces that were accessed by the public using the battery-operated sanitizing wands at the end of the night

WE want to reinforce that buildings will be ready for staff and student use on November 4th.  Thank you for your commitment to stopping the spread and remember……Get Out And VOTE! 

All Middle School Family Updates: Gunning Bedford, George Read, & McCullough

Parents, we are excited to provide important updates to our middle school families.  Regardless of your family's personal choice, your child will continue learning with the same high-quality programming you started with this school year which includes five (5) days/week of direct instruction with a Colonial teacher for both face-to-face and remote learning.   

A few calendar changes that are important to note:

November 13 - Marking period 1 ends (MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY).
November 20 - Self-Paced On-Line Learning Day (asynchronous learning) for students.  There will be no direct instruction or zoom classes on this day. EXCEPT for Integration A, Integration B, CASL, and ILC students-- they will have school that day.

November 23 & 24 - Middle School Special Program Conferences
- All non-special program Middle School Conferences will be rescheduled for December by parent request.  
- Both days will be repurposed as Professional Development Days for staff.  Students will be provided with a Self-paced Online Learning Day (asynchronous learning), there will be no direct instruction or zoom classes. 

• November 30 - Beginning of Marking Period 2 and the first day of face-to-face instruction for students scheduled to return.  All students will be placed in designated new groups for either remote or face-to-face learning based on parent preference.   The transition to offering both learning options may cause changes to student schedules. New schedules for all students will be updated and available on HAC and on Schoology by Wednesday, November 25th. Please review HAC and Schoology over Thanksgiving break to view your child’s updated schedule. 
Middle School Learning updates:
Face to Face: For families who selected this option
We will start face-to-face for middle school students on November 30th
Families who selected face-to-face instruction will return to their feeder pattern school.  Information about bus transportation will be mailed on November 20th. It will include bus transportation schedules for families that requested transportation.  It will be blank if you indicated your child will be a car rider/walker.  

Students will attend school five (5) days a week.  School doors will open at 7:55 AM  and classes will end at 2:40 PM.  Middle School Principals will communicate with parents each school's unique and specific safe-return plan by November 20.  These plans will include building procedures for both student arrival and dismissal.  

Our primary goal is to mitigate risk for COVID - 19; please review our Safety protocols and videos are provided.  All students and staff must follow new safety guidelines. We encourage everyone to view this instructional video called The Safe Return to School: https://youtu.be/thBbzZ1hGxY.  Required protocols for safety include:
• Families should conduct a self-screener checklist before sending children to school
• Any child not feeling well should remain at home, and all children not feeling well during school will be sent home, especially if they have a fever. 
• Students and staff must wear a face mask on buses and in the classroom throughout the day, except when eating and drinking. 
• Children must bring their own labeled, filled water bottles. Extra water will be provided if needed and milk will be served with breakfast and lunch.  Water fountains will not be operational.

Schools have designed student schedules in a manner that minimizes student movement and unnecessary contact with staff and other students during the school day.  Students will have two academic courses, a lunch, breakfast, extended academic support classes, and some of their exploratory classes in their classroom daily.  Each student will have individually assigned desks that are six feet away from their peers.  Most students will remain in their classroom during the day and teachers will move into the classrooms.  

Virtual Academy: For families that selected this option
Due to the change of offering both face to face and virtual academy, some students may see changes in their schedules.  While we tried to limit these changes; however, some were necessary to meet the needs of all families.  Please check HAC or Schoology on November 25th for changes.   

William Penn Sports Update for Spectators

William Penn’s Athletic Director Matt Sabol says he is excited that Fall sports competitions are underway, saying “I am grateful for the opportunity to have kids back on our fields and courts. In order to have this opportunity, we have to adhere to provisions established by the Department of Health (DPH), the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA), and our Colonial School District community. We want our community to rally around our student-athletes during competitions and in order to do so, we have established the guidelines and procedures when we do host contests on our campus to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and its spread.” Those guidelines are:

1. Anyone who is not feeling well with symptoms consistent with a potential COVID infection is expected not to attend.

 2.Anyone who has underlying health issues is urged to stay home.

3.  All attendees and participants must wear face coverings at all times and do so properly, by covering their nose and mouth.

4.  All attendees must be seated in the designated areas in our bleachers and maintain at least 6 feet from others outside of their household.  Bleacher rows are marked with boxes where spectators are to sit, ensuring proper social distancing.

5.  No standing will be permitted around the fence or ramp areas in the stadium during the contest.  All spectators must be in the bleachers.

6.  No concessions will be provided during the contests held on our campus.

7.  No re-admittance will be allowed.  Once you leave the gated area of our stadium or the school building, you will not be permitted to re-enter.

8. Restrooms - Two (2)  portable toilets are placed on both sides of the stadium.  For indoor events, bathrooms can be found in the rear of the gymnasium.  Please be patient and appropriately socially distanced while waiting for access.

9. Parking will only be permitted in our main front parking lot with no available space in our back-bus lot, adjacent to our stadium. Spectators are expected to exit at the conclusion of the contest and meet your child in your vehicle.

Because the safety of all participants and visitors to our campus is of vital importance, failure to follow established guidelines and protocols are grounds for removal from the contest.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to the upcoming competition season for our student-athletes. 

 For football and volleyball games, only two (2) spectators per student-athlete will be admitted. Tickets will be handed out prior to the start of the game.  No tickets will be sold at the gate or door for any contest.  Please do not come without a ticket. 

For field hockey, soccer, and cross country we request only 2 spectators per athlete.  There will not be bleachers available, so please bring your own chair/blanket to sit on.  This ensures that we comply with the gathering numbers permitted by our approved application to DPH. Spectators must scan the QR code and complete the form prior to entering the stadium or gym. Directions on how to do this with your phone can be found here: How to Scan a QR Code. 

We are working on having the capability to stream William Penn Athletic Events.  When these services are ready, we will notify the public.  Please check our website, www.colonialssports.com for more information. 
To view highlights from this weekend's football game, click below:


Know Your COVID-19 Status

Colonial School District is committed to helping “stop the spread of COVID-19.”  We ask that families join us in this commitment by encouraging students to participate in COVID-19 testing offered throughout the community.  Testing opportunities near you can be found by clicking here.

Knowing your COVID-19 status is important, especially when you have been in close contact with another person that tested positive.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines close contact as “someone who was within six feet of an infected individual for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.”  If your student is determined to be in close contact, it is important for families to contact their primary care physician to discuss the specifics of the contact and whether a COVID-19 test is needed.  We encourage families to be in communication with their school nurse anytime there is a question or update regarding their student’s health status.  

Thank you for your help in stopping the spread of COVID-19!

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