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In an effort to improve communication between ECS/UAS and faculty colleagues, the Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) at its August 12, 2021 retreat recommended that each week, a general message will be sent out to all faculty. This message will highlight the immediate past ECS meeting and give a preview of the upcoming ECS meeting. In particular, the highlight will summarize the key agenda items and provide context on the key votes; the pros and cons will be summarized and the key arguments for each highlighted. The Chair of ECS/UAS will continue to prepare a document on the highlights of the agenda for each UAS meeting and share with faculty a week before the meeting. Herein are the highlights of the ECS meeting of September 17, 2021 and a preview of the ECS meeting of September 24, 2021. Meetings of the ECS are restricted to members of the ECS, their alternates, and others whom the ECS may invite, pursuant to SG

Highlights of ECS Meeting of September, 17, 2021 
Chair’s Report:
  • Next meeting will be September 24, 2021 via Zoom
Provost’s Report
  • There have been 69 sabbatical proposals for the 2022-23 academic year. Over the last five years, the average number of approved sabbatical proposals has been 55.
Student Senate President’s Report
  • RH2025 was endorsed by Student Senate
  • Received training on allyship to individuals contemplating suicide
  • Hosted the State of Michigan Independent Citizens Commission State of Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission
New Business
  • Discussion with Chief HR Officer
  • GVSU Graduation Honors Policy
    A charge to review and potentially update this policy will be submitted to APSC
  • Faculty Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FFPAC) Memo on Sanitary Product Accessibility in Restrooms 
    A one-year trial of dispensing free sanitary products in campus restrooms is in progress.
  • FFPAC Memo on Active Learning Spaces
    FFPAC plans to discuss models of active learning spaces
  • Active Learning Classroom Task Force Report
    This task force was convened by the VP of IT, who asked then-Provost Cimitile for faculty to serve on it
    Aspects of this report could be used to generate charges to the relevant standing committees
For more details on the above items, please go here.

Preview of ECS Meeting of September 24, 2021
New Business
  • Reach Higher 25
  • Meaning of ECS endorsement
  • Discussion with VP Bernal

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