Big announcement from our hearts to yours.
Big announcement from our hearts to yours.

The GayaTri Sangha

ONLINE Community

Beloved friends - Namaste.
From our hearts to yours.

Much time has passed since we first began sharing our online OM/Gayatri Mantra meditations with you, back in March.
Those sacred gatherings blossomed into a family affair and gave birth to our beloved Global Gayatri Sangha.

None of us had any plans, ideas, or visions of what was to be. We simply responded to our hearts and listened to the inner voice that called us together. Here we found solace and connection during this unprecedented global crisis.

How to go even deeper?  How to experience a nurturing, loving connection through the internet?

To affirm the positive.
To stand for love and a new beginning.

We have found an answer:
Our Gayatri Sangha Online Community App!

This is a totally new adventure for us and we are so looking forward to sharing it with you.
The Gayatri Sangha Online Community will provide us with a safe and intimate sanctuary where we can explore and deepen our spiritual journey with each other, where we can share our dreams and visions with like-minded souls. Where we can connect in the healing light of the Gayatri Mantra.

It is our own community platform, independent of all social media channels. Which means, it is not necessary to have a Facebook or Instagram account. Now, we can all come together and connect in this private and safe space.

We can meet 'live' in real-time and share our stories and visions in communal Q&A sessions and weekly meditation events.
And if you are not a smartphone user, no worries. You can access this platform and all its features via a web browser on your computer.

From October 24 our weekly live streams will be accessible only from within the app.  However, we will be live every third Saturday of the month on Instagram and Facebook, as usual.

In the spirit of sharing, we ask for a contribution of US $7.99* per month, or an annual amount of US $79.99*.    
Don't worry if you cannot afford this - just let us know and we will give you free access.  The main thing is the communion.

Join us

Here is a general rundown on what you will find in the app.
Apart from the weekly live online gatherings and our new live Q&A sessions, you will find:

Community Sharing Room - Your space to share with the community. Share your videos, your visions and prayers...and meditation experiences. This is your space to meet each other.

Living room - A space for us to share our in-app events as well as positive news, thoughts and ideas. 

The Kitchen - Our favourite vegan recipes and resources.

The Meditation Room - Take a deep breath and check out various guided video meditations, created to support your practice.

Miten's room - Hang out with Miten, share his passion for music and life.

Deva's room - A space for things to unfold.

The Garden - A sanctuary to plant seeds of positive thought.

The Library - An ever-expanding library of materials that you can access on your device including mantra translations and texts, and guitar chords and lyrics from Miten’s songs. 

Manose's room - It's always a joy to hang out with Manose and he has so much to share.

Osho's room - A glimpse into the world of Osho and his transformational teachings. 

And you can even search for other Gayatri Sangha beloveds in your vicinity for at-home meditation events.

We hope you will join us in this new adventure. We are reaching out with love and with the intention that together we can make a difference. 

Let's create a support system for each other.
Let's continue to sing, chant and meditate together.
We have found each other, now let's get creative.
This is our future!

We so look forward to watching the Gayatri Sangha Online Community blossom and flower, sending the fragrance of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude out into this troubled world.

With all our love,
Deva & Miten
*Prices quoted are in USD for purchases via the web. Price will vary depending on buyer’s purchasing store, country and currency of transaction.

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