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Highlight of ECS Meeting of November 4 and
Preview of ECS Meeting of November 11, 2022

In an effort to improve communication between ECS/UAS and faculty colleagues, the Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) at its August 17, 2022, retreat reaffirmed a recommendation from August 12, 2021 that each week, a general message will be sent out to all faculty. This message will highlight the immediate past ECS/UAS meeting and give a preview of the upcoming ECS/UAS meeting. In particular, the highlight will summarize the key agenda items and provide context on the key votes; the pros and cons will be summarized and the key arguments for each highlighted. Herein are the highlights of the ECS meeting of November 4, 2022, and a preview of the ECS meeting of November 11, 2022. Meetings of the ECS are restricted to members of the ECS, their alternates, and others whom the ECS may invite, pursuant to SG Meetings of the UAS are open pursuant to SG
Highlights of ECS Meeting of November 4, 2022
Chair’s Report:
  • The 10th Annual Teach-In, titled, Power, Privilege, and Difficult Dialogues, will be held tomorrow Wednesday 11/9 and Thursday 11/10 in a hybrid format. Faculty are encouraged to attend and inform their students to attend.
  • The GVSU BOT met on November 4 at the Detroit Center and announced that President Mantella’s contract has been extended for another five years, after her current contract expires in 2024. Therefore, the President’s new contract will expire in 2029. 
Provost’s Report:
  • The search for the Dean of KCON is ending and there should be an announcement soon.
  • LIFT evaluations surveys will be available to students during the last two weeks of the semester. Instructors are expected to set aside 15 minutes of class time for students to complete the evaluations to encourage high response rates.
  • Each course should have a culminating experience held during exam week.
  • Provost Mili shared the demographics of our new students this year and included a link with a 5-year comparison of our entering classes of FTIAC. This information is also found in this week’s Lakers Ready that was published yesterday, Monday, November 7.
  Student Senate President’s Report:
  • A consultant from the Johnson Center will be working with Student Senate.
  • The Student Senate is finalizing an alumni panel to be conducted in April.
  • The Student Senate is working on planning for the State of the Student Body and plans to change the format to resemble a Town Hall.
  • The Student Senate is working on drafting a resolution to request extending the credit/no credit deadline.
  New Business
  • ECS provided feedback on the Student Senate Wages resolution and the general format of Student Senate resolutions. The Student Senate members expressed their appreciation.
  • The Faculty Personnel Policy Committee (FPPC) Memo on Consideration of OER as Advancement of Knowledge or Creative Expression was reviewed. ECS voted unanimously to accept the report and thank the committee for completing its charge.
  • The FPPC Memo on Timeline for Full Professor was reviewed. The proposal from FPPC makes the allowed time period clear. Under Faculty Responsibilities in SG 3.01.E.5.III, the proposed language will read as follows: “To be promoted to full professor/senior librarian, a candidate must meet specific unit standards. Unit standards will address work done in the six (6) years prior to the submission of the portfolio on the first day of classes of the fall semester, and the standards must be more rigorous than those required for tenure and promotion to associate professor/associate librarian. See also BOT and BOT” FPPC recognizes that there may be circumstances, such as the recent pandemic, that requires some flexibility in the allowed time period. Therefore, a revision was proposed in BOT as follows: “In extenuating circumstances (for example, implementation of the Family Medical Leave Act, other approved leaves, or an “unforeseen and significant disruption” as referenced in BOT, the candidate for full professor/senior librarian may request permission from the Dean to extend the eligible time period to eight (8) years. In this latter case, the candidate will choose six (6) consecutive or non-consecutive years of activity from these eight (8) years to submit in the portfolio. This revision provides faculty with limited options that must be approved by the Dean. FPPC also proposed language to clarify the expectation for Early Tenure and/or Promotion in BOT ECS voted to support with recommendation to UAS.
  • Some themes were identified from the faculty forums on the Evaluation of Teaching. These themes were shared with ECS and with the Chairs of FPPC and LIFT-MC.
For more details on the above items, please go here.
Preview of ECS Meeting of November 11, 2022
  • Updates on IT Initiatives.
  • Updates on Campus Climate Data.
  • Presentation on Exit Interviews from HR.
  • Discussion of University Governance Committee Membership and Reporting Structure.
  • Discussion on the International Risk Assessment Committee (IRAC).
Please, feel free to reach out to your ECS or UAS representative from your College/University Libraries to provide input on any UAS agenda item that you may like to weigh in on.
Thank you for your continuous interest in faculty governance.
Felix N. Ngassa
Chair of ECS/UAS 2022-2023
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