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Family Takes Care of Family

On September 15th, I had major surgery. It was planned, and I wasn't particularly nervous about the procedure, but I was dreading the recovery. Two weeks of not being able to drive, six weeks of lifting and activity restrictions. How was I supposed to take care of anything around the house if I couldn't pick up a laundry basket or a pan full of food?
Enter our Christian family. Before I went to the hospital, several sweet ladies gave me snacks and other things to make the stay easier. Every day for a week after I came home, someone from church brought us food (and we live a ways from town). They continue to pray for us and to check on us often.
I have seen what service looks like because of the selfless, loving care of Christian brothers and sisters. I'm so thankful for the bond we share in Christ and for the immense blessing of Christian family.
In Christ,
Melissa McFerrin
Coordinator of Women's Continuing Education

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Faith in Suffering

HCU student Maddie Dill has blessed us with her wisdom in this month's article on staying faithful, hopeful, and content in Christ, no matter what life throws our way.
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October Scripture Writing Plan

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