Testing Round 2, Chapel Link, Grief Support, and An Important Policy Update
Testing Round 2, Chapel Link, Grief Support, and An Important Policy Update
August 26, 2020
Headed to Lunch

Can't Make it to School? Need to Leave Early?

If your child will not be in school or needs to be signed out for a doctor's appointment, please email studentinfo@sasweb.org to let us know. A link is also available on the Parent Essentials page.

SARS-CoV-2 Testing Round Two

Next week, we will begin our next phase of SARS-CoV-2 testing at SAS.  Following this, on-campus testing will be considered surveillance testing.  While we will still receive relatively quick results, we won’t necessarily see same-day results. In order to minimize disruption of the academic day, we will be testing immediately after school (3:10 PM) by Afternoon Program groups at the outdoor basketball court near the Health Clinic. If your child does not participate in an Afternoon Program, they will be tested on Tuesday. Testing should not take more than thirty minutes.

MON AUG 31, 3:10 PM: Athletic Training, MAC, Independent Programs, Golf, Girls' Soccer, Mountain Biking
TUE SEP 1, 3:10 PM: Students Without an Afternoon Program, Mind*Body*Exercise, Cross Country, Songwriting, Volleyball
WED SEP 2, 3:10 PM: Yearbook, Theater, Outdoor Adventure, Farming, Strength & Conditioning

Watching the Active Case Rate

We continue to monitor the active case rate in our four surrounding counties (Franklin, Grundy, Coffee, Marion). A seven-day average active case rate of .5% or above would trigger a move to online learning for all classes. As of Tuesday, the seven-day average active case rate is .39% but has been trending up. Other factors that may be taken into consideration are our campus healthcare capacity, local and nearby hospital activity, testing availability, and PPE availability. Keep in mind, that short of all classes going online, there may be times when some classes have to go online due to a teacher's or student's exposure.

Join Us for Chapel

We live Zoom our Chapel every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m., and you are welcome to join us! Click on this link. If it asks for a password type in "&alsowyou" (see what we did there?). The link will stay the same week-to-week so save it for future use. We'll also include it in our weekly calendar below.

Don't Just Sit There

Mother Short and Mr. Ankney would love to have more student participants as musicians and readers.

Grief Support

Has your child experienced loss? Would a support group be helpful? Would sharing their experience be helpful to students who are still in the acute stages of grief? In the weeks ahead, School Mental Health Counselor Dr. Lisa Garner will be arranging meeting times for a 6-week group for students. Please email Dr. Garner if your child is interested in joining.

CORE Information

We hope that you have found a few moments to explore our learning management and student information system CORE and the wealth of information it provides to you. A few requests:

Please Correct Your Info

When you sign-in to CORE, please double-check and correct the student and parent addresses, phone numbers, and relationship information. The data migration this summer was not perfect, and some old data may have been pulled over to the new system. If you are not able to make the corrections yourself, please send the information to studentinfo@sasweb.org. Next week we will run a test of our emergency text messaging system based on the information in CORE.

Stop Annoying Password Requests

If you are being asked to change passwords when logging in to CORE, please send a message to Educational Technology Coordinator Viva Reynolds. For parents, please include the email you want to use for CORE access. For students with this issue, please include the student name.  The student's username will be changed to their sasweb.org email address.

Need Help?

If there is a task in CORE that you or your child would like to have a tutorial to reference (ex: for submitting work, checking feedback from teachers, etc.), let Educational Technology Coordinator Viva Reynolds know. New tutorials will be added to the CORE section of the Student Essentials page.

Summer Reading Book Club

On Thursday, August 27, we will have our summer book club discussions during Advisory Lunch. Book club discussion will happen by advisory this year. Students should bring their book. 

The Writing Center is Ready to Help

If your child is looking for help with a college essay, needs a hand getting started on a writing assignment, or would just really love some feedback on their creative writing, Ms. Randolph and the Writing Center are ready to help. The Writing Center, which is located in the Simmonds Building, is open Tuesdays and Thursdays after school or by appointment. Questions? Contact Tracy Randolph.
There's Still Time to Complete the Opening Week Survey for Parents

Library Access

Agee Library is open for quiet study Mondays noon - 3:30 p.m., Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. -  3:30, and Fridays 8:00 - noon. Due to COVID-19 protocols, students may not browse for books unsupervised, but classes may browse for books and check-out books accompanied by a teacher. Books should be returned to the plastic bin outside the library door. SAS also subscribes to more than 300,000 ebooks to ensure free reading and powerful research resources no matter where our students are. Questions? Contact librarian Julie Jones

Your SAS/COVID-19 Questions Answered

Can my day student participate in activities outside of school and/or beyond the SAS community?

Please note: This language/policy has been updated to reflect concerns about recent activities and an increase in exposures that have necessitated quarantine. We ask that parents think very carefully about which activities your child participates in outside of the SAS community. It will take all of us to prevent COVID from coming to our campus. Please be sure that if you are engaging with groups outside of SAS, that they are groups that take COVID seriously and are taking appropriate precautions. Students who participate in these activities may be required to quarantine at times and/or be asked to test more frequently at the family’s expense. Students who risk significant exposure may be required to move to online learning.

Will I be informed if one of my child's classmates has to quarantine?

A student or employee who is notified by an authorized health agency that they have been in contact with a confirmed case off-campus, or who has self-determined that they have been in contact with a confirmed case off-campus, will be required to follow that health agency’s or the CDC guidelines and to notify the Director of SAS's Health Clinic. This will likely include quarantine. Because the contact did not take place on the SAS campus, SAS will not share that information with the broader campus community.

If a student or employee is notified by an authorized health agency that they have tested positive for COVID-19 they will be required to follow that health agency’s or the CDC guidelines and to notify the Director of SAS's Health Clinic. In this event, SAS will share the information with the broader campus community that a positive case has occurred within our community so that we can help to conduct any necessary contact tracing and cleaning
Read more on our COVID-19 protocols. We also encourage you to view the COVID-19 Protocols video created by our Conduct Council.

Inspirational T-Shirt Available

The SAS School Store is offering an opportunity to order a t-shirt with the school's inspirational athletic bell word cloud on the back. If you would like to place an order, please add your child's name and size to the Google form. Shirts will be $18-$22 depending on the size of the order. Questions about this or other store orders? Contact Store Manager Lizzie Duncan.

Highlights of the Week

Note that only calendar highlights and home games are listed here. View the full calendar for all events. Subscribe to SAS calendars to have school events, team schedules, and calendar updates automatically delivered to and updated on your desktop or mobile device.
12:45 PM
Chapel: Trust
11:35 AM Summer Book Club Discussions
12:45 PM
Introduction to Counseling Services and Discipline 
7:30 PM
Boarder Activity: Creating Dog Toys & Eating Scooby Snacks, Owen Student Union
7:45 AM
SAT, Simmonds Building
12:30 PM Boarder Activity: Hike & Swimming at Greeter Falls
7:00 PM Boarder Activity: Open Union with games & snacks, Owen Student Union
2:00 PM
Boarder Activity: Open Union & Sunday Fun Day! 
7:00 PM Compline, Outdoor Altar/Virtual
10:30 AM
College Visit: Illinois Wesleyan University, Virtual Meeting
3:10 PM SARS-CoV-2 Testing for students who participate in Athletic Training, MAC, Independent Programs, Golf, Girls' Soccer, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Basketball Court
10:30 AM
College Visit: The University of Alabama, Virtual Meeting
11:40 AM Dean of Students' Lunch with Middle School Students, TBD
3:10 PM SARS-CoV-2 Testing for students without an Afternoon Program, or who participate in Mind*Body*Exercise, Cross Country, Songwriting, Volleyball, Outdoor Basketball Court

10:30 AM College Visits: The University of Alabama, Birmingham, Virtual Meeting
12:45 PM Chapel: Forgiveness
3:10 PM SARS-CoV-2 Testing for students participating in Yearbook, Theater, Outdoor Adventure, Farming, Strength & Conditioning, Outdoor Basketball Court
6:00 PM Family-Style Dinner, Robinson Dining Hall
Please join us in welcoming our newest student, eighth-grade boarder Benjamin, and his father César. SAS has a record-number of boarding middle school students this year.
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