Get the most out of your corporate culture.
Get the most out of your corporate culture.

Jan. 21, 2022


Our editors’ picks for managers this week include new research findings on employee activism, an analysis of organizational motivations in practicing corporate social responsibility, and an assessment of the optimal number of meeting-free days.
— The MIT SMR Editors

Leading in an Age of Employee Activism

Employees are demanding that managers engage on topics like climate change and racial equity — and leaders must be ready to respond.
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Why Companies Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

An analysis of 200 surveys over 20 years reveals that companies are driven to practice corporate social responsibility based on three primary motivations.


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The Surprising Impact of Meeting-Free Days

Many organizations are implementing no-meeting days, but finding the optimal weekly balance for your organization requires deliberation.
Corporate culture is a much more reliable predictor of industry-adjusted attrition than how employees assess their compensation.”
— Donald Sull, Charles Sull, and Ben Zweig, in “Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation


» What exactly is the metaverse? (Source: The New York Times)
» A new project aims to count deaths due to climate change (Source: Wired)
» How to improve your time management skills (Source: Knowledge@Wharton)

Becoming Future Fit: Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Consumer Products Companies

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3 Priorities for Accelerating Your Operating Model Transformation

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After conducting a global survey of 370 business leaders from consumer products companies, we’ve identified three critical areas that can provide valuable guidance as you consider your transformation efforts.

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