Student research, Andy Warhol fellowship, PLS video, and more
Student research, Andy Warhol fellowship, PLS video, and more

Through international research and internships, political science and pre-health major explores everything from global health to Gothic literature

In less than three years, Ellen Pil has conducted research in Germany, traveled to the Galápagos Islands, worked for a nongovernmental organization in South Africa, and interned with a nonprofit health center in Chicago. A Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program who plans to attend medical school after graduation, Pil said she is amazed by the support she’s received in identifying opportunities and funding to cultivate her interests and discover intersections between her fields of study.
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Art historian wins Andy Warhol Foundation fellowship

Nicole Woods, assistant professor of art history at the University of Notre Dame, has been named a 2019 recipient of an Arts Writers Grant. This award is among the highest honors an art historian or critic can receive, and Woods is one of 19 recipients from a candidate pool of more than 800. The grant will enable Woods to initiate work toward her second book, which focuses on the pioneering African American painter Bob Thompson, an elusive and under-studied figure despite recognition among major museums, including the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.
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Video: The Program of Liberal Studies major

“The most amazing thing about PLS alumni is that they are in such a diverse range of fields,” said PLS major Soren Hansen. “You can really take it wherever you would like to go.” PLS majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as interpersonal communication, critical reading, thoughtful articulation of arguments, and problem-solving.
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Theology professor interprets historical treasure discovered at ancient monastery in the Sinai Desert

Being in the right place at the right time can change everything. For Nina Glibetić, witnessing a chance discovery changed her research focus — and the trajectory of her career. While she was at St. Catherine's Monastery on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a folio of parchment was discovered that didn't look like others in the collection. Glibetić immediately recognized the rare language that was on it, and has since been working to translate and interpret the 11th-century folio — which is one of, if not the, oldest Glagolitic texts in existence.
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Video: Political scientist Aníbal Pérez Liñán on the survival of democracies

“If we want democracy to survive into the next century, then we really need to understand the conditions for that process,” said Aníbal Pérez Liñán, a Notre Dame professor of political science and global affairs. Liñán studies the role of political institutions in the process of democratization, particularly in Latin America. His research finds that political leaders or parties are central to the success of a democracy, as opposed to the economic or structural conditions of a country. 
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