(Because of the pink mac 'n' cheese, no doubt.)
(Because of the pink mac 'n' cheese, no doubt.)


To clarify, we do NOT use crystal balls or messages tucked inside fortune cookies to decide upon campaign strategy. THAT would be silly. But when we're asked to prognosticate future trends in a constantly changing industry, we took on the challenge like a team of wannabe marketing Nostradamuses. Or would it be Nostradami? Regardless, here's what happened when we looked deep, deep into the future (of marketing). Because we all know 2020 provided such a basic, predictable baseline, right? 
Who Do You Know,
Dear Readers? 
We all have those friends in our circles that absolutely kick butt (professionally speaking, that is, because violence is bad). So can you do us a solid? If you know someone who is a social media superstar or a talented production artist, will you pretty please send them our job announcement? We'll be forever grateful and even promise to consider naming this newsletter after you as an expression of our gratitude. 
(But Also: Sign Us Up!)
Would you, could you try pink mac 'n' cheese that tastes like candy? We would not, could not. (And yet, we're also oddly intrigued — and may or may not have already entered the contest.) We love creative marketing approaches, and this Valentine's Day promotion may just prove to be the most entirely disgustingly successfully neon-pinkest campaign ever.

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