Dear Sakai Families,
I hope you and your family had a nice weekend.This first week of May brings a lot of activity at Sakai. First, it kicks off our Bike to Week month. Students have been expressing lots of excitement about biking to school. Thank you for getting their consent forms returned to the office. If you haven’t yet and your student wishes to participate, it’s not too late. Also, on each Thursday there will be a little extra fun with Theme Days. This week is wear your favorite team or color day. 

This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing team of dedicated, talented and caring teachers at Sakai. I really am so proud of the staff at Sakai and how they have handled this challenging year with such positivity and grace. Please let them know how much you appreciate them too! Thank you!
Have a wonderful week, Sakai!

From the School Counselor

Welcome to the month of May!  Throughout the year I have been sharing calendars from Action for Happiness.  The calendar for May is Meaningful May.

This month's theme is all about reflecting on what gives our life meaning. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves or focusing on things that we value is key to our wellbeing. Having a faith, or being involved with a particular cause or passion can provide this sense of something bigger, or it could be relationships or things that you nurture. Let's take time to reflect on what we care about this month...

In COHO Time since the last report we have been focusing on Growth Mindset.  The first lesson was What is a Growth Mindset and students learned that when we have a growth mindset, we believe that intelligence can be developed. When we have a fixed mindset we believe that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence, and they can’t do much to change that.

The second lesson was Growth Mindset and The Brain and students learned that in addition to having a positive attitude and trying hard it is important to understand how our brains grow and change. Intelligence is not fixed and can continue to grow.  The Brain is a muscle and continually changes.  Challenging work is the best way to increase brain capacity and strength.

This week the lesson is on Perseverance and students will learn the importance of perseverance to a Growth Mindset.  Perseverance is an important characteristic to practice when developing a Growth Mindset.  The dictionary defines Perseverance as the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even if it is difficult.  Perseverance is
  • Staying with the task and not giving up.
  • Showing commitment, pride and a positive attitude in competing tasks.
  • Trying again and again and again.
  • Being patient and willing to work hard.

Growth Mindset encompasses important characteristics to practice and develop.  We discussed the power of “yet”.  Instead of saying “I am not good at math.” With a growth mindset the statement might be “I don’t understand math yet, but with practice I will improve”. As we come to the close of this school year, having perseverance and practicing a growth mindset is beneficial.

Remember, the school counselor is available to students in the building every day.  If students want to check in they can come to the office, let their teacher know or use the Check In form available on the Counselor Corner.   Parents and teachers may also request a check in with their student. Feel free to call the school counselor anytime if you have questions about Coho Time or if you would like to check in about your student.

Beth Hebert

Sakai School Counselor

Families of 5th-grade students, if you are interested in band:
  1. Check out the Google Slide presentation:
  2. Read "Beginning Band at Sakai Fall 2021":
    This document provides specific information about each instrument as well as guidance how to choose the right instrument for you.
  3. After reading through this information, checking out the videos, and discussing this wonderful opportunity together, please use the linked form below to register by the end of the day on Monday, May 31st.
  4. Registration Link:
Dear Sakai Students and Families,

We are so pleased to inform you that elementary music has been approved for singing during music class with surgical masks supplied by our district. (These are disposable and are for one time use only. They will be placed over the masks students are already wearing in class.)  Teachers at every school have submitted plans that account for a 30 minute air exchange and all have been approved. Here is a copy of the singing schedule for Sakai Students.  Students will be 6 feet apart and rooms have been approved with that spacing by an administrator. These safety precautions meet the standards set by the Washington Department of Health and have been approved by our school district.  We are so excited to have this opportunity to sing through the end of the school year, and we look forward to more singing in years to come!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Katie Gibbs
Music Specialist
2021 Bike to School Event
Starting on May 3rd and continuing on every in-person school day in the month of May, students will be encouraged to travel to and from school using non-motorized means of transportation. Travel may be door-to-door from home to school, but it may also be from the satellite drop-off and pick-up spots at such as Island Church on Sportsman. While we cannot have the traditional volunteers we would normally, adults are encouraged to accompany their student on their ride.

Students attending class online will be encouraged to engage in meaningful outdoor exercise.

On every Thursday in May, there will be a special theme. On those days students will have the added encouragement of kicking their commutes into high gear by draping themselves in clothing, colors, hairstyles, and accouterments that have a specific focus. This year’s themes will include Favorite Team/Color Day, Favorite Character Day, Inside Out Day, Decade Day. The order and ideas for these days will be announced to students on the broadcast.

Students will be asked to complete an online Google Form every day in May when they take part in non-motorized travel to and from school. They can also let us know if a parent or guardian participated with them. Those forms will be logged and tracked. Participants (yes, even adults) will become eligible for prizes based on the frequency of participation day in and day out and quality of participation on the Thursday theme days. Prizes will vary but include traditional Sakai Bike to School Day t-shirts and gift certificates to island businesses.

All students that wish to participate need to have a signed consent form returned to the office. Students should stay tuned to the Sakai Broadcast for more information and promotion of human-powered transportation.

Many thanks to Squeaky Wheels and local businesses for their support of fun and healthy habits.
The ABC Process is an important step for the 2021-22 School Year.

On May 3rd, the ABC (Annual Back-to-School Check-in) process will be available for all returning students. Completing this process helps us project enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. The ABC process must be completed prior to receiving your student's class schedule/teacher placement in August. Look for an email with additional details on Monday, May 3rd.
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MAY 6, 13, 20 & 27 - BIKE TO SCHOOL RIDES