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February 1, 2022

Barrel Tasting - March 3-6

Yesterday participating wineries were sent a link to share with their customers to buy tickets, pre-sale. 
We will share the link with the public next Tuesday. We hope to sell 900 tickets total. 
We have 44 wineries participating. We cannot change your program info at this point.
If you are participating PLEASE READ THIS INFO ON OUR WEBSITE - so you know what we are saying about the event - so you know what customers are being told. This year is different from prior years.  
 Questions: Debbie@wineroad.com

Responsible Hospitality Training

Online or In-person..only 2 seats left for the in-person training.
So far 50 people have registered for the online training, so you're getting it done!  We are able to pay for 100 people online. 
Beginning July 1, 2022, all alcohol servers and their managers will have 60 days to obtain a valid RBS certification to perform their duties in a business that serves alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises. 
This applies to anyone who perform any of the following duties:   
  • Check patron identification
  • Take patron alcoholic beverage orders
  • Pour alcoholic beverages for patrons
  • Deliver alcoholic beverages to patrons
  • Check ID for alcohol service
  • Oversee, train or hire those who perform the above duties.
Your entire hospitality staff will need to be trained.  
  • You need your ABC Server # prior to taking the in-person class.
  • You will need to pay $3 to register with the ABC (per person).

"New Hire" Online Training

Sandra Hess and her team at DTC Wine Workshops are excited to share this announcement and invite you to schedule an online preview session. Starting February 1st, winery teams across the US, Canada and Australia can streamline DTC operations and also ensure that every new hire is setup for success with best-of-class training tools. We continue to build solutions based on the evolving needs of our clients and industry partners. Let me know how we can best support your respective teams 2022 and beyond.  Details Here

Just a reminder about signing into the WineRoad.com member section. Once you sign-in, you can;

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Read the Weekly Member Memo - they are all there, for reference,
Beth will be out of the office this week - back Monday Feb. 6th.

Thank you to our partners for their support.

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