A sneak speak at new art, exhibitions, and events coming soon.
A sneak speak at new art, exhibitions, and events coming soon.

GVSU Art Gallery

Fall 2022 Preview
We're planning many exciting visual art experiences for the next academic year including exhibitions, learning opportunities, events and more. Here's a preview of what you'll see...
New Art on Campus
portrait of woman's face on male shoulders
Coming soon to GVSU's DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health
Char by Deborah Butterfield
Cast bronze with patina
82.25 in. x 102.5 in. x 33 in.
“Rising from the ashes of a wildfire near the artist’s home in Montana, ‘Char’ is woven from the fragility of the past and is now primed to burst forward with new energy and strength. Ambiguity of form and material masks reality. ‘Char’ tells a story of embracing our own vulnerability so that we may unlock our inner strength.”  - Nathan Kemler, GVSU Director of Galleries and Collections

“Deborah Butterfield is a maestro reinterpreting a symphony, a medic with a sixth sense for diagnosis -- abilities spawned from creativity, discipline and devotion.”   - Judy Wagonfeld, author and art critic

Thank you to our generous donors who made this wonderful and impactful gift to our community; Daniel and Pamella DeVos, Jim and Donna Brooks, Randy and Julie Damstra, William Lieberman, Arend “Don” and Nancy Lubbers.
Jason Quigno in front of his newest scultpure
Sculptor Jason Quigno in his studio next to his sculpture Akii Ndodem
(Earth Totem)
that will
be installed on the
Mt. Vernon pedestrian mall 
in early May. 
windowsgr murals
Murals from the 2020 #WindowsGR project, soon to be installed in Kirkhof Center and Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, 201 Front Ave, Suite 200.
two boys sitting in a forest
A Poisonous Discovery by GVSU alum Gavin Weir, soon to be installed in DeVos Center's College of Education and Community Innovation (CECI) renovated department suite.

Upcoming Exhibitions

As Is: Beauty and the Body in Contemporary Art

GVSU Art Gallery (PAC 1121)
Haas Center for Performing Arts
August 26 - November 4, 2022 
Reception: September 22, 2022 | 5pm - 8pm
This exhibition, selected from a private collection in Chicago, brings together 20 contemporary artists who actively engage the body and its changing role through their work. For these artists, bodies inhabit a space where the beauty of form, narrative, and identity
intersect in meaningful and challenging ways.

Image: Jules, Clio Newton, compressed charcoal on paper, 2019, private collection.
Learning programs and resources related to the exhibition will also be available.
To learn more visit gvsu.edu/artgallery/asis.
silhouette of man's head with scribbled lines on top
Valid and Valued: Emphasizing Empathy toward Mental Health
Kirkhof Center Wall Gallery
July 8 - October 28, 2022
all the free speech money can buy, man's face with hand covering mouth
Activate: Shepard Fairey and the Art
of Protest

Lake Ontario Hall Wall Gallery
July 8 - December 16, 2022
gordon gallery
Among Friends: Mathias J. Alten and His Michigan Contemporaries
George and Barbara Gordon Gallery 2nd Floor (DEV 202E)
Richard M. DeVos Center
September 9, 2022 - April 29, 2023
Image: Mission San Juan Capistrano by Foster Jewell

Upcoming Events

Building on the success of 2021-22 events, we're excited to continue two series of virtual and in-person artist talks and panel discussions that illuminate and expand upon ideas presented in exhibitions and
in artwork on campus; Unpacking the Exhibition Conversations and On the Wall Artist Talks.
To view past events and learn more visit gvsu.edu/artgallery/recorded-events-238.
unpacking the exhibition conversation series on the wall artist talks

We're Making It Easier to Find Art 
in the Collection

The GVSU art collection includes a
wide range of mediums--the material
or process with which the work was created.
Soon you'll be able browse through four specific categories; photography, works on paper, sculpture, and painting on our website. 

While still under constrcution, you can view a preview of the new Browse by Medium webpage by visiting gvsu.edu/artgallery/browse-the-collection-by-medium.

Interested in supporting art at Grand Valley?  

In the Art Gallery department, we believe that art has the power to move people; to bridge gaps in understanding; to spark our collective imagination toward building a better, more equitable world; and to enrich learning experiences beyond the capacity of traditional classroom structures. Our efforts are possible in part because of support from donors. To learn how you can support art on campus, exhibitions, and learning resources visit gvsu.edu/artgallery/give.

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