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August 22, 2022

Dear Class of 2026 and Transfers,

It's official - we will see you on The Farm in less than a month! We know emails from Stanford have been coming at full speed to your accounts recently. While it's important to read them and complete any action items, please remember to take a few deep breaths and to go at your own pace. We know some of you can't wait to get here. We also know that some of you are feeling anxious not only about leaving family/friends, but also about what's to come when you move to Stanford. And finally, we know some of you are feeling both excited and anxious. All these feelings are normal! So please be kind to yourself and acknowledge them. And give us a call so we can help you sort through your emails!
This week, we're introducing our University Core Values and the required modules for all new students. These modules are available online beginning today, and should be completed by September 15.
Read on in this week's Newsletter for:
Have a great week, and, as always, let us know if you have questions or want to talk!
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Core Values of the University Community

Stanford students strive to create meaningful change both on campus and in the world. A commitment to integrity permeates all aspects of campus life, and the Office of Community Standards (OCS) supports this mission by upholding two of Stanford’s foundational principles: the Fundamental Standard and the Honor Code. Together, these standards articulate the values that unite us and outline the responsibilities that attend the great privilege of being at Stanford. Every member of the Stanford community plays an integral role in espousing these ideals and sustaining our culture of excellence.
Prior to coming to campus, you are required to complete the Office of Community Standards online course on the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard. You are also encouraged to watch this informative video where Stanford students discuss the Honor Code.
The Fundamental Standard and Honor Code are more than just words articulated long ago, they are values seeped in Stanford’s history and reflected every day throughout our community. As a part of this community you are now entrusted with upholding these important values.
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EVERFI Required Online Modules

In September when you arrive for New Student Orientation, you will finally begin to experience all the things that inspired you to choose Stanford. Being away at college as an adult will give you the freedom to explore new experiences, and you will need to make choices to ensure your health, safety and well-being here on the Farm.
Some of these choices may involve whether you engage in alcohol use, romantic relationships, or sexual activity. Living in the dorms brings a shared commitment to the health, welfare, and interests not only of yourself but also of those around you. Regardless of your views about these issues, we want you to have a sophisticated understanding of their complexities and the dynamics that impact each of you as members of our campus community. We want you to make informed and empowered choices so that you can avoid behaviors that may be harmful to you or your peers, and to put you on a path to engage in behaviors that are healthy and safe for you.
To this end, we expect incoming students to complete the following tasks before arriving to campus:
1. You are required to complete AlcoholEdu for College, an online educational course about alcohol use, misuse and their related consequences to you and the larger community. You will also learn skills for helping peers and situations to look out for when alcohol is present. 
2. You are required to complete Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention for College, a 30 minute online educational course that offers knowledge, skills, and tools to help students make healthy, informed decisions about prescription medications. 
3. You are required to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, an online educational course about sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. This is conduct prohibited by Stanford’s Title IX policies. This program is intended to help you learn more about these issues and how to play an important role as an “upstander” in keeping our campus safe.
While alcohol or other drug use are never a cause or excuse for sexual and relationship violence, these issues may be correlated in certain circumstances. That is why our offices have collaborated to provide this comprehensive training to all of our incoming students. We want you to understand our community values and your role as essential partners and leaders in creating a healthy, safe, and supportive campus environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Sustainable Stanford

Sustainability - Zero Waste Module

Stanford has set ambitious sustainability goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 and zero waste by 2030. This means that over 90% of waste generated on campus must be diverted from landfills. Because half of Stanford’s annual landfill generation is from students like you, reducing your waste footprint and knowing how to correctly sort your waste is crucial for our campus community to reach its goals.
Before you arrive to campus, we ask all new students to complete the Student Sustainability - Zero Waste Training. The purpose of this required module will be to teach you how to correctly sort your waste at Stanford and introduce you to resources on campus to reduce your waste footprint. For additional ways to live a sustainable lifestyle, please visit My Cardinal Green
Photo of Financial Aid Office Building (Photo courtesy of Financial Aid Office)

Finances for Students Module

“Finances for Students” is a self-paced tutorial with critical information for financial aid recipients and those looking for more information about managing finances as an undergraduate. While we expect students receiving financial aid to complete this tutorial, all are welcome!
Photo of the Dish at sunset (Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service)

Advising Corner: Getting Ready to Spread Your Wings

A final post from your Undergraduate Advising Directors:
Unbelievably, over 2 months have passed and we’ve gone through numerous different Advising Corner topics, but more importantly, we are ever closer to welcoming you to the start of your Stanford careers! Before you know it, you will be moving in for orientation, meeting your class-mates, and beginning your undergraduate studies at Stanford.

Advising Meetings

By now, you should have received an email from your UAD (Undergraduate Advising Director), inviting you to schedule an advising meeting before NSO. We hope the conversations will be fruitful and will help you get started on your academic planning. Though you will attend an advising presentation with your UAD during NSO, you likely won’t be able to meet with them one-on-one that week, so be sure to meet them in advance.

Undergraduate Research

A quick word on getting started in research. We know many of you are excited about research! But we also want to assure you that there isn’t anything you need to be doing right now. Most students don’t start getting involved in research until after their first quarter. And many wait until Sophomore year, or later. Once the academic year begins, we will share plenty of information about research opportunities and you can schedule an advising appointment with your UAD to discuss them.

Spread Your Wings

We would like to close this year’s series of Advising Corner posts by sharing with you what we hope you will gain in your time here at The Farm. We are all so excited that you are joining us here. In the different paths that you take through Stanford, we hope that you will remember that the process of learning and growing as a person is about more than just taking courses, declaring your major, or finishing a certain number of quarters.
We hope that you will approach your journey at Stanford with an abiding sense of curiosity and an enthusiasm that remains alive even in the middle of what may seem to be an endless list of tasks. We hope that you take this Stanford journey as not a checklist of requirements, because life is about so much more than a list of requirements! There are so many opportunities to engage with the community you are about to join. Connect with Stanford faculty and staff. Join student organizations. Work on a service project. When you are ready, and it is safe to do so, travel and see the world beyond what you’ve already seen so far. And, always, please make time for your health and wellness, in whatever way that is meaningful for you. All of these, and more, are what will give your Stanford journey impact beyond the degree(s) you will earn.
Who you will be by the time you graduate from Stanford isn’t going to be formed in one day, and it is important to give yourself the time and space to really learn something, every day. Allow yourself the opportunity to change your mind and your plans, about the little things and about the bigger life decisions. Give yourself time to face your fears and get back up after a setback (and remember that you have many, many resources here on campus to help you with that, including your Academic Advisors!). Challenge yourself; learn new things and solve new problems. Meet and engage with peers and teachers who will help you broaden your horizons. Give yourself the time to keep becoming you.  Spread your wings.
Welcome to the newest chapter in your life’s story! We can’t wait to support you as you do!

The OC Zone & New Student Thursdays

Just for funsies, the OCs have a couple of bonus blog post for your enjoyment this week! 

OC Blog

New Student Thursdays
The OCs are hosting their final New Student Webinar this week on the topic of College Life! You've been reading their blog posts all summer about being Stanford students - come to this last webinar for their final thoughts, reflections, and protips on making your new home at Stanford. All are welcome, find the Zoom link in Canvas and join us!

Quick Links & Important Dates

Important Dates and Deadlines

Academic Advising & Planning

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