Dear Seniors,
Your caps and gowns are hanging in the closet and we anxiously await when we can celebrate you properly in August! I am grateful for each of you and could not be more excited about your future. You are more than ready! You have been prepared well and prayed up! Life has turned upside down these past months, but you have pushed through and persevered and we are all so proud of you! As you walk into your futures, know that you hold a special place in the hearts of all of us on campus! Congratulations Class of 2020!!
For the rest of our high school families -
It is not too early (even freshmen) to be exploring information about post-secondary plans. This summer is a perfect opportunity for high school students to begin or continue working on this process. Every student is uniquely designed and gifted by our loving Creator. It is important for students to use these next few years to develop the gifts and talents they have, so they can find their niche. However, it often takes time and research to find those places! Finding activities that truly support a student and his/hers interests takes time, conversation, and support to guide them through the maze of upcoming decisions, especially as post-secondary plans don't look the same for everyone. Included in this newsletter are some websites to get you started.
~ Ms. LeAnn Kitselman

TBS Guidance Counselor Webpage

More information than you could ever want is available on our Counselor webpage!
  • selective service registration
  • links about finding the right job for you
  • help with financial aid and college applications
  • scholarship links
  • and SO MUCH MORE! 
This is a resource you don't want to miss! 
Counselor Webpage

Find a Mentor

UStrive connects high school and college students with a mentor to help with everything from college applications and financial aid to exploring career opportunities -- all through our online mentoring platform.
And best of all - it's FREE!  Learn more at
Colleges May Adjust Financial Aid Based on Change in Circumstances

If someone in your family has lost a job or is working less, colleges may be able to provide more financial aid.  

Colleges may adjust financial aid based on a student’s or parent’s job loss, reduced income, loss of benefits (like child support), or even extraordinary medical or dental bills. Each situation is different, and colleges’ requirements vary, so students should contact the financial aid office to talk about options

Find out more about the Washington Student Achievement Council and their weekly messages with resources and information about financial aid, college and career planning, and more. 

Joining Together

The higher education community has come together to make sure students feel supported and heard.
They have compiled a list of resources students can use to stay organized, explore, and connect with college opportunities. 
Common App has also compiled a set of resources to help guide students through the process as they figure out their plans.
Find Resources Here

SAT and ACT Testing

New SAT date added - September 26, 2020
Anticipated 2020-21 testing dates, along with the registration deadlines, are posted on the SAT and ACT website. Available on our website is information on how to prep for the tests, and so much more.  
**ACT Test Online at Home Coming Fall/Winter**

In response to uncertainty and school cancellations due to COVID-19, ACT announced it will offer a flexible schedule for summer 2020 test dates and test-at-home options for fall/winter 2020. Learn more on the ACT website.
Testing Information
ACT Scholarship Information

Summer Opportunities

From Tech Camp to Business Week, learn all about the opportunities available over the summer for students in grades 9-12!  Click here to find out more!

Did you know?

TBS has an entire webpage dedicated to college scholarships and financial aid!  There are so many more scholarships available than those highlighted below.  Check the website often for updates and new opportunities.  New Scholarships were added today!
Scholarships & Financial Aid
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