October 2019 edition
October 2019 edition


Have you checked out the ATM Industry Career Center website?

Yes – our industry has its own, dedicated recruiting and job search resource that is open to all.  Job seekers can manage their search either publicly or privately.  And employers have robust tools available to manage candidates for multiple openings – including the ability to post confidential listings.
The Career Center had its first anniversary just a few weeks ago.  In that first year of operation, it has generated well over 15,000 pageviews and 3,500 new visitors.  We know from the analytics that visitors are coming back to the site, and that 125 resumes have been submitted for open positions.  Not bad for a resource that is still in its infancy.
ATMIA members working through recruiting agencies can pass along member pricing to those agencies.  Agents sign up for a special account that allows them to manage jobs for multiple clients through a single login.  Once an agency has identified an ATMIA member as a client, jobs can be posted at member pricing.
Human Resources staff and hiring managers are often not included in an organization's ATMIA membership.  Which means that they may not be aware that the ATM Industry Career Center exists.  Or that they have access to a recruiting resource that is focused on the ATM industry.  Please be sure to forward a copy of this newsletter to anyone in your organization that does any hiring.
This applies to job openings in any region across the globe – the Career Center is just as global as ATMIA is.
David Tente
Best regards to all, 
Feel free to reach ATMIA USA executive director David Tente by email at david.tente@atmia.com or telephone +1.407.833.7906.

ATMIA one-day summit exceeds expectations

ATMIA's ATM Cyber-security Summit last month in Mexico City was a resounding success by any measure.
Sponsored by ATMIA member EuroTechZam, the event drew a total of 80 registered delegates.  A full day of educational sessions was led off by the Central Bank of Mexico and included information from other speakers about ATM crime trends in the region, as well as strategies for combatting it.
This recently introduced format is available to any ATMIA member in any region.  The agenda can extend to the entire day, including lunch, exhibits and networking time.  Or, be a simple half-day program featuring a few key speakers.
To explore potential opportunities in the USA, Canada or Americas, contact David Tente.  For other regions, contact Dana Benson or the regional Executive Director.

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A strong workshop program planned for Houston 2020 

Plan now to join your industry colleagues February 11-13, 2020 at the Hilton Americas in Houston, TX.  Our theme of “Launching the ATM Industry into a New Era” will have us focused on the industry’s Next-Gen ATMs initiative and a world of exciting new capabilities in the self-service channel.
The conference program again begins with an exceptionally strong program of workshops on Tuesday, ahead of the Opening Reception.  Although details are still in the planning stages, attendees can attend any of four 3-hour workshops covering:
  • Planning for and implementing NetGen ATMs
  • The role of the ATM in the Bitcoin and crypto-currency market
  • Branch transformation and customer experience
  • Protecting your ATMs from physical and cyber attacks
This is the largest ATM-focused event in the world and an opportunity to network with colleagues and professionals from all sectors of the industry.  ATMIA’s U.S. conference is expected to draw more than 1,200 attendees, including international delegates from more than 25 different countries – giving it a truly global perspective.
It may be only October, but the exhibit hall is very close to being sold out.  So if you are considering participation as an exhibitor or sponsor, act quickly in order to have as many options as possible.  
For more information about the ATMIA U.S. annual conference contact Dana Benson.


A fractured focus

In this year's survey, which builds on findings from previous years, 64% of respondents indicated that ATM hardware upgrades were prompted by OS migrations.
If this is the case, it follows that, driven by the dictates of Microsoft's end-of-life schedule, many ATM managers are finding it next to impossible to build thoughtfully and strategically planned fleets that truly respond to their customers' and banks' specific needs.  
Instead, they find themselves needing to allocate a large part of their current ATM channel budget to the next round of upgrade-related costs.  Read more . . .
Article courtesy ATMmarketpkace.com, Amy Castor, Contributing Editor

ASA website up and running

The new ASA (ATM Security Association) website is now up and running - completely separate from the ATMIA website.
The ASA’s mission is to “help keep ATMs as the world’s most secure financial services consumer touchpoint by providing relevant intelligence, information alerts, best practices and industry standards and solutions for the protection of ATM cassettes, and the cash inside them, in compatibility with health and safety principles and in line with the concept of taking away the reward for the criminal targeting ATMs.”
The Joint Security Council is the governing body of the ASA with elected officers chosen for a two year term.  The working groups and committees include:
•        Next Gen ATM Security Committee
•        The ATM Skimming & Card Data Compromise working group
•        The Cassette Security working group
•        The ATM Cyber, Software and Encryption Security Alliance
•        And the ATM Security Discussion Forum.
ASA will host a website in October on ATM cassette security.  Prior to that, the group will produce its first white paper which will be a general introduction to cassette security, including an infographic of the way in which we handle cassettes, cash replenishment and the cycle of ATM cassette management and protection. This general overview will then be used for deciding on more focused studies and white papers in the future.
All ATMIA members are welcome to participate in ASA committee groups.  Access to documents such as the 2019 Fraud Survey Report, best practices, and the Theoretical Risk Assessment tool do require an annual subscription.

New cash cassette security white paper published

It is widely recognised in the industry that attacks against cash in ATMs are increasing in freequency and, in some countries, in severity  for example, when criminals use gas or solid explosives to get the ATM safe open. Attacks with gas and solid explosives introduce risks to humans in addition to their threat to property and assets.

If cash in the cassettes is not sufficiently protected, ATMs will remain vulnerable to physical attacks, resulting in considerable potential losses and collateral damage. When the risks become too high in a given area, ATMs are sometimes removed, causing inconvenience and loss of
service for customers and the community.

The security of an ATM can be increased by early detection of any possible criminal activity. Detection needs to be as early as possible, because attacks nowadays can take as little time as three or four minutes. If a potential attack can be detected early by any means (smart cameras, AI, etc), there is time to take counter measures and prevent the attack.

ATMIA’s ATM Security Association (ASA) has published an updated white paper on ATM cash cassette security, Improving ATM Cassette Security with Innovation and Standardization.  It is available now to all ASA subscribers.  

The Cash Repository

The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
Recent Articles & Resources


Comng to an airport near you  the "reverse ATM"

The device pictured here is appearing in airports all across the country.  For a $5,00 fee, consumers can purchase a prepaid debit card.  It is devices like this that are being used to "accommodate" the unbanked and underbanked at stadiums and other retail locations that have gone cashless.
Although consumers should have the freedom to choose this form of payment, its availabiloity should not be considered de facto permission to deny them the option of paying with cash.  And having the cost and inconvenience of this method forced upon them when retailers refuse to accept cash.

Sponsorship opportunities to benefit the U.S. Defense Fund

ATMIA has implemented a convenient new way to support our industry – renew your membership and contribute to advocacy efforts with one simple click.
When you receive your next membership renewal invoice, it will include a new line item at the bottom of the Transaction Details section of the invoice  An Industry Fund contribution for the U.S. has been added, in the amount equal to 25% of your membership renewal – the recommended annual contribution for U.S. advocacy efforts.
In addition to invoice renewal and direct contributions, there are other new options for supporting ATMIA advocacy.  A sponsorship for the 2020 DC Fly-in is available.  Contributors of $1,000 or more are listed as sponsors of our Stateside Associates compliance portal.  And members can sponsor our interactive Cashless Ban'd Wagon map for $1,500 per month.
For more information on ATMIA advocacy activities or to arrange a Defense Fund sponsorship, contact ATMIA US & Americas Executive Director, David Tente.

Join the Cashless Ban'd Wagon

Although there has been no movement on either cashless ban bills in the House, work is being done to create a companion bill in the Senate.  At the same time, some opposition to these efforts is emerging from a few of the electronics payments special interests. With the new bill in Wisconsin having been sponsored by Republicans, there is hope that the effort is getting some solid bipartisan traction.
Philadelphia was the first major city to pass a ban on cashless retail.  However, we are seeing attempts to weaken the ordinance during the rulemaking process.  The city wants to exempt itself from the ordinance, as well as vending machines, and different types of retailers.  A letter was filed to request a public hearing, which was to have taken place last Friday.  Written testimony was also submitted on behalf of ATMIA.
Efforts will continue to gather letters of support, acquire new sponsors, and collect data on the benefits of keeping cash as a payment option for all retail establishments.
If you are willing to reach out to your own members of Congress, please contact David Tente.


US Faster Payments Council update

ATMIA USA joined the FPC earlier this year in order to stay plugged into ongoing efforts to create new options for Faster Payments – also referred to as RTP (Real-time Payments).  As NextGen ATMs become a reality, new options and rails may become available for ATM withdrawals.  It is critically important to our industry that the needs of the ATM channel be considered.
For example, the term "fast" is very relative.  We take for granted that ATM withdrawal transactions happen in a matter of seconds.  Wire transfers often take more than 24 hours.  So if a wire is completed in one hour, that is very fast .for a wire transfer.  Transaction time, irrevocability, and ubiquity are three parameters that are discussed extensively with regard to Faster Payments.  And all are critically important to whether Faster Payments will include benefits for the ATM industry.
ATMIA members are included amongst the founders of the US FPC.  If your organization is interested in participating in this effort, more information is available on the US FPC website.

New work group

ATMIA is standing up a Software Packaging and Distribution Work Group.  It grew from requests by several members to address the growing challenges involved with bundling/packaging software updates and distributing them to sometimes far-flung fleets of ATMs.  The delivery vehicle of choice is typically a USB stick, which can create logistical and management pitfalls for fleets of any size.
The group is having its second meeting this coming week, Thursday, Oct 31 at 11am EDT.  Participation is open to both financial institution and independent ATM deployers.
ATMIA members interested in joining the group should contact David Tente for more information.

Upcoming committee meetings

Sponsoring Financial Institutions (SFI) Committee

The SFI Committee meets quarterly and is open to sponsor banks only.  The next  meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 14 at 10:00am EST.   Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members a few weeks in advance.

Financial Institutions ATM Deployers Forum

The FI ATM Deployers Forum group meets in odd months and is open to banks and credit unions only.  The next  meeting is scheduled for the third Friday of November, the 15th at 11:00am EST.   Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members shortly. 

U.S. Regional Board

The U.S. Regional Board meets quarterly to discuss important issues, committee activities, and the financial health of the chapter. The next  meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 19 at 11:00am and is open to all U.S. board-level members.  This is a change from the originally scheduled date.
Questions and requests for committee meeting invitations may be directed to David Tente

Membership Benefit Reminder

There are so many benefits to ATMIA membership, it's easy to lose track of them all.  Watch the Newsletter each month for reminders about one of those membership benefits and tips about how to take advantage of it. 

Working Committees

ATMIA is proud to lead several working committees for the industry with your involvement. We invite you to view our list of committees at https://www.atmia.com/connections/committees/. See one you are interested in? You can join the committee by logging into ‘My Account’ on the website and selecting the committees you would like to join - https://www.atmia.com/membership/my-account/?a=editcommittees.  

Welcome our new members

New U.S. members since the last newsletter was published:  
Associate & Small Business level memberships
   ATM Merrchant Serivces, Alvin, TX
   Coinsource, Fort Worth, TX
   Commonwealth Consulting Group, Worcester, MA
   DigitalMint, Chicago
   Elite Tactical, LLC, Omaha, NE
   FTS Solutions, Stafford, TX
   Magner Corporation of America, Middlefield, CT
   Turbo Systems, Pleasanton, CA
Did You Know?  You can upgrade your membership level at any time.  Move up to Board level for greater visibility and a stronger voice in the direction of the Region.  Interested in becoming a U.S. Regional Board Member?  A unqiue membership level for financial institutions?  Contact David Tente for more information on this and other membership options.
Don't Forget - if your membership is expiring soon, you can receive a 5% discount by renewing before the end of the month in which it expires.

Earn Discounts on Your Membership and Offer New Members a 20% Discount

ATMIA members can now offer friends and affiliates 20% off membership AND earn up to $250 USD in discount on their next membership as part of ATMIA’s new Membership Referral Program. Each referral is worth $50 USD. 
“To make it as easy as possible for members to promote the referral program, ATMIA has put together a variety of resources and each member company has been assigned a unique referral codes that can be found under the ‘my account’ tab on the ATMIA site,” says Amber Howell, ATMIA Membership & Social Media Manager. 
To learn more, contact Amber Howell.
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