New research news, funding, publications, and more!
New research news, funding, publications, and more!
Winter 2022 Newsletter
Science Serving Society

Research News from the ND-ECI Community

Environmental policy expert explores the promise of forests to alleviate poverty

Daniel Miller (Keough) and colleagues published a special issue on “Forests, Trees and the Eradication of Poverty: Potential and Limitations," examining how forests contribute to human well-being prioritizes marginalized populations and poverty alleviation. Read more

ND-GAIN partners to build climate change inventory of Ireland

Supported by ND-GAIN and the Dublin Global Gateway, a team of Notre Dame students worked to inventory adaptation resources, policies, and plans from communities throughout Ireland. Read more

Women in sustainability

Sisi Meng (Keough) researches natural hazards, climate change, and sustainability, with hopes to improve climate-related decisions and consequently improve social well-being. She was recently featured by ND International as one of five women who are creating a positive change for a sustainable future. Read more

The Routine of a Hydrologist

Diogo Bolster (CEEES) is a self-described “extroverted geek who gets excited about everything and anything that has to do with science.” Read more about how he manages his day-to-day.


ND-ECI is excited to welcome two new faces to the team. Please also join us in congratulating Aaron and Samantha, who are transitioning onto exciting next steps in their careers! 
Alex Hardy
ND-ECI Program Manager
721 Flanner Hall
Brian Wanbaugh
ND-GAIN Program Manager
713 Flanner Hall
Aaron Bivins
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Samantha Rumschlag
Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division
Duluth, MN


ND-ECI Partial Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Now in it fourth year, the goal of the ND-ECI Partial Postdoctoral Fellowship (PPF) program is to support postdoctoral research and scholarship that helps grow collaborative bridge between science, engineering, social sciences and humanities through interdisciplinary training.
Due Date for Proposals: Friday, February 18, 2022.

ND-LEEF Research Grants

ND-LEEF Research Grants serve as a mechanism for graduate students and postdocs to test novel ideas using the facility. Grants are limited to $500 and include a waiver of user fees. Proposals for both aquatic and terrestrial research that effectively and creatively use the facilities at ND-LEEF are encouraged.
Due Date for Proposals: Friday, March 18, 2022.


New Eagle Cam

The new HD cam offers live weather information and enhanced low-light capability to witness more overnight activities.
In-nest measurements captured during the install allowed an accurate scale bar to be added to estimate the size of the eagles and their prey. Read more

Eagle Diet Research

Firas Houssein (BOS), Katherine O'Reilly (BIOS), Brett Peters (LEEF), Michael Brueseke (CEST), and Gary Lamberti (BIOS) recently published an article that used images from the in-nest cam to count and identify all species of prey brought back to the nest during the 2018 season. Read more

Science Sunday 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Science Sunday! We had great weather and great attendance!

New research AWARDS

During Fall, ND-ECI affiliated faculty received 10 new awards for a total of ~$4.8M. 
Melissa Berke (CEEES), Jason McLachlan (BIOS) & Adrian Rocha (BIOS) - National Science Foundation: Acquisition of a Normal Phase Single Quadrupole High Performance Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer for Innovative Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental Research.  
Diogo Bolster (CEEES) - National Science Foundation: Correlated velocity models as dynamic upscaling and model translation tools for watershed-scale hydrobiogeochemical cycling.
Kyle Doudrick (CEEES) & Graham Peaslee (Physics) - Department of Defense: Improved Understanding of Thermal Destruction Technologies for Materials Laden with Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. 
Tracy Kijewski-Correa (CEEES) & Debra Javeline (Poli Sci) - National Science Foundation: A Study of Mitigation Decisions for America's Coastal Residential Infrastructure.
Gary Lamberti (BIOS) - U.S. Forest Service: To Control or Eradicate: The Influence of Elodea on Sockeye Salmon in Eyak Lake, Cordova, AK.
Alex Perkins (BIOS) - Emergent BioSolutions: Analytical and simulation tools to inform CHIKV VLP efficacy trial design and execution.
Alex Perkins (BIOS)National Institutes of Health - Model-based inference and forecasting of co-circulating pathogen dynamics.
Jason Rohr (BIOS), Sean Moore (BIOS) & Alex Perkins (BIOS) - National Science Foundation: Identifying local-to-global win-win solutions for human health and sustainability through infectious disease control. 
Jason Rohr (BIOS) - Morris Animal Foundation: Estimating the role of Prosthenorchis sp. in the decline and extinction risk of the San Miguel island fox.
Jennifer Tank (BIOS) & Kyle Bibby (CEEES) - Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy: Mitigating Agricultural Runoff in the Paw Paw River Watershed.

Recent Publications

The ND-ECI Community has been very productive with ~200 publications since our last newsletter. Below is a subset, please click here to view the full list.


At the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative, over 60 faculty across several disciplines are pursuing research solutions for some of the key environmental challenges of our time.
ND-ECI focuses on multidisciplinary research that can be translated into solutions to help make the world a better place for humans and the environment upon which people depend.
We call it “Science Serving Society.”