Check out what's happening!
Check out what's happening!

Parades Routes

Here are the parade route maps for:

Make sure to bring: 
  • Textbooks
  • School property (laptops, uniforms, id tags, etc...)
Elementary Parade details went out to all families last Thursday. Middle School and HIgh School details will be sent out early this week.
What happened last week?
  • Wax Museum - Our 5th Grade Class did an amazing job presenting their research on historial figures via Zoom.  Check out our website to see their final presentations!
  • Kindergarten Graduation - The Class of 2032 had their virtual graduation this past Wednesday!  You can see parts of it posted on our website.  
  • Elementary Awards - Our 1st through 5th graders celebrated their accomplishments this week with a virtual Elementary Awards Ceremony.  You can find this on our website as well.  
  • 37th Annual TBS Auction - Thank you for participating in our online auction!  We will have details about the success of this event in the near future.  
If your family is interested in pre-paying tuition for the 2020-2021 school year, this is a great opportunity to save!
Tuition paid in full by:
  • June 15 - 6% 
  • July 15 - 4% discount
  • August 15 - 2% discount
Please contact Nora Gass ( to take advantage of this opportunity.
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Honoring the Class of 2020
Tacoma Baptist will be lighting up our field at 8:20pm (20:20 military time)  for 20 minutes and 20 seconds every Friday night until the night of our scheduled commencement ceremonies. 
This is just a small gesture to put the spotlight on this class who is missing out on the last part of their senior year. 

Be the light, Class of 2020. 
Each week we will highlight a few members of the TBS class of 2020.  We are proud of each one of our seniors and their acheivments.  Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Ethan Black

Ethan has been at TBS since 7th grade and attended TBS’ previous sister campus, New Hope, from Kindergarten through 6th grade. During high school, Ethan has participated in the drama program for the last two years.  
His favorite teacher’s while at TBS have been Mr. Richey, Mrs. Jennings, and Mrs. Van Liew.  They have each impacted him during his high school career.  
A favorite memory of his time here is attending homecoming for the first time.  
Ethan is still deciding what he would like to do after graduation.  
Congratulations Ethan!

Charlie Nguyen

Charlie has been at TBS for two year.  He has been part of our football and track teams during his time here.  His favorite memories include everything about his football seasons!
When asked about his favorite teacher, Charlie responded, “Mrs. Mesler because she is the nicest person I have ever known!” 
After graduation, Charlie will be attending the University of Oregon.
Congratulations Charlie!

Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
June 7-13
 6/8 - Noah W. 9th
6/10 - Ethan J. 2nd
6/14 - Jersey M. 10th

6/14 - Max J. 3rd

6/14 - Brianna W. 3rd

6/15 - PIerre M. 2nd

6/17 - Ezra O. 5th

6/18 - CJ C. 12th

6/18 - Mason W. K

6/22 - Keegan R. 10th
6/22 - Sophia K. 7th

6/24 - Matthew K. 10th

6/19 - Everett O. 6th

6/30 - Faith M. 9th7/1 - Anna L. 7th
7/2 - Jalen M. 11th
7/2 - Joanna V. 11th
7/2 - Annika L. K
7/8 - Jackson D. 11th
7/8 - David S. 10th
7/9 - Patrick L. 1st
7/13 - Nathaniel B. 7th
7/15 - Benjamin M. 3rd
7/16 - Nathanael V 8th
7/18 0 Amelia L. 1st
7/19 - Philip L. 4th
7/20 - Conlan G. 12th
7/22 - David M. 8th
7/22 - Nala G K
7/23 - Kaitlyn S. 9th
7/25 - Noah S. 9th
7/29 - David S. 9th
7/30 - Cody L. 12th
7/30 - Malachi N. 11th
7/30 - Willow B. K
7/31 - Esmee 4th
8/1 - Journey E. 10th
8/1 - Tekeste S. 6th
8/1 - Silas B. 2nd
8/1 - Christian K. 1st
8/5 - Olivia O. 10th
8/7 - Tamara T. 2nd
8/9 - Anna P. 11th
8/9 - Patrick R. 2nd
8/10 - Meleah J. 10th
8/11 - Alexia O. 9th
8/12 - Bo F. 9th
8/14 - Jason Y. 8th
8/15 - Jack T. 8th
8/16 - Addy N. 9th
8/17 - Hannah B. 11th
8/17 - Josiah M. 10th
8/19 - Julia H. 11th
8/20 - Julie Y. 3rd
8/21 - Joshua K. 2nd
8/23 - Elliana B. 7th
8/24 - Matthew M. 5th
8/24 - Elizabeth P. 2nd
8/25 - Keira S. 4th
8/28 - Noah T. 11th
8/28 - Alexis G.
8/30 - Cierra M. 7th 

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