Ottawa City Soccer Club News | June 4, 2021

COVID - Updates

We are planning to start our youth competitive program the week of June 14th (Schedule to follow), and the Recreational & Adult programs will be delayed, but we will update you soon.   
We are still waiting on the Return to Play from Ontario Soccer for us to define our summer season programs.  We will provide this information to you as soon as we obtain more information from the Province, Ottawa Public Health, and Ontario Soccer. 
As always, OCSC will follow the most stringent safety protocols to reduce your risk of infection while participating in any OCSC Program.     

Please visit the COVID-19 Info Center page on our website if you have any questions.

Your health & safety will continue to be our #1 priority

Holistic Return to Sport

Hello Members,

The OCSC Coaches were fortunate enough to have conversations with Stephanie Potter of the Sport Law Group. We talked through a Holistic Return to Sport. Stephanie covered a wide variety of topics but mainly focused on how we can help ourselves and our athletes return to sport in a safe and comfortable way. We have all been through a heck of a lot of challenges so it was awesome just to have a platform to share what we have been going through personally, recognizing that we aren’t alone in these situations, and highlighting some of the things we would want to see to make us more prepared to return to sport

As the discussion developed we shifted the focus to what our members and players would want. We want to provide you the platform to let us know what we can do to help!
Please take a few minutes to share with us! 

#Let Us Play

OCSC along with Other Clubs in the province worked with Ontario Soccer and the media to try and get the kids back to the pitch! 
Thanks to the Marcantonio Sisters for being part of it! 

Ontario Soccer kicks off Pride Month with pledge of inclusivity

Ontario Soccer is embracing inclusivity as a priority core organizational value. 

As Ontario Soccer strives for a more inclusive game, the organization also recognizes that diversity is a great strength - one that we must uphold by keeping it at the centre of every decision we make.

For our friends in the LGBTQ+ Community, Ontario Soccer is pledging to move towards a more inclusive soccer experience.

Today, Ontario Soccer is making a pledge to our community, including our friends in the LGBTQ+ community, to embrace inclusivity and diversity, while championing for vital change.
Ontario Soccer commits to:
1. Make a conscious decision to pursue the process of change, to better reflect our organization’s core values;
2. Be more inclusive in our outreach and leadership;
3. Reflect our diverse community on the pitch, in the office and in the boardroom;
4.Review and update various Governance documents and procedures to be more inclusive and respectful.
Ottawa City Soccer Club is joining OS and embracing Accessibility and Inclusion as a priority to our organization's values. 
More information is available here;

INTRO to Sports Psychology 

Think Like a Pro Volume 2.

Following on from the massively successful Think Like a Pro Series ran by Coach Lucas Blain and Coach Craig Fannan we are delighted to announce the 2nd installment. Sports Psychology is becoming an increasingly important part of the game and one that is very much under-coached and underappreciated. In these difficult times, we feel it is vital to equip our players with the necessary tools to be able to overcome adversity, improve their resilience and increase their own understanding of mental health.

The sessions will be led by Louis Ross who is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training. The sessions will include: Overcoming Nerves, Managing Mistakes, Creating a Growth Mindset, Motivation, and Goal Setting. The sessions will include interactive workshops as well as a take-home booklet to complete weekly tasks.

We are hosting a FREE TASTER SESSION on June 9th. If you are already signed up for our Competitive Program you will see that session added to Teamsnap. For anyone not currently registered in our Competitive Program who may wish to join the program please just email Craig Fannan ( to get the link.
Virtual Session Dates: 06/09, 06/25. 07/30, 08/27, 09/24, 10/29, 11/26
Registration information will be available on the website early next week. 

🏃🏾‍♀️Road to Istanbul Challenge!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Road to Istanbul. We made it to Istanbul with plenty of time to spare. Even with the last-minute change of venue, we made it 94% of the way from Turkey to Portugal. Collectively we covered 12,667 Kilometres. This is an amazing effort and great to see so many parents taking part and setting a great example for our players. We truly hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Below are our winning players who can contact Craig Kelly to arrange their free camp week!
U13+Robin Bakshi (349.6km)
Julianna Riordan (246.2km)

Ethan Faller (305km)
Morgan Popowych (215.5km)

Misha Jones (62.8km)

Special mention to Simon Campbell Nowlan (321.3km) who finished just behind Rohin as the 2nd placed player who can also claim a free week of camp.

2021 Competitive Programming

Our goal is to run a program, that fits within the Provincial Government's, OPH, & OS Guidelines with training and games. Ideally, this will be a regular season and we would enter the league as normal but we are prepared to create our own in-house league or exhibition play with other teams depending on how the pandemic progresses. We will continue to provide club updates via Teamsnap. 
Registration is still open - please log into Power Up and Register (use link below to access registration portal) 
Uniform Policy - Kits for the 2021 season.  Please review! 

More information can be found here; 

2021 Recreational Programs

Our goal is to run a program, that fits within the Provincial Government's, OPH, & OS Guidelines with training and games. We have delayed the start date, waiting on more information.  We will keep you updated as we receive the necessary information to finalize our programs. 

Registration is still open - please log into Power Up and Register (use link below to access registration portal) 

Financial Payment Updates:
Program details are available here;

Summer Camps 

The Recreational Soccer Camp is open to any player aged U4-U14 wanting to play
soccer in a fun, relaxed, learning environment. The camp is designed for players to
enjoy the sport while socializing and having fun with their campmates.
The High-Performance Camp is a 5-day camp designed to provide an intensive program
for players aged U8-U17 who are looking to progress to the next level of competition.
The High-Performance Camp is designed around our quality curriculum that focuses on
the needs and demands of our dedicated players. Our professional coaches provide all-
encompassing training, including position-specific, strategic, physical training in an
encouraging learning environment. 
Registration is still open - please log into Power Up and Register (use link below to access registration portal) 

Financial Payment Updates:
More information can be found here;

Private/Small-Group Training

As we continue to evaluate what programs we offer to our members we are delighted to announce the start of our Small Group Training. Members can sign up as an individual or small group (up to 6 players) to work on tailored sessions designed to tackle a player’s weaknesses or improve upon their strengths. Players can request a member of our full-time staff to deliver these sessions although they are subject to our coach's availability and will be scheduled around current camp/training commitments.

Camp - Minimum 4, Maximum 6 Players - 5 Days in a row across any non-high Performance Camp Week ($125 per player)

Per Session
Individual - $60
2 Person - $45/Player
3 Person - $35/Player

4 Person + - $30/Player

Stay Tuned for more information regarding how to register and how set up your small group training session.
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