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Duke Student Affairs
Duke Graduate and Professional Student Council
Dear Duke Students, 
The GPSC Community Pantry has been working very hard to find ways to continue to serve the Duke community during this time. In addition to the Duke Student Assistance Fund that was announced earlier this week, we have created two new programs through the pantry 1) an e-Gift card program (starting April 17th) and 2) a grocery delivery program (starting April 20th). Detailed information about these programs can be found below. If you are interested in enrolling in either of these programs, please fill out this survey.
Additionally, here is an updated summary of some of the resources that are available to you at this time:

Current Available Food-Related Resources for Duke Students

The following is an outline of all currently available resources for Duke students to assist in meeting the food-related needs during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Duke Student Assistance Fund 
2. e-Gift cards 
3. Grocery bag delivery program 
4. Local food banks 
Important information on each resource and how the Community Pantry is planning to operate alongside them during this time
1. Duke University has developed a Duke Student Assistance Fund to assist Duke undergraduate, graduate and professional students with the unexpected expenses prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., airline tickets for relocation, temporary housing, food, and technology for online learning). The current estimated processing time for applications is two weeks. For more information or to apply: https://studentassistance.duke.edu
2. The GPSC Community Pantry is offering e-Gift Cards to address any immediate food needs in the short-term for any requiring immediate assistance with food. Students will be able to choose their preferred vendor from a pre-selected list of 3-4 mainstream stores. These e-Gift Cards will be a one-time only offer per student based on available funds. For students requiring further longer-term assistance, we highly encourage applying to the Duke Student Assistance Fund and utilizing an e-Gift card in the interim for immediate needs as your application is processed with the Duke Student Assistance Fund.
3. The GPSC Community Pantry is offering a grocery bag delivery program to Duke students in the local area (Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill). Volunteers will be pre-packing grocery bags based upon family size to be delivered to your front door. To maintain the safety and health of everyone involved in this effort and our reduced stock inventory during this stay-at-home order, we encourage those who are able to physically/emotionally access a grocery store or alternative food pantry with any of the above funds to please do so to reserve this grocery bag delivery program for students who do face access challenges leaving their home (i.e., immunocompromised, fear of discrimination, etc).
4. Local food banks are continuing to operate by various local, state, and national organizations. Links to compiled lists of these various resources can be found at the GPSC Community Pantry web page under "COVID-19 Info and Precautions".
We are here to help you during this time. For all up-to-date information on the GPSC Community Pantry, please visit http://dukegpsc.org/resources-for-students/community-pantry/ or email gpscpantry@gmail.com.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Stay safe and well,
Nicole Stantial and Kaitlyn Daly