...with your relationship with your money.
Let's start at the beginning. The definition of credit is the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. But if you do not know how much money you have or how you allot your money, you will probably have credit issues. Again...let's start at the beginning: your spending plan formerly known as a budget. A budget sounds like a diet; what you are supposed to do. Your spending plan is what you actually do. Do you know what you are actually doing with your money?
During Financial Literacy Month make it a point to consciously think about how you are spending your money...and write it down. If you find yourself unable to do this, you need my help. For only $75, I will develop a realistic spending plan you can follow. Click Here Why continue on the same path when you can create a new one that makes sense?
Cassandra B.
"It was easier than I thought and not as bad as I thought." 
The unknown can scare you more than the known. Be brave! :)

2nd Annual Alternative Financing Expo - April 6, 2016
"If you don't think money is the language of business, try running yours without any."  TCW 
Meet the panel as they educate and inform business owners of financing solutions like factoring, secured credit cards, partnerships, venture capital financing in addition to the traditional business financing sources.
We are almost sold out with 70+ business owners registered. Late registration begins on April 3rd.

Appetizer Buffet with Coffee, Water and Tea will be served.
RSVP today! Cost $25.
52 Week Challenge - Join Us!
I post every Friday on my Facebook fan page. If you stay committed, you will have over $1300 (or more!) saved by the end of the year.
This Friday is Week 14 and your balance should be $105. 
We are a sorority of Women in Business with the intention to work together to grow ourselves personally and in business to affect change in our communities.
"If it wasn't for Cohort 10 and accountability I would have hit some roadblocks and stopped. Sure I would have tried to get it done, but I would have been scattered and missed the important things. In my year of systems, I feel a sense of accomplishment." 
Cymande Lewis, Owner of Cynful Bliss, 2016 Graduate
Contact me today to assist you with any savings, budgeting and/or credit needs.
To learn more about TCW (Testimonials and first TV appearance) or Calling All Female Entrepreneurs (CAFE) click on the links below.

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