July 23rd, 2021
New West Short
Employee Retention
Every business in our valley has a "Help Wanted" sign out right now.  Couple that with record low housing availability, and you have a major problem.  Employers are having to close their doors not due to lack of business, but lack of employees.  On a broader sense, it's an employee's market.  So, how do business owners keep their key employees? One way is by using Life Insurance. 
$15,000 = Turnover costs for an employee
That’s a drop in the bucket to what it can cost a client’s business if certain business-critical executives are wooed away! 
In fact, Prudential has put together a complete Small Business eBook

Securian has materials to use as the financial professional, for the business-owner clients AND for the client's employees! 
Check out their microsite: BOLD (Business Owner Life-stage Design)    

Allianz Video to show Business Owners - Tips for retaining, attracting, and motivating key employees. 

Contact me for more information on employee retention programs. 
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
208-622-5211 x 2
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