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Dear Members:

Please find below a VERY IMPORTANT message from Dr. Cooper, General Secretary/CIO, AME Church:

Most Recent Incident for TODAY, July 27, 2022:
If you have received an email or text message from Supervisor Christy Davis Jackson, Supervisor of the 6th Episcopal District, AME Church, about donating funds to 50 random individuals...PLEASE BEWARE...IT IS A SCAM!!!  Please DELETE the message and DO NOT respond!
Please find below a screenshot of the scam message:
Please Note: 
If you or any one else you know, receives an email or text message from an AME Church Bishop or Official requesting any kind of immediate help,  assistance or favor please disregard and delete the message! 

Members, PLEASE share this message to prevent others from falling victim to these scammers because they are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to con people!

Rev. Dr. Jeffery B. Cooper
General Secretary/CIO
Senior General Officer
African Methodist Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 331028   -   1720 Scovel Street  -   Nashville, TN 37208  
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