finding solace
finding solace
finding solace
Recently my husband and I were fortunate enough to take some time out for a hike.  We were mesmerized by the vast beauty.  As we took in the view from what felt like the top of the world, we both expressed how lucky we are to live and raise our kids here.  
The remainder of the day followed that same line of thought. Being thankful for our families and their health.  Appreciating this time to slow things down, and be grateful for each other.  Understanding what is truly important and what is not.  How can we take what we've learned from this experience and change our future for the better?    
Adjust our focus towards family and true friends.  Spend more time doing what we enjoy, not what we or others feel like we should be doing. As people around the world realign what's important and plan for the future, you'll see a lot more talk about: 
  • Index and Whole Life insurance for supplemental income.
  • Protecting your retirement savings with long-term care insurance and annuities. 
  • Business continuation planning - key man and buy/sell insurance.  
For more information on any of these topics, please contact me. 
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
208.622.5211 x 2
At Allianz, we take pride in our general account portfolio that focuses on steady, reliable performance and is comprised of 99% investment grade bond investments and 0% Collateralized Loan Obligations.

American General
5 Reasons Your Clients Can Benefit from Our IUL
Max Accumulator+ was designed for your clients that are looking for permanent life insurance protection, plus the potential for long-term wealth accumulation that can be used for supplemental retirement income.
  1. Volatility Protection – Offers protection against market volatility, through global and domestic index interest crediting strategies. 
  2. Cash Value Access & Riders - Allows clients to take distributions as needed because life doesn’t always go as planned.
  3. Tax Diversification – Helps fuel supplemental retirement income that is generally tax-free.
  4. Cost Structure – It’s affordable and transparent cost structure is designed to help generate optimal, stable income in good years and bad years.
  5. Non-Medical Underwriting – It’s faster and easier to acquire for policies that qualify. 
Flexibility Without Trade-offs
With one of the most comprehensive LTC riders available in the market today, Equitable’s LTCSR offers the asset protection and added flexibility your clients want, without the typical trade-offs they don’t. See why our LTCSR is so unique
Columbus Life Insurance Company
Brush Up on Sales Concepts and Strategies
Check out Columbus Life’s Sales Concepts & Strategies playlist on the Life Insights YouTube channel to learn from some of the top financial pros on successful IUL selling, annuities in portfolio construction, selling to Millennials and more. Watch the videos
Help Business Owners Set Up a Strategic Contingency Plan
Value is the name of the game when developing a working relationship with business owners. Discover how you can help clients ensure the business continues after an owner departs. Learn More
Global Atlantic
On July 8, 2020, we announced that Global Atlantic entered a strategic partnership with KKR and would be acquired by KKR, kicking off an exciting new chapter of growth and opportunity. To learn more about the acquisition and access information that you can use with your clients please visit our KKR-Global Atlantic resource page at:
John Hancock
Taking Care of Business — Helping Business Owners Navigate Uncertainty
For small business owners, not only are they often the “key person” to their business, but they are also key to their family’s current and future financial security. For those business-owner clients who want to plan for business continuity as well as personal financial protection and supplemental retirement needs, a personal key-person solution might be a good option to consider.  Start planning today!
Legal & General
Refreshed Client Check Up – Fillable
Life is constantly changing and so are people’s protection needs. It’s never been more important to check in with current client or reach out to new prospects. Add your agency name and contact information and check in with customers today.
Lincoln Financial Group
Diversify Your Client’s Investment Portfolios
Talk to them about a policy that gives them protection and significant growth opportunity.  Visit the NEW AssetEdge VUL 2020 Landing Page
Mutual of Omaha
It's Clear How Our IULs Are Renewing
Renewal participation rates and caps can impact how your clients' policies perform in the future. Learn more about how we set our renewal rates and why a company's renewal rate setting process should be considered when choosing an IUL product.
National Life Group
Help Families Meet Their Major Life Event Needs with BasicSecure
Right now, many consumers are thinking about making their lives simpler and getting back to the basics. Help your clients protect their home, family and their income – all in one policy with BasicSecure Fixed Universal Life 
Important Improvement to the eDelivery Process
When eDelivery was launched, the email notifications were sent from a DocuSign email address. We heard your feedback – and realize this can be confusing to your client – so we are excited to launch this new enhancement to the process! 
Women and Retirement: Navigating the Path to Their Retirement
Each person’s journey toward retirement is unique to them. That’s why we created a guide specifically designed with questions that can help you help women start envisioning and planning for the type of retirement that’s right for their goals, priorities and lifestyle. 
North American
Clients Get More, Now Agents Do Too!
Learn how both clients and agents get more with Builder Plus IUL® 2 by downloading our latest flyer.  Agents can now earn 5% more compensation on all Builder Plus 2 sales. Then check out our Builder Plus 2 product materials and client-friendly tools to learn about North American’s flagship product!   

NEW: Interactive Tool for Educating Customers
New interactive site. This digital selling tool, makes it easier to attract and educate customers on how long-term care protection can help them reach their goals for retirement.
Temporary Adjustments to Life Insurance New Business
Higher than normal application activity has strained our ability to meet our high service standards.  In response, we’re making the following temporary business submission adjustments are effective immediately:

Drop ticket is required for all Principal Term applications with face amounts of $500,000, except for cases where the insured is a resident of New York.

Transition: We’ll accept any paper application or E-App received in the home office by 9/1/20;

Drop Ticket overview. Use the Principal Life Drop Ticket system, or your organization’s system.

Informal applications – the required minimum face increases from $1M to $3M and applies to all products and states. Plus, the maximum insured age for Principal Survivorship Universal Life Protector III is now 75. 

Prepare Your Business for Regulatory Changes
If you’re concerned about regulatory uncertainty, you’re not alone. Prepare your business by staying informed. Sign up for our webinar on Thursday, August 20 to learn about regulatory updates affecting our industry, including recent activity around AG-49 and indexed universal life illustrations.
Find what you need to help you do business quickly and easily in this changing environment.
Human API is the newest way for Prudential to obtain a client’s medical (APS) records. 
Securian Financial 
Advisor Use Approved – Clients Wondering How to Preserve Their Nest Egg?
We have a presentation which advisors can use with clients to walk them through some solutions:
Life Insurance for High Net Worth Foreign Nationals
Today’s high-net-worth clients may live or come from all over the world, but many share the same life insurance needs. Our expertise can help clients who have ties to the U.S. navigate the generational wealth transfer process with a program designed specifically for the high-net-worth foreign national (HNWFN) market.  Get the details
Zurich Survivor IUL Now Available
  • Competitive: Strong for both cash accumulation and death benefit sales
  • No multipliers: 15% guaranteed bonus on interest credited in prior year for years 6+ through age 90. 10% guaranteed bonus for ages 90+.
  • Extended Guarantees: Optional death benefit guarantee up to age 90.
  • Uncapped Accounts: Two uncapped index interest account options.
  • Convert two Terms: Opportunity to convert Zurich Term into Survivor IUL.
  • State Approvals: Available in all states except California and New York.

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