Discover your Spiritual Gifts and become a Kingdom Builder at St. Luke's!
Discover your Spiritual Gifts and become a Kingdom Builder at St. Luke's!
Dear St. Lukers,
I remember when the kids were little and we would be invited to volunteer to help with crafts or to create something with the preschool or elementary school class. I would dutifully answer yes, dreading the moment when I would have to get out glue guns or macaroni and begin to make the 100 days charts or the costume or hat for the parade. The same is true when I would take papers home to help the teacher input grades; I would say yes with all of the best intentions. I understood the work of a teacher and how much effort it takes beyond work hours and I wanted to be supportive. I never wanted to say no and be the parent who didn’t show up or didn’t help so my children wouldn’t feel slighted or left out. I’ll admit sometimes I would have loved to use the excuse that it was because I was busy or working…but that wasn’t exactly the reason. If I’m honest, the real reason is because it just was not my gift. Administrative tasks, crafty small things, even volunteering with a class of really little ones whom I adore – I am really just not gifted in those areas.
Now, when the kids got to middle school and high school and I could be in relationships with them, the parents, the coaches, when I could help do things and build relationships at the same time, or have hours of unstructured sharing time with the students – absolutely. I would volunteer for hours, and did, helping girls in colorguard or at football games. It was all about how I am wired and what spiritual gifts I had been given.
You know it’s true...
Looking Ahead at St. Luke's
Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment by clicking here then learn how to use your gifts on Sunday, September 29 at a Ministry Fair in Santos Welcome Hall between worship services. Need help connecting your passion with a place to serve? Email Caryn Royer.
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The Cost of Poverty Experience (C.O.P.E.) is a two-hour simulation and debriefing designed to help participants understand what it might be like to live as a typical low-income family in the U.S. This is an invaluable experience for people who, instead of merely talking about poverty as a problem, choose to be part of the solution to end poverty.
This training is appropriate for individuals middle school-age and older, and for everyone serving locally.
Upcoming Date: Sunday, September 29
Time:  5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Location:  Building C Attic
Partners4Peace invites you to “Lessons for the Middle East from the Irish Peace Process,” an evening with The Rev. Dr. Gary Mason on Thursday, October 3. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Building C Attic, where Dr. Mason (a St. Luke’s friend and peace partner for over 25 years) will highlight his work in Israel and Palestine toward peace with justice and dignity. If you have any questions please email Dr. William S. Barnes.
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