Plus building motor skills for toddlers and babies
Plus building motor skills for toddlers and babies

Every Child a Reader — May 2022

Child climbing in a playground, link to video on movement in preschool
Early childhood educators can help young children grow and learn, with active motor play. This video shows ways to integrate physical activity into the daily activities of a preschool classroom–to learn new concepts, develop gross motor skills, and increase focus.
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Child on playground equipment, link to article on motor skills in kids
Toddlers will need a lot of practice in order to develop their gross motor skills, which use the larger muscles. Please provide opportunities for children to run, climb, dance and jump. These activities will strengthen their growing bodies and help them become stronger every day.
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Baby crawling on bed, link to article on motor skills for babies
Although all children will develop skills at their own pace, there are milestones they should reach. Starting with little movements of their arms, legs, and while stretching, babies begin to reach, kick, throw and bang their toys in no time. This article provides activities to support babies’ motor skills growth.
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Non-Competitive Games
All the activity without the competition

Physical Movement Indoors
Keep active even when it’s raining

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