Parents and Students, 
A number of news conferences and public statements were scheduled for late in the day on Thursday regarding the Coronavirus (Covid 19). OA will be releasing a statement later today concerning our response. At the time this email is written, 12 cases of the virus have been confirmed in Indiana, none of which are in the counties where our students live. We continue to receive and monitor communication from the Indiana State Department of Health and Archdiocese of Indianapolis as well as our local health department. Currently there is no scheduled closure.
Our maintenance staff continues to clean and sanitize the building daily.
More information about the Coronavirus can be found on the CDC website or from the Indiana Department of Health.
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Sincerely, Brian A. McFee
Good afternoon Twister fans -
I just want to keep everyone updated on this weekend’s boys basketball regional action. Today, March 12th, at noon the IHSAA commissioner, Bobby Cox, held a press conference to inform everyone of their decision about the coronavirus pandemic.
Per the IHSAA, we are only allowed 75 people, per school, to be admitted into the contests. This includes - essential personnel, coaches, administrative staff and immediate family of players. If you have pre-purchased tickets, you may return them to Patrick Kolks’ office. You MUST present the ticket(s) to receive your refund. We regret that non-varsity boys basketball participants, cheerleaders, dance teams, school mascots and pep bands may not attend the games. This measure is to protect the health and safety of the student athletes, their families and the public at large. The situation is being closely monitored by both the IHSAA and Oldenburg Academy.
As new information is provided to us we will pass that along to you immediately.

Thank you, 
Patrick Kolks, '10 
Athletic Director
Margaret Mary Health will once again be on OA campus May 14th during REACH giving vaccines required by the state of Indiana.  Two doses of Hepatitis A will be required for all students in the 20/21 school year. Many colleges require meningitis B vaccine which is a series of 2 doses separated by 6 months.  This is a good opportunity for Juniors and Seniors to get these taken care of now. Any vaccine listed on the form can be given.  MMH will look up the student’s immunization record in CHIRP (the Indiana state vaccine registry) and give all vaccines required by the state which the student is due for.
If your student needs any of these vaccines, please fill out the forms in this link and return them to the office with a copy of their insurance cards. Forms can also be picked up in the front office.

OA Lenten Goals: We will have specific Lenten "school goals" to encourage prayer, fasting, and almsgiving for our students and staff. Often we focus only on what to give up for Lent, which is a great practice to teach, and we also want to give attention to spiritual goals and small acts of kindness. A few OA goals are below:
  • fasting: fasting from headphones at school, unless a teacher gives permission in a class
  • prayer: lifting up 1 specific intention each morning and offering an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be; also, we will pray a prayer for vocations each morning as a school
  • almsgiving: choosing a specific kind deed/action for the day (examples saying, “Thank You” throughout the day to those whom you take for granted; be specific; smile and greet people as you walk from class to class; choose to forgive someone today
Lenten Confessions: April 2-Students will have the opportunity to go to confession during Theology classes during Lent. 2 priests will be available throughout the day. Priests who will be helping are Fr. Geis, Fr. Pondo, Fr. Lampert, Fr. Meyer (St. Mary's), and Fr. Meyer (All Saints).
Tax Deduction Available
Parents who live in the state of Indiana and file an Indiana Income Tax Return for 2019 may be eligible for a deduction of up to $1,000 per dependent child who is enrolled in a private school (including Oldenburg Academy).  CLICK HERE see the attached information.  The deduction is taken on Line 8 of Schedule 2 of Form IT-40.  Consult your tax advisor for details.  You can contact Geraldine Kuntz in the Finance Office with questions at 812-933-0860 or
529 Plan Account Distributions Now Allowed for Elementary and Secondary School Tuition
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has made some changes to qualified tuition programs ("QTPs," also commonly known as "529 plans"). These changes took effect for 529 plan distributions after 2017.  A 529 plan distribution is tax-free if it is used to pay "qualified higher education expenses" of the beneficiary (student). Before the TCJA made these changes, tuition for elementary or secondary schools wasn't a "qualified higher education expense."  The TCJA provides that qualified higher education expenses now include expenses for tuition in connection with enrollment or attendance at an elementary or secondary public, private, or religious school.
529 plans are now allowed to distribute not more than $10,000 in expenses per designated beneficiary for tuition incurred during the taxable year. This limitation applies on a per-student basis, rather than a per-account basis. Thus, under the provision, although an individual may be the designated beneficiary of multiple accounts, that individual student may receive a maximum of $10,000 in distributions each year free of tax.
Please consult your financial or tax advisor for details and information about how this may be beneficial to you.
The Guatemalan Summer Program 

Students interested in travel to Guatemala who were not able to pick up a brochure or attend the recent meeting can get information from Ms. Kellenberger, Ms. Laake or the main office.  Students who are interested in travel this summer are asked to let Ms. Laake know by March 30.
SENIOR BABY PICS for 2019-2020
Oldenburg Academy has a tradition of including baby pictures of the graduating seniors in the yearbook.  This is a fun way for seniors to see how far they have come and how much they have grown.
Baby pictures can be as young as a baby or as old as first grade, it is your choice. Please choose a photo that is of decent print quality and clearly shows the senior’s face.  Bathtub photos will NOT be accepted. WE CAN ACCEPT ORIGINAL PRINTS OF BABY PICTURES. OR YOU CAN SUBMIT THEM ELECTRONICALLY. This can come from a digital camera or a traditional print that you scan into a digital file. 
File Type: These must be in JPEG format and at least 300 dpi 
Specs: We prefer a single individual in the photo, aged from baby to toddler. It may be in full or partial Color or in Black and White.
Method for Submission: Submit your baby picture via e-mail attachment using the link below. Also, be sure to use the subject line to identify this e-mail as a Senior Baby Picture and give your full name.  Email your picture to Please be sure to include your name along with your picture.
Due March 9, 2020
2020 Congressional Art Competition: Sixth Congressional District 
Each spring, a nation-wide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Artistic Discovery Contest is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent in the nation, as well as in our Congressional District. The deadline to submit artwork is April 15th, 2020.
The Artistic Discovery Contest is open to all high school students in our District. The winning artwork of our district's competition will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol. The exhibit in Washington will include the winning artwork from all participating districts from around the country. The winning artwork is also featured on's Congressional Art Competition page, and the winner will receive two round-trip tickets to Washington D.C. to attend a reception and meet Congressman Pence
The following is a summary of the Congressional Art Competition rules:
Artwork entered in the contest may be up to 26 inches by 26 inches, may be up to 4 inches in depth, and not weigh more than 15 pounds. If your artwork is selected as the winning piece, it must arrive framed and must still measure no larger than the above maximum dimensions.
  • Paintings - including oil, acrylics, and watercolor
  • Drawings - including pastels, colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, ink, and markers (It is recommended that charcoal and pastel drawings be fixed.)
  • Collages - must be two dimensional
  • Prints - including lithographs, silkscreen, and block prints
  • Mixed Media - use of more than two mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolor, etc.
  • Computer-generated art
  • Photography
All entries must be original in concept, design and execution and may not violate any U.S. copyright laws. Any entry that has been copied from an existing photo or image (including  painting, graphic, or advertisement) that was created by someone other than the student is a violation of the competition rules and will not be accepted. Work entered must be in the original medium (that is, not a scanned reproduction of a painting or drawing)
To arrange artwork submission contact Mrs. Theresa Murphy, Oldenburg Academy's Art Department.
Athletic events:

Campus Ministry

Junior Retreat: March 12-13: Overnight retreat at Camp Higher Ground beginning March 12 @8:00 until March 13 @ 3:00. All are expected to attend. Permission slips attached (and they were sent home with students) Please email Mrs. Gregg if you are available: 

Lenten Confessions: April 2-Students will have the opportunity to go to confession during Theology classes during Lent. 2 priests will be available throughout the day. Priests who will be helping are Fr. Geis, Fr. Pondo, Fr. Lampert, Fr. Meyer (St. Mary's), and Fr. Meyer (All Saints).

Marian University Summer Missionary Disciples Institute June 22-27 for current freshmen-juniors: See Mrs. Gregg for details. A few students have been "nominated" and may receive an email. "Scholarships" to help defray the cost ARE available. Info to apply at
Sophomore Retreat: April 22 from 8:00-3:00-The day will begin with Mass for the sophomores followed by participation in various locations of service. We will need a few parents to help drive small groups of students and help chaperone. Please let Mrs. Gregg know if you are available on April 22. Email:

Steubenville High School Summer Youth Conference:All interested in joining other high school students from the area may register for the summer conference which is a Franciscan University June 12-14 through this link:  

Friday devotions: Divine Mercy Chaplet: 3:05; Stations of the Cross led by the Sisters in the Oratory each Friday at 4:00

March 18: All School Mass at Holy Family Church at 9:30 on March 18.
Lucky Buck 
Lucky Buck Winners  
March 6, 2020, $100 Paul Weber, 32 Village Rd, Batesville, IN 47006

Lucky Buck Free Lunch Winners
March 6, 2020, Gary Moorman
Starting Monday the Twister Cafe will be selling breakfast items. Starting at 7:15
Twice blessed Wishes the boys basketball team good luck at the Regionals this weekend and we are proud of you

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