Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts
Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts
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November 2019 Newsletter

Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts

Grateful for...YOU!

by Audrey, Asst Executive Director
During this month as we approach Thanksgiving soon, we want to THANK YOU for your year-round outpouring of support and graciousness. We are grateful to be able to make an impact on behalf of trauma survivors--and we couldn't do so without your support. For your ongoing interest and continual prayers, we pass along our most sincere gratitude this Thanksgiving. 

This year, as you move through the holidays, consider reaching out to someone who many need extra support. Maybe someone you know has had a death in the family or suffered another big loss in their lives. Maybe someone you know has been laid off or experiencing a change in their marriage. Look for ways you can reach out and simply let someone know you care.
For survivors managing PTSD or DID, here are 15 helpful tips on surviving the holidays.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Why this Season is Especially Tough for Trauma Survivors and What You Can Do About It

by Ashly Ash, Board Member

Changes in seasons, particularly winter months, can be a catalyst for trauma symptoms to resurface or even for survivors to feel like they are regressing suddenly. The appearance of regression will often bring a survivor down and discourage them to stop their journey or counseling altogether due to depression or simply giving up for a time.

This is all very normal when seasons change. Whenever there is trauma, there is a season of weather as well. Sometimes it was fall, sometimes winter, etc. But when a survivor sees the seasonal reminders around the time when the trauma occurred, it often triggers memories and symptoms both in the body and the mind in unique ways. It doesn’t help that sunlight in the winter months is deficient, there is no real activity for much of the cold-ridden country, and there is not much to look forward to during those quiet months. 

Furthering this perfect storm brewing under the surface is the fact that the holidays are near and those are triggering and trauma-inducing times for many survivors as well.  When there are triggers, those parts that are usually in the background sometimes come forward, which makes everything feel “different” or “off” to a survivor.

All of this is quite normal, often unbeknownst to the survivor who begins a very real struggle to function on a daily basis. In spite of what you may feel,  recognizing this loss of functioning as an ideal opportunity to process and look at some of the layers beneath the surface. It is a great time to listen to the little ones (parts) and allow them an opportunity to share their story. 

Most of the time being aware of the seasonal pattern during the winter months and the often-accompanying trauma symptoms helps a survivor to wisely identify and recognize the language of the heart. This acknowledgement both encourages and empowers the internal system to hold on, stabilize and move forward healing.

Go deeper for tips on why it is important to stay tuned to the behaviors and self-care opportunities during this time of “holding on."
Find more resources for helping a loved one.

Daniel's Story

Looking back on my journey I now non-functional I was, how the past trauma took all my resources. I would describe my faith in God as wavering but I would you tell anyone considering Discovering MErcy that it is so worth it... try to find the resources. I know that's hard, but don't give up.

One thing that I learned from Discovering MErcy that stood out to me is to look for the underlying reasons for what I'm feeling, how did I react to the event...what was my internal response to this event and why? Do I feel present? Am I in "protection mode?" Am I able to emotionally regulate? And to not assign blame or shame right away, but to look at why things are there.

Read the rest of Daniel's Story on our testimony portion of our Web site. Be part of the team that helps support trauma survivors! 

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New YouTube Video Release:
"No Longer Held Captive by Shame" 

by Fern, Executive Director
Audrey and I have watched the emotion of shame be a captor to survivors. Shame and it's felt captivity is common to all mankind. To be human is to feel shame.
During the past seven years, we have counseled hundreds of survivors held captive by shame. We have found the tools explained in this video are keys to shatter shame's overwhelming captivity.  Folks who understand these tools are able to walk out of captivity into freedom.
NOTE: This talk was recorded during a Sunday Morning church service. In the talk I use the term  "inner critic.” Discovering Mercy believes this inner voice is a strong protector of the heart.  It is not to be viewed pejoratively  but rather as language to help understand the heart’s desire for connection to another.  

Enjoy the talk! Check it out today on the Discovering MErcy YouTube Channel!

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Giving Tuesday Coming Up Dec 3

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday...
is Giving Tuesday!
Every online donation given to Discovering MErcy's Facebook page in support of #GivingTuesday will help us provide survivor care in 2020! 
For every testimony like Daniel's, there are more than 60 on our waiting list hoping to find gracious and kind donors like you who can match their funds to ensure biblical Christian counseling is given during some of their worst hours. 
Look for our upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook, which you can sponsor as your own Facebook fundraiser on our behalf, on Tuesday, December 3rd. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Kara Fort.

Prayer Requests

  • We would love prayer for all of our clients, whether they are actively in counseling with us or not. Trauma survivors move through life differently and need extra support. Additionally, survivors typically need more support around the holidays, it is one of the worst times of years for them. May God grant our survivors solid support from family and friends during this special season.

  • We have 8 different clients traveling from various parts of United States and 1 internationally for counseling during November and December. We pray for safe travels and effective use of time and healing while at the Discovering MErcy home.

  • Pray for strength and endurance as Fern & Audrey head into November with back to back intensives with clients, requiring a high level of endurance, grounding and self care. November will be back to back intensives without much break. 

  • Pray specifically for financing to fuel the Fearless Love Scholarship Program, where survivors who are not financially stable can receive matching funds enabling them to schedule ministry time in 2020.

  • Pray for discernment and participation of business executives/Friends of Discovering MErcy for annual, biannual or monthly financial sponsorships of Web site, newsletter, social media and curriculum for 2020.

  • We want to align ourselves with the right board members God would have to join our team, particularly in the areas of finance and operations. We could also use experienced fundraising, marketing or social media volunteers.

Thank you for your heartfelt support!

In His Service,
Fern & Audrey

P.S. For questions about Discovering MErcy, send us a note!
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