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The message is being sent to all Duke undergraduate students.

Thursday, January 20, 2022
Dear students,
We are writing to share a couple of COVID-related updates and reminders as we continue through this week.

KN95 Masks

KN95 masks have been made available to all Duke undergraduate students. We encourage all students to wear your KN95 mask in classroom settings. See more information on proper use of your KN95 mask below the signature.  
  • Undergraduates living on campus: Your KN95 masks were distributed this past weekend thanks to our wonderful HRL staff. Your KN95 was delivered in a sealed zipper storage bag through your residence hall. Check with your RC or RA if you have questions.
  • Undergraduates living off campus: You can pick up your KN95 mask from the Washington Duke or Bryan Center Landing testing locations by asking the test site staff. One mask will be available for each undergraduate off-campus resident student at these two sites until next Friday, 1/28, or until supplies run out. Please be sure to pick up yours the next time you test! 

All testing sites Friday, 1/21

Due to expected inclement weather, all testing sites will be CLOSED on Friday, Jan. 21. As always, you can find up-to-date information on surveillance testing site locations and hours on the Duke United site

Thanks and stay safe! 

Duke Student Affairs 

Use of KN95 Masks 

KN95 masks can be an effective method of protection against COVID-19 hazards when properly selected and worn. KN95 mask can provide an additional level of protection for individuals due to the more highly transmissible omicron variant. However, if a KN95 is used improperly or not kept clean, the mask itself can become a hazard to the individual. 

If you use your own KN95 mask, you need to take certain precautions to be sure that the mask itself does not present a hazard. You should do the following: 
  • Read and follow all instructions provided below on use, maintenance, care, and warnings regarding the mask’s limitations. 
  • Keep track of your KN95 mask so that you do not mistakenly use someone else's mask.
  • Do not wear your KN95 where other environmental hazards (e.g., chemical exposures) require use of a respirator. In such cases, your employer must provide you with a respirator that is used in accordance with OSHA's respiratory protection standard (29 CFR 1910.134). For more information about using a respirator, see OSHA's respiratory protection safety and health topics page (https://www.osha.gov/respiratory-protection). 

How should I don/doff my KN95 mask and what precautions should I take? 

  • Clean hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after touching or adjusting the mask (if necessary for comfort or to maintain fit). 
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask while unfolding.
  • Place the mask over your face with the nose clip on your nose and the bottom of the mask under your chin.
  • Place the straps over your ears (or behind your head, if applicable).
  • Using both hands, form the metal nose clip to the shape of your nose and create a tight fit. 
  • Inhale/exhale deeply and adjust the nose clip and straps to minimize leaking air. 
  • Place a used mask in a designated storage area or keep it in a clean, breathable container such as a paper bag between uses. 

Can you use a KN95 multiple times? 

  • Yes, but there is no way of determining the maximum possible number of safe reuses for an KN95 mask that can be applied in all cases.
  • KN95 mask must only be used by a single wearer. 
  • Ensure you clean/sanitize your hands before and after re-donning an KN95. 

When should I discard my KN95 mask? 

  • Discard KN95 mask for any of the following reasons: it is contaminated with bodily fluids; it is obviously damaged; it is hard to breathe through; or you can no longer achieve a good, tight fit.