Watch Catching up with Cara as she introduces exciting opportunities with our key industry partners The North Face and Smartwool that further celebrates January: National Mentoring Month!
The relationships between mentor and mentee empower our kids to discover their full potential. As an alumni, you know better than anyone that mentors lead by example and inspire their mentees to explore what’s possible. In turn, kids discover their true self-worth. 

They each have something special to bring to the table, and something unique that they need assistance with. There is no better teacher than a mountain. We are just the middle ground.-Will, Summit County, CO Mentor

After a long offseason, we are so excited to be back in the full swing of winter! Many of you will remember the excitement of going in to exchange gear and preparing for the first day on the mountain. This month, we celebrate programs in action across our locations. Now more than ever, our mission is essential in helping our kids overcome any obstacles that arise. While many organizations have been forced to stop, we're continuing to safely get kids outside, connecting youth with positive peer and adult mentors, and building critical life skills all while providing a supportive community and positive outlet during this challenging time. 
Last weekend, we heard resounding gratitude and excitement from both parents and youth who are so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in our programs in-person. Across locations, our youth are experiencing a variety of learning situations, including some regions where school has been entirely virtual. The lack of social interaction is difficult for so many of our youth, so seeing the sheer joy of kids interacting with each other and their mentors in-person has been a highlight and has reinforced the importance of what we do.
In partnership with The North Face, we are thrilled to announce a brand new mentorship opportunity for YOU, our alumni. Through this once in a lifetime opportunity, you'll be paired with a North Face professional athlete to not only share outdoor experiences but also create connections that will last long after the program ends. This 10-month mentor program will give you an opportunity to create relationships, discover passions, and make connections in the outdoor industry. Get in touch to learn more about the program and how you can sign up!
Ever wondered what goes into designing a sock at Smartwool before? Well here is your chance to learn more about the process and get your creativity flowing. Smartwool, a world-renowned outdoor brand is giving SOS alumni a shot to collaborate with their professionals to design a sock and take it to production. You'll have the opportunity to submit your creative design and get the chance to go behind the scenes in design, production, and marketing as the winning sock design hits stores across the country. Sign up today to learn more!
In our latest episode of "Continuing the Circle", Cara talks with SOS Board member, Meg Pitman as she describes the positive mentors who have been there to support her through her educational and professional career.

Check out our Alumni webpage for more interviews with leaders within our circle, current job opportunities in the industry, and spotlights of other alumni in the network.
Name: Izzy R.
School: Columbia University 
Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Aspiration: My aspiration is to one day incorporate my engineering degree with working in a non-profit. I want to help others in whatever career I end up in!

Our January Alumni spotlight is on Izzy, who went through the program in Eagle County as a participant and then a junior mentor. Read the full spotlight as Izzy talks about the positive mentors in SOS that have encouraged her through the years and how the program has helped her "to persevere through challenges".
In collaboration with our long-standing partnership with evo, two SOS alumni, Alberto and Alonzo, finished a pilot internship program at the purpose-led outdoor retailer's Denver store. The internship experience demonstrates both the strength of our relationship with our partners and the core values of SOS Outreach and the goals of the Alumni Network.
Alberto and Alonzo were introduced to Snowboarding through their years with SOS, this evo internship is another step to learn more about opportunities in the Outdoor Industry. 
Stay tuned for more about their experience and how the opportunity has led to full-time employment for both this season!
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