December Newsletter
December Newsletter
as is tradition 
The Turkey Trot with my bestie from first grade has become tradition at our household.  That's Jaime and my husband on the final stretch (they took a quick pit stop) and us at finish line. Every year we see many of the same people, kids getting older. There's even one participant that has never missed one - her first being in the jogger stroller as a baby.  Filling you with a great sense of community, events like this can also be a good place to network. You never know where you'll find your next client.  Read more below from Pac Life on building strategic alliances.
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under new west shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
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Life insurance can help family-business owners reduce conflict during an ownership change
In the transition of a family-owned business from one generation to the next, preserving family harmony can be as important as financial considerations. Our Advanced Markets team can provide you with the knowledge and resources to help these clients through an ownership change using potential life insurance solutions. Get started with this short video
American General
Retirement Solutions
See how clients can build an income bridge to help maximize Social Security benefits with the Assured Edge Income Achiever.
Offer clients a powerful income advantage for the “Go-Go” years.
The Max Income Option of Lifetime Income Choice provides high initial income of 6.25% for 65-year-old clients at a time during retirement when spending is likely to be the greatest. 
Columbus Life
Insights from Some of the Best Financial Professionals in our Industry
Check out Life Insights, our YouTube video series that shares sales, prospecting, and business-building advice from some of the best financial professionals in our industry. 
John Hancock
New Living Benefits Seller's Guide
Usually, discussions about life insurance center around financial protection in case of an untimely death. However, consider how other risks – such as a critical illness or a long-term care event – could impact your clients’ income and plans. Use our living benefits seller's guide to help start this important conversation today. 
Legal & General
We’ve made more reductions to OpTerm rates!
On November 24, 2021, we made more reductions, especially in the non-tobacco classes, to our Banner Life OpTerm rates. Our pricing comes in at #1 – 71% of the time and ranks top 3 – 91% of the time against term competitors in the national market. Find out how
Lincoln Financial Group
Latest estate and tax changes
Lincoln will help you stay informed of the tax updates. Watch this video to learn more about the potential changes to grantor trust rules.
National Life Group
Experience the All-New Agent Portal
  • Upgraded search: Quickly find whatever you need to do business.
  • Mobile-friendly: The Portal is available on any device, including Mobile and Tablets
  • New client view: Easy access to your full book of business, including Life and Annuity clients in the same place.
    All new home page: Open the Portal to your action items. 
Legacy Essentials
As your clients age, the role you play shifts from investment guidance to retirement income planning to end-of-life planning. This last phase can be emotionally sensitive but is perhaps the most important service you can provide for a client and their family members.  The Nationwide Retirement Institute® has created a wide variety of materials to support you as you work with clients on estate planning. 
North American
Smart Money Sales Concept
Smart money is money your clients want to access and control during times of need. While there are several places to store smart money, one option to consider is indexed universal life insurance. Join North American on December 16 to learn how to help your clients make their smart money even smarter!
Drills or Holes? What do your clients want?
Tune into this short video from RSD Michelle Prather as she explains an easy way to start the LTC conversation with your clients.
Pacific Life
Where Will You Find Your Next Client?
Build your professional network to help build your life insurance business. A large majority of new clients of life insurance producers are found via referrals from strategic alliances such as CPAs, estate planning attorneys, property and casualty agents, etc. Check out Building and Nurturing Strategic Alliances with Professional Advisors to get started.
Enhance Your Social Selling Efforts
For financial professionals, growing a business has always been about networking and meeting new people. Is it any surprise that social media has become a mainstream way to stay top of mind and deepen the relationships you have with your clients? Discover 4 key aspects to an effective social selling strategy in this guide.
Looking For A Blended Solution?
Protective is here to help you offer blended, tailored solutions for clients. Think of blending two products together when looking to offer coverage to clients who may be in a unique position. Download our brochure to show how a term and VUL solution can work for your clients!
Life Insurance Can Help Clients Cover the Gap
Talk to clients about the many living benefits of life insurance that they may not consider. In addition to health care expenses, they can use it to help supplement retirement income, delay collecting Social Security, help pay for college, help protect and enhance a legacy, and more.  Learn More
Wait-and-See Trust Strategy For Estate Planning
A Wait-and-See Estate Planning strategy uses a combination of life insurance and trusts in a way that offers clients flexibility to support changing circumstances throughout their lives. It’s a strategy for married couples who want to maintain control of, and access to, life insurance policies that eventually fund their legacy and provide liquidity for estate taxes. Check out the new brochure!
Symetra Accumulator VUL
Symetra’s new variable universal life (VUL) product continues our tradition of simplicity, transparency, and cost efficiency. The Accumulator VUL product is a straightforward, client-friendly VUL offering death benefit protection and the potential to help build wealth for future goals. See our brochure here  
Update to Retention Limits
As COVID cases continue, please note the following updates to our retention limits effective today. Download the announcement and transition guidelines
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