Stack Facts #2046
Surplus 53’ XPO Boxes for Movement Out of Syracuse

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that we have a surplus of 53’ XPO units currently available in Syracuse for movement over CSX.  Below is a list of carriers that have moved these units for us.  If interested, please reach out to these carriers for a street turn to use for your load.  Please ensure that if you do street turn a 53’ XPOU in Syracuse, that you are reaching out to customer service at CHICS@xpo.com to interchange the unit over to you, so that per diem is calculated properly for your load.

The FAK matrix is available online to view for pricing of loads moving from Syracuse to your desired location. 

If you do not use or want to work with the carriers listed below, please reach out to customer service at CHICS@xpo.com so that we can provide further pickup location information for your trucker.

- Eagle Systems
- Evans Delivery
- Horizon Freight
- Roadone
- Tas transport

We appreciate your business, and look forward to moving your freight!

Thank you!

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