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Official 2022 Westport, WA selling dates are as follows:

  • Saturday, September 3rd, SOLD OUT
  • Saturday, September 10th, SOLD OUT
  • Saturday, September 17th, Only 200lbs left!
  • Saturday, September 24th, Fish Available!
  • Additional dates may be added. Please sign-up to “Get Notified”

Official pricing guaranteed through September 24th, 2022:

  • $4.50lb in the round (whole fish, you fillet)
  • $9.00lb for fillets (fillets weighed, no fillet fee, one fish minimum)
  • Premium Coleman Fish canned Albacore $140/case of 24, 6oz cans, lightly salted 

If you have an order of 25 or more whole tuna we can typically accommodate that prior to our scheduled selling dates as a custom order. Filleting not offered for this option.  Please inquire HERE for a custom order of 25 of more whole fish.

We are located on Float 14 in the Westport Marina. Please come down the gangway to the water, our Floating Tuna Stand will be tied up on the first dock. Don't forget to bring down you cooler/s if you're are picking up more than four tuna!

Please RSVP your fish by following this link...

Our premium canned Albacore is back in stock!

Order online or pick some up in Westport on any of our selling dates.
Wild • Sustainable • Zero Bi-Catch • Dolphin Safe

Welcome to Coleman Fish LLC, we are excited to provide you and your family with fine quality Albacore Tuna.  We are based out of Westport, Washington, and our catch comes from the offshore waters of the Oregon and Washington Coast.  Our boat, the Julia C, travels longs distances from our home port in pursuit of one of the most sought after, seasonal delicacies of the Pacific Ocean, the Albacore Tuna.

The Julia C goes fishing for Albacore Tuna from June through October.  The seasonality of this fishery, and the unlimited demand for a quality product keeps us busy providing a healthy flow of fresh caught Albacore Tuna.  Our goal is to ensure that your catch is the finest quality possible.
- Julia C Crew
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