PSA: What's New in August
PSA: What's New in August
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              August Newsletter 2021
George Paul Miller
"2020"   20" x 20"  Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas

I started painting this in December 2019 and finished in January 2020. 
At the time I didn’t think it would be foretelling the year to come.  I was just painting what I felt like painting at the time and doing my best to master the painting techniques that I was using in this work.
The technique I usually use, and that I used in this piece, is to draw a detailed rendering in charcoal or graphite on the canvas and when I am satisfied that I have the drawing the way I want it, I seal it with workable fixative and then paint over that. 
I am self taught and I create because I have a great love for the masterworks of artists such as Michelangelo, Dali, Degas, Rembrandt, and so on.  And a passion for achieving some ability to create as they did.  I am far from able to work the alchemy that any of them achieved, but I am still learning.   
George Paul Miller

Hi, Fellow Artists!
I hope to see you at our next member meeting on September 11th.  Here are the upcoming events:
July 27-31:  Virtual take-in for "Exploring the Three Dimensions of Art."
Sunday, August 22:  Summer party IN PERSON at the home of Rhonda Raulston, co-host Kathleen Swaydan.  Check your email box for details in early August.
August 28:  In-person take-in for the 96th Annual Exhibition.
September 1:  "Exploring the Three Dimensions of Art" opens online.
Saturday, September 11:  MEMBER MEETING in person.  Location TBD.

Shaney Watters
PSA President 

One of our members had her email hacked and scam emails were sent from her account asking for "a personal favor."  Note that the scammer says they "can't talk, so just reply" (via email).
This is one version of the popular scam email.  It might start with an opening email: 
Hi there,
I hope your day is going great? Actually, I need a favor from you. I'd appreciate if you could email me back when you get this.    P.S: I'm not available now and can't talk, so just reply.  Have a great day!
And when you reply, they get to the scam: 

Thank you for responding to my email and I am so happy to hear back from you, I need to get an eBay gift card for my niece, whose birthday is today but I can't do this now, I tried doing it myself, but they are having issues charging my card. I contacted my bank and they told me it would take a couple of days to get it sorted. can you get it for me at any store or pharmacy around you or help me purchase it online please?  I would have preferred to call you but can't receive or call now with my line, let me know if you can purchase them now. Would be glad to receive your response through email because I'm presently in a meeting, that may last a little longer. Thanks. I'll pay back as soon as i get back. Kindly let me know if you can handle this.
NOTE:   PSA creates a link to your email and does not list your actual address on your PSA artist profile.  

Volunteer Appreciation
Debbi Swanson Patrick
 Submitted by Victor Picou.
PSA Director of Communications:
Debbi Swanson Patrick

In her volunteer position, Debbi brings her experience in PR/marketing and journalism to oversee a big team that encompasses public relations, graphics, the website, social media, and advertising. She says she’s lucky the team is great at what they do so she is able to facilitate and support!
Her team is responsible for show publicity, including social media and advertising. She oversees the catalogs produced by VP of exhibitions Larry Rogers, and hopes all the PSA members understand what a heroic task it is to produce the six-a-year PSA is now doing. 
With Vic Picou, she’s been attending meetings of a new Pasadena arts leadership group to raise awareness of the issues facing arts groups and finding solutions. And she’s delighted that a new PSA logo will be developed for the PSA centennial in 2025.  
“It’s been a joy to jump into PSA and lift its visibility,” she says. If you have skills in PR, writing, editing, graphics, or social media you’d like to offer to the team, or want to learn some new skills, please talk to Debbi. And please, as members, share our social media posts everywhere you can to raise awareness of PSA and your work! 
When not working on PSA, she produces Altadena Neighbors with her photography business partner, creates the newsletter for the Pasadena Elks Lodge, and makes art:
Arboretum:  "The Nature of Sculpture 2021"
Currently at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia, five members of PSA are exhibiting their sculptural art in “The Nature of Sculpture 2021.”  The members are Robin M. Cohen, Karen Hochman Brown, James B. Marshall, Chris Moore and Victor Picou.
Two former PSA members are also exhibiting.  They are Walter Askin and Robert Moore.
The sculptures are located throughout the arboretum grounds.  The exhibition closes September 21.
Visit where you can view the online catalog, site map, and additional information about visiting the Arboretum.
Saturday, September 11
Off the Wall
The Oil & Acrylic Exhibition is now open online.  You can visit  to see the exhibition.  Please note that due to a content issue (nude figures), visitors will need to sign in or open an ISSUU account or both to see the online exhibition.  The link is:
OR you can see the exhibition catalog at Blurb.  Here is the link: 
The catalog price is $10.00.
Currently, Exploring the Three Dimensions of Art, an exhibition featuring solely three-dimensional art, is about to open the digital take-in.  Starting Tuesday, July 27, any three-dimensional artwork is eligible for entry in this non-juried exhibition.  All entries will be accepted.  See the Call for Entries sent out on July 14 for more details.
Next is the 96th Annual Juried Exhibition.  The juror is Dr. Mika Cho, Professor of Art from California State University, Los Angeles.  The take-in is Saturday, August 28.  Look for the Call for Entries real soon in your email box.  The exhibition opens Friday, October 15 at Whites Fine Art Gallery in Montrose with an Artists' Reception Saturday, October 16.  The 96th will also be online and have a printed catalog available.
Looking ahead to 2022, there is the possibility for at least three exhibitions in galleries and online at the same time.  In May 2022, PSA will present the 97th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center Gallery in Burbank.  Also there may be a juried open exhibition at the Creative Arts Group Gallery in Sierra Madre, along with a visit to Whites Fine Art Gallery for an Artist’s Choice exhibition.  In addition there will be two online exhibitions.
So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to exhibit your latest artworks with PSA, both now and next year.
That’s it for now,
The Exhibition Committee
Larry, Art and Tom
Art Supplies for Kids” 
This is the kickoff for the 2021 campaign to gather art supplies for the children under the care of Homes of Hope Foster Care/Adoption Agency.  This is the fourth year that I am asking for your donations of unused or slightly used art supplies or cash to buy new art supplies for children ages 2 - 18.  During the previous three years, PSA members and the public have donated over $800 in cash per year to purchase new art supplies of all kinds in addition to bags of new or slightly used art supplies.
Please consider particpating in this very important program to make a foster child’s holidays that much better.  There are several ways to particpate.  You can donate cash via a check or electronic means.  You can donate unused or slightly used art supplies from the stash in your studio, or you can purchase new art supplies and deliver them at an upcoming PSA general meeting.
If purchasing supplies, right now is a good time to go shopping with all of the “Back-to-School” sales happening.
I thank you in advance for responding to this request and making a child’s holiday season that much better.
Lawrence D. Rodgers
Director, Art Supplies For Kids
Altadena Arts is proud to announce we are accepting applications for our first Altadena Art Festival at Charles White Park scheduled for Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 10 am to 5 pm.
If you are a visual artist and you are interested in submitting an application to show and sell your art, please follow the three steps below:
-Go to our website.
-Click "Guidelines."  Read the guidelines.
-Click "Application" to access the application portal online at Submittable.  Fill out the application and submit it.
Since this is our first Art Festival, we are limiting the number of artists that will be allowed to show and/or sell their art and you have to live or work in Altadena and Pasadena.  The deadline is August 21, 2021.  Applications will be reviewed by a peer panel.
Please feel free to forward and share this email with your artist friends and colleagues.
We look forward to seeing your application and celebrating your art.
Dear PSA Members,
As we move into the summer, I am writing to remind you that your dues are still outstanding.  In this newsletter you will see a variety of exhibitions and member opportunities.  The Call for Entries for the 96th Annual Exhibit will be one of those opportunities.  This will be an in-person exhibition at Whites Gallery in Montrose as well as an online catalog.  Your dues must be paid before you can submit entries for this exhibit.
We encourage you to pay your dues, if at all possible.  We understand that the extra funds needed for your dues may not be available.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, consider contacting me at  PSA is open to working with you so that you can exhibit in the annual show as well as other events and opportunities.  Your communication with me will be completely confidential.
As always, you can pay online through our website or by check mailed to Pasadena Society of Artists,  P.O. Box 90074, Pasadena, CA  91109.
We have a summer party planned for August and in September we will start having in-person membership meetings again!  All will be detailed in the newsletter.  Another way to stay in touch with PSA is to join the PSA4MembersOnly Facebook group!  It is a great venue for showing your art to other members at no cost to you.
We’ve also extended the use of "Member News" so that you can post your latest work and get the word out about non-PSA exhibitions you are in.   Please note that your dues must be paid in order to participate in the "Member News" artwork posts, too.
All members also have the use of our Instagram account to promote their work.
And, don’t forget our outstanding website!  This is a great time to update your artist profile. Make the most of our many website/profile visitors!
Thank you for your continued support of the Pasadena Society of Artists.  If you feel you have paid your 2021 dues already, please contact me with the date and method of payment.
My best to you and your family, and to your studio practice.
If you have any further concerns, contact me at
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