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Highlight of UAS Meeting of February 11, and
Preview of ECS Meeting of February 18

In an effort to improve communication between ECS/UAS and faculty colleagues, the Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) at its August 12, 2021 retreat recommended that each week, a general message will be sent out to all faculty. This message will highlight the immediate past ECS/UAS meeting and give a preview of the upcoming ECS/UAS meeting. In particular, the highlight will summarize the key agenda items and provide context on the key votes; the pros and cons will be summarized and the key arguments for each highlighted. Herein are the highlights of the UAS meeting of February 11, 2022 and a preview of the ECS meeting of February 18, 2022. Meetings of the ECS are restricted to members of the ECS, their alternates, and others whom the ECS may invite, pursuant to SG Meetings of the UAS are open pursuant to SG
Highlights of UAS Meeting February 11, 2022
Chair’s Report:
  • Bylaws were reviewed.
  • Effective communication was reviewed.
  • UAS members will be selected to serve on the selection committee for the student commencement speaker.
  • Faculty forums will be held February 22 and 23.
  • The theme for the UAS 2021-22 Newsletter is Adapting to Change and Reaching Higher Together. All faculty are invited to submit an article on what adapting to change and reaching higher together means to them. The deadline to submit an article and photo is March 28, 2022.
  • ECS meets next on February 18.
New Business
  • The UAS members asked questions of the Title IX reviewers. A UAS taskforce will be established to address concerns of the body regarding Title IX.
For more details on the above items, please go here.
Preview of ECS Meeting of February18, 2022
  • Discussion of Action Items from Title IX External Investigation Report and Way Forward
  • Appointment of UAS Faculty to Selection Committee of Commencement Student Speakers
  • Faculty Forum Discussion and Planning
  • Faculty Personnel Policy Committee (FPPC) Memo on Service During Sabbatical
  • FPPC Memo on Tenure and Promotion Decisions
  • Academic Policies and Standards Committee (APSC) Memo on Leadership and Succession Planning
  • APSC Memo on Policy Proposal for National Election Day 
Please, feel free to reach out to your ECS or UAS representative from your College/University Libraries in order to provide input on any ECS agenda item that you may like to weigh in on.
Thank you for your continuous interest in faculty governance. 
Felix N. Ngassa
Chair of ECS/UAS 2021-2022

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