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 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee Registration
Is Now Open Through December 20th!

Please continue to visit gae.org/spellingbee
for updates and changes throughout the year.

Please read the following thoroughly. 
Dear Spelling Bee Coordinator:
The State Spelling Bee Committee of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) would like to thank you for your perseverance and patience throughout this past year as we navigated the virtual realm for our spelling bees.  We are hopeful that we can all return to the preferred in-person method for our bees this year.  However, Scripps continues to provide the virtual option if needed.
With that in mind, the Bee Committee is busy planning for the 2021-2022 school year.  As always, GAE is proud to provide the means and opportunity for Georgia students to exhibit their proficiency in the art of spelling.  If a participant is successful at the county/system level, then he/she will have the opportunity to advance to the region, state, and possibly the national levels.  Both the winners and runners-up from the nine GAE Bee Region competitions and the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) finals [representing most private schools] will advance to the state championships.
Below are images of Georgia State Champion Ananya Augustine
virtually participating in the 2020-2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Ananya made it as far as the semi-finals before going out on the word "colmatage."  However, she ended up as one of the top 30 spellers in the nation and we are very proud of her!
Bottom right: Ananya with GAE President Lisa Morgan (far right),
GAE State Bee Committee Chair Susan Tallant (far left),
and Bee Committee Member and proctor Beth Sample
To help you make your school and county/system and spell-off bees as successful as possible, the Committee STRONGLY recommends you take the time to thoroughly read the Procedures, Rules and Regulations (PRR) manual.
The PRR covers the rules for all Georgia Bees from Region and State levels and is highly recommended at the school and county/system levels.  You can download the PRR and other information on Georgia’s Bee rules and procedures at www.gae.org/spellingbee.  DO NOT refer to Scripps’ rules as they only apply to the national championship.  You should only refer to the Scripps' website (www.spellingbee.com) for eligibility registration and resources such as word lists, vocabulary rounds, etc.  
It also is very important that you read the 2021-2022 Georgia Procedures, Rules and Regulations (PRR) because of any rule changes and/or tweaks that may have been instituted by the GAE Spelling Bee Committee.
Make Your Students' Experience Memorable
Don't Forget to Order Your Bee Items!
Order Now.
Highlighted again this year is the inclusion of a vocabulary round.  It is highly recommended that you incorporate a least one vocabulary round into your Bee early in the competition.  Both the regional and state Bees will incorporate vocabulary rounds. You will find vocabulary and spelling resources on the Scripps website once you register.  Since Scripps’ addition of a vocabulary component at the national level in 2012, the Committee feels stronger than ever that it would place Georgia students at a disadvantage if a vocabulary round was not introduced. This would begin to emphasize and reinforce the fact that our students need to begin studying and learning the actual mechanics of spelling, rather than just rote memorization. 
Registration is now through December 20, 2021 
DECEMBER 20, 2021.
To register with Scripps, go to www.spellingbee.com
When registering with Scripps, please ensure you choose your correct school category.
If you consider yourself a charter school, you are more than likely a public charter, so please choose the PUBLIC category. 
If you are a private or parochial school, check first to see if you are a member of GISA (Georgia Independent School Association) and if so, please contact the GISA office with regard to your spelling bee information after registering with Scripps.  You can check by viewing the GISA membership list.
Finally, to ensure a memorable and successful Bee, please review GAE’s official procedures, rules and regulations for Georgia on pages 6-11 and utilize the products and resources cited on pages 33-34 of the PRR manual.

Bee Study Resources

The GAE Spelling Bee Committee does not furnish any practice list of words to use for your speller. The ultimate recommended guide is using Webster’s Unabridged Online International Dictionary as a study reference (http://unabridged.merriamwebster.com/).  Scripps does provide information your school can access once it's enrolled and has the receipt of the enrollment fee. Those materials may be downloaded and printed for the school winner for ongoing study.  

The 2022 GAE State Bee Championship
 will be held at
Georgia State University's Student Center
in downtown Atlanta.
REMEMBER, competing students must be from schools and home schools/home school associations that have enrolled and paid the Scripps registration fee by December 20, 2021.  A student will not be able to move past his or her county/system/spell-off bee to the Region or State levels unless their school is registered and paid with Scripps.  
The GAE Spelling Bee Committee wishes you a successful year in planning and implementing your Bee.
Susan Tallant
Chair, GAE State Spelling Bee Committee
Copyright © 2021 Georgia Association of Educators.  All Rights reserved.
Thank you in advance for your patience, time and effort in helping your students participate in the 2020-21 virtual
Spelling Bees.
-- GAE Spelling Bee Committee

2021-2022 Georgia Procedures, Rules and Regulations (PRR)
Download and Read 

Enrollment Period ends - Dec. 20, 2021
Ensure Your Students' Eligibility!!!
All local school/homeschool/virtual school bees must be held by December 20, 2021.
Once enrolled with Scripps, your student will be eligible for Georgia's Region and State level competitions and the Scripps championship.
To find out when/where your county/system level Bee will be held, please contact your local school system office. 
If necessary, PTAs, PTOs and/or local businesses can help with bake sales and other events to help raise the fee.Competing students must be from schools, homeschools/
home school associations/virtual schools that have enrolled and paid the Scripps registration fee, respectively.

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