Plus stress management, postpartum changes, and coping with Alzheimer’s
Plus stress management, postpartum changes, and coping with Alzheimer’s

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Men: See Your Doctor to Reduce Your Health Risks

June is Mens Health Month! The most important thing a man can do to reduce health risks is to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can cause several serious health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.
If you haven't been to a doctor in the past year, make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician to have a wellness check-up, advises Dr. Richard King, a physician with Family Practice Associates of Rockland. Make a wellness appointment today!
Dr. Dimitri Alvarez

Learn to Manage Stress with Dr. Dimitriz Alvarez

Not all stress is a bad thing, says Dimitri Alvarez, MD, FAAFP. When stress can motivate and push us, it isn't harmful, but chronic stress can wreak havoc on the body. Find out how to manage and reduce stress in your life.
Dr. Alvarez is a new physician with Family Practice Associates of Rockland in Valley Cottage, NY.
Sound Advice

Sound Advice

Need medical advice? Then, get “Sound Advice”—Highland Medical’s new podcasting series featuring valuable health information from our experts. Available on Highland Medical, P.C.’s website, iTunes, Google Play and other radio apps. 
This month, Dr. Marc London from Rockland Neurologial Associates discusses Alzheimer's disease and how we can better help those coping with the diagnosis.
Dr. Olga Tusheva

Changes That Are Normal in Your Body Postpartum

Women expect changes in their body during pregnancy, however, postpartum changes are rarely discussed. There are many changes your body may go through after your baby is born—and much of it is normal, but in some cases it's not. Dr. Olga Tusheva, a gynecologist with Highland Medical's OBS-GYN of Rockland discusses what you may experience after birth.
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