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The world premiere for 90 Minutes in Heaven took place at the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta on September 1. The movie will open in theaters across the nation on September 11. For a list of theaters, info about group rates, movie trailers, and other details, visit the movie website.
The movie edition of the book is now available. Cec just learned from the publisher that 126,000 copies of 90 Minutes in Heaven sold in August.
The September edition of Book Fun Magazine features Don Piper and Cec on the front cover. The interview Cec wrote with Don starts on page 172 and includes many pictures from the film. Cec's first of what will be monthly articles for the magazine begins on page 186.
Sideways Anger
[Adapted from a blog entry at menshatteringthesilence.blogspot.com]
Most of us struggle with anger on some level. Despite the obvious reasons for being irate, some of us don't even know we're incensed. I can speak for myself. I had no awareness that I was an angry person. Sometimes the ire popped out—temporarily—but I made no connection that I was an infuriated individual.
If we're angry, it will come out—directly or indirectly. A good way to look at our anger level is to eavesdrop on our own conversations. What do we say about other people? Do we blame the government? Others at work? Those expressions are what I call the sideways anger.
They flow out in unexpected and unrecognized forms such as sarcasm, criticism, speaking our piece, or "just being frank."
About a year after I started my healing journey, I finally admitted my anger. Part of my acknowledgment was because I lived among conservative Christians who mistakenly thought it was sinful to be angry. And I believe they were wrong. The apostle Paul wrote, "In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you're still angry" (Ephesians 4:26 TNIV).
Merely to admit my outrage was a release. I had held it inside for a long time, feeling that if I let go I might kill someone. When I confessed that to my best friend, David, he said, "You're more than 50 years old and you haven't killed anyone yet." That was a marvelous release for me. 
Sometimes I need to be angry....
Personal news
Cec with Denise Tompkins at movie premiere
Cec with romance writer Denise Tompkins at the movie premiere
Cec and the card used in the movie
The car used in the filming of 90 Minutes in Heaven also made an appearance at the movie premiere.
with Peter Lundell
Cec's good writer friend Peter Lundell visited Cec at his home in August.
Twila and Cec with Don and Eva Piper
The Twila Zone--Words from My Assistant, Twila Belk
The picture on the left is of Cec and me with Don and Eva Piper at the International Christian Retail Show at the end of June. Cec wrote 90 Minutes in Heaven with Don and A Walk Through the Dark with Eva. Parts of both books were included in the making of the film.
I've had fun "being a little birdie" and watching the excitement surrounding the movie over the last several months. I look forward to enjoying the movie experience with lots of others at my local theater on September 11. The in-progress movie we saw at ICRS in June was great, but the final version promises to be even better. And how good to know that all profits from the film will go to help charities in the United States and abroad!
As a presidential candidate, retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson continues to show strong and steady support in the polls. His book Gifted Hands (written with Cec) has received a huge amount of attention, and that means great sales. For Cec, that means more money he can give away in scholarships for writers.
The royalties from Cec's book sales go into a nonprofit account that funds scholarships.The more copies of his books that sell, the more money he has to help others. You can help the scholarship fund by purchasing books and by writing reviews of Cec's books so others can make informed buying decisions. Thank you for having a part in equipping writers!
On a personal note: My book Raindrops from Heaven has received a few nice reviews on Amazon recently, for which I'm extremely grateful. One says, "...it feels like a special date with God." Another says, "This little book of gentle reminders of God's power, presence & purpose is a breath of fresh air in the morning, a pause that refreshes during the day, a word of comfort at night." (Can you see me smiling?)
As Cec mentioned in his personal news, I'll be with him at the American Assiociation of Christian Counselors World Conference in Nashville later this month. On October 10, I'll be a workshop presenter for Iron Sharpens Iron for Women in Davenport, Iowa. October 30-31 I'll teach at the East Texas Christian Writers Conference. (Cec will be there, too!) And in November I have a couple of speaking engagements in Bloomington and Peoria, Illinois. But most important is that sometime in October I should become a grandma for the second time in 2015! Woohoo!
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