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Be Still

Can anyone believe we're already halfway through 2021? I would say that I don't know where the last six months have gone, but I do know – they've flown by as the pace of life regains its momentum.
Let me urge you, sisters, take time to be still. As your calendars get full, don't let your soul get empty. Housework, projects, the latest news – honestly, there's very little that can't wait five minutes. Just stop and watch the sunset. Hug your children. Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Thank God for your blessings. Remember what really makes life worth living.
In Christ,
Melissa McFerrin
Coordinator of Women's Continuing Education

"The Wonder of Angels" Class Is Now Available Online

HCU was blessed to have Debbie Dupuy teach on "The Wonder of Angels" this spring. Her class, with its videos, handouts, and PowerPoints, is now available for free on our new online platform. Click the button below to sign up. You will be able to access this class and all women's classes offered in online format in the future.
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Rally in Support

Ever felt like giving up? Ever been on the receiving end of just the kind of support you needed in that moment? Morgan Hester reminds us that, from sports to battles to everything in between, we have each other's backs.
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July Scripture Writing Plan

Don't forget to make God your priority this month, and every month, by committing at least 10 minutes a day to meditate and reflect on God's Word. A great way to do this is by using a scripture writing plan. The Ruffled Mango produces great plans every month to focus our attention on God's Word. Take a look at this month's plan by clicking below.
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Help Shape Radiant

Radiant is up and running! We're gathering suggestions for teachers, topics, and formats for the next few years, and we want YOUR input! Who are the exceptional ladies' class teachers in the Shoals area? What subjects would you love to hear about? Is there anything else you want us to know? Share your thoughts with us!
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Upcoming Events

July 11 - 18: TITUS Camp. Learn more or register your kids here.
August 7: Heritage Event with Bo Jackson and Home Free. Buy tickets here.
September 13 - November 15: "High Impact, Low Profile Women of the Old Testament" women's class. Join us Mondays at 6:00 pm on HCU's campus or online.
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