Hello Beautiful Ones

Yes, you are beautiful, bright and, of course, very human, which means the times we live in will have definitely challenged you in any number of ways over the past year-plus. It has been a transformational time for so many and I am certainly in that camp. Through it all I have had to dig deep into the well of my resiliance, my compassion and most of all, my ability to forgive others and myself. I am happy to report it has also been a great time of creativity (see info on my new book of poems below) and the realization of what is truly precious in my life--friends, family and sitting in the truth of who I am and the choices I make. In light of these times I am going forward dedicated to my writing, not only poetry, which is my first love, but also to short prose pieces, which you can find posted on the blog on my new website. I'd love to hear any feedback on the poems, blog or just your hello!
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Be Well!   Be Kind!   Be Strong!   Be Open!   Be You!
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This little book of 28 poems was written in the early days of the pandemic. Late at night, before drifting to sleep, I would pull out my iPad and out these 18-line darlings would emerge. I had never written poems in the third person, but it felt completely natural to turn over the pen to the "She" who would express her innermost dreams, fears, memories and wisdom, as she navigated the everyday experiences of life during a pandemic. 
Chosen as the winner of the 2020 Tebot Bach Clockwise Chapbook Contest, here are a couple of short notes on what you'll find inside:

As in the seasons of a woman's life, the quotidian world and the world of mystery change places, pause for us to marvel, then change back again.  
~N. Cohen
One of the things I love about these poems is that they confront
the dark and the light of our lives. 
G. Wronsky
These compact lines turn the facts of the pandemic everyday, the small battles of mundane chores, into sensual impressions that pique like cayenne on the tongue.
 ~J. Natal

She Speaks to the Birds at Night While They Sleep
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October 10, 2021   5 PM Pacific Time
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Featuring Hari B reading poems from her new book of poems "She Speaks to the Birds at Night While They Sleep"

Love to see you there!

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She Speaks to the Birds at Night While They Sleep,
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