Marco Rubio teams with Catherine Cortez Masto & Google taps Bush appointee.
Marco Rubio teams with Catherine Cortez Masto & Google taps Bush appointee.
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June 29, 2018
Maxine Waters Aims to Undo Ben Carson, Obama Gives Marching Orders, and Tina Tchen Makes Waves at the Grammys
MOURNINGFive journalists were killed, and two others were injured on Thursday in a shooting at The Capital Gazette -- a community newspaper chain in Maryland. The suspect in the attack had a long-running dispute with journalists and had unsuccessfully sued them for defamation. CHIEF AMONG THEMThe president is consulting with advisors about whom he should tap as his next Chief of Staff, with John Kelly expected to depart the administration as early as this summer. The top contenders? Nick Ayers, who serves as Chief of Staff to VP Mike Pence, and Mick Mulvaney, who heads the Office of Management and Budget, as well as serving as Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. DOJ V. GOP… Conservative Republicans sparred with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray on Thursday over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible Russia collusion with the Trump campaign. The testiest exchange escalated between Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rosenstein. House Republicans voted to give the DOJ seven days to produce sensitive documents related to the Russia inquiry and the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. SWAGGA LIKE USCongressmen Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Doug Collins (R-GA) released a joint playlist, "Doug & Hakeem's Summertime Heat," as the Music Modernization Act bill was in markup in the Senate. DOUBLE-JOINTED… After Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced legislation that would legalize marijuana, expunge federal marijuana convictions, and penalize states with racially-disparate arrest or incarceration rates for marijuana-related crimes, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has followed suit with a bill of his own. The Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act removes marijuana from the list of scheduled substances under the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, allowing states to decide how to handle marijuana possession. DRUG DEALERS Inc. is buying online pharmacy PillPack Inc., giving the e-commerce giant the ability to ship prescriptions around the country, and overnight, making it a direct threat to the more-than-$400-billion pharmacy business. DEATH THREATCongresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) canceled two scheduled appearances in Alabama and Texas this weekend after she received a death threat. NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNERSenator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) brought her newborn baby on Thursday to join hundreds of mostly women at a protest of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy on Capitol Hill. LOCK HER UP? At the same rally, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was arrested. MICHELLE OBAMA AND A SCANDAL... Former First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Kerry Washington were spotted at Spago Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon having lunch. A potential Netflix collaboration perhaps?? Stay tuned. It’s finally Friday! Congress is on recess next week!! Cheers to the weekend!!! Just one more question: why do people use so many explanation points? Discuss amongst yourselves. We’re kicking off the weekend with this...
  • Members of color could shake up House Leadership race in 2018.
  • Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-NY) intros two bills to help separated migrant children.
  • DOJ announces $110 million grant program to assist victims of crime in Indian Country.
  • Google taps Bush appointee to lead policy.
  • Formerly incarcerated Barack Obama appointee named President of criminal justice reform organization.
  • Senators Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) team to stop China's political influence.
  • Catch The Beat DC’s Tiffany D. Cross as she joins Joy-Ann Reid this Sunday on AM Joy on MSNBC.
WH Director of Media Affairs Helen Aguirre Ferré with NPR's Lulu García-Navarro at The Hill Latino's Latina Leaders Summit on Wednesday.
DNC Chair Tom Pérez in Brownsville, TX talking to CNN about the cruelty of the Trump administration's “zero tolerance” policy.
Grace Meng Intros Two Bills to Help Separated Migrant Children
Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-NY)
introduced two pieces of legislation this week as the chaos of migrant families separated at the border gripped a nation. The Better Care for Kids Act aims to improve training that federal personnel who care for separated children receive. The bill would ensure that personnel are trained to properly care for tender-age children, particularly to minimize trauma they may be experiencing. Meng’s other measure, the Child Advocate Program Reauthorization Act, would reauthorize the Child Advocate Program, an initiative that appoints independent child advocates for vulnerable unaccompanied children and child trafficking victims. The bill would extend the authorization through 2022. Just this month, the Department of Health and Human Services announced its desire to cover 550 minors through the program in nearly a dozen locations throughout the country. The authorization for the program expired in 2017. “It is appalling that parents who had their kids ripped away from them are still separated from their children, and that the President still has no concrete plan to bring them back together,” said Meng. “But while these children are detained without their parents, it is essential that the government provide them with the best care possible, and that they have advocates who are on their side.” Both bills have been referred to the House Judiciary Committee where they are awaiting further action. More here.

Rubén Gallego Leads Intel and Armed Services Dems in Demanding Access to Report Used by Admin to Justify Muslim Ban
Congressman Rubén Gallego (D-AZ)
on Thursday led 11 of his Democratic colleagues on the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committees in a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats requesting a classified report used by the Trump administration to justify the Muslim ban in arguments before the Supreme Court. While the contents of the report were never revealed to the Court, not only was it used to successfully argue for the constitutionality of the policy, but the majority cited the report in its opinion. Donald Trump has claimed that the Muslim ban was based on an “extensive” analysis of every country in the world. However, his administration later admitted the entire document amounts to a mere 16 pages, plus a one-page attachment. “Given that [the report] reportedly includes an ‘extensive’ analysis of information systems and the security situation in ‘every country in the world,’ we believe that this document is of significant interest to our committees,” the lawmakers wrote. “Based on the brevity of this report and President Trump’s unwillingness to share it with the Court, we have serious concerns about the thoroughness of the Administration’s analysis and whether it was used to justify decisions that the President had already made.” Signatories include Congressmen Anthony Brown (D-MD), Salud Carbajal (D-CA), Marc Veasey (D-TX), Donald McEachin (D-VA), and Joaquín Castro (D-TX). See the letter here.

Maxine Waters Intros Bill to Cancel Ben Carson
Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA)
, the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, introduced a bill to restore several fair housing protections that HUD Secretary Ben Carson has eliminated. The Restoring Fair Housing Protections Eliminated by HUD Act takes each policy Carson has undone and restores it including removing language referring to "inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination" and the withdrawing a proposal to require HUD-funded homeless shelters to post a notice informing individuals of their rights. "Unfortunately, since becoming Secretary, Ben Carson has taken numerous steps to eliminate fair housing protections for the most vulnerable families in this country," Waters said. "From proposing to eliminate fair housing from HUD’s mission statement to eliminating protections for LGBTQ individuals, under Secretary Carson, HUD has stepped back from an important part of its mission." More here.

CBC Chair Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA) and Pine Street Strategies’ Donald Calloway, Jr. on Wednesday night in DC.
Congresswoman Norma Torres (D-CA) on Wednesday in DC celebrating #NationalSunglassesDay.
Catherine Cortez Masto and Marco Rubio Team to Stop China’s Political Influence in U.S. Elections
Senators Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Thursday introduced the Countering the Chinese Government and Communist Party’s Political Influence Operations Act. The bipartisan legislation aims to combat China’s political influence operations in the United States and elsewhere globally. Specifically, the bill would require the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence to organize an interagency task force to compile an unclassified report on China’s disinformation, press manipulation, economic coercion and influence operations campaigns in the U.S. and not more than five allies and partners most impacted by their influence operations in their countries. The report is also required to include recommendations for the president and Congress, including whether a permanent office to monitor and respond to China’s political influence operations is needed. "Given evidence of growing efforts by the Chinese government to undermine democratic institutions in the U.S. and abroad, it is incumbent on the United States government to protect our national security and our democracy from any foreign, political influence," Cortez Masto said. Rubio added, "To effectively combat the Chinese Government and Communist Party’s political influence operations, we must better understand the full scope and breadth of their efforts. This bill, which requires an unclassified interagency report, aims to do just that." More here

Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren Want Employees to be Able to Share How Much They Make with Each Other
Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ)
and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) questioned DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over a policy, known as the “safety zone” policy, that allows employers to exchange detailed wage data without violating antitrust laws. In a letter sent Thursday to AG Jeff Sessions and FTC Chair Joseph Simons, the Senators warned that this policy has produced an imbalance in access to wage information that unfairly advantages employers over workers and ultimately holds down workers’ wages. “Because workers are kept in the dark about their compensation relative to others’ with similar experience and abilities, they are unable to negotiate effectively for the wages and benefits that are commensurate to their value to the firm,” the Senators wrote. They also stressed, the “lack of pay also a significant contributing factor in perpetuating gender and racial pay gaps, because it is harder for workers to find out that they are being underpaid in the first place.” Booker and Warren asked the DOJ and the FTC how they intended to address the growing risks associated with the sharing of wage data among employers, and whether or not the agencies had any plans to revisit or change the “safety zone” guidance. Read the full letter here.

Bob Menéndez Wants More Oversight of Trump’s Diplomacy Efforts with North Korea
Senator Bob Menéndez (D-NJ)
, Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on Wednesday introduced legislation to provide congressional oversight of U.S. diplomacy with North Korea and any agreement that emerges from the Trump administration’s engagement with Kim Jong Un. The bill comes almost two weeks after Trump met with Kim at a historic summit in Singapore that resulted in a North Korean commitment to the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula, but failed to spell how that goal would be achieved or how long it would take. Joined by Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), the North Korea Policy Oversight Act calls for the president to submit a report on how the diplomatic negotiations with North Korea are expected to proceed, with continual written updates every 30 days. Among other provisions, it also demands continued sanctions until there’s “meaningful and verifiable denuclearization,” and for the U.S. not to pursue military action against the North contrary to international law. “If we are going to be successful in the pursuit of peace with North Korea, the Trump Administration must execute strategic, rigorous, and thoughtful diplomacy. I am concerned that, thus far, it has not,” said Menéndez. More here

PBS' Ann Curry on Monday at breakfast in Aspen, CO with a special furry guest.
Univisión’s Jorge Ramos on-set Wednesday with actor and activist Gael García Bernal talking about soccer and México’s upcoming elections.
New Dem Star Endorses FL Candidate Challenging Stephanie Murphy
Chardo Richardson
is challenging Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) to represent the Sunshine State’s Seventh District. And he just got an endorsement from the Democratic Party’s biggest new star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “We were the original Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats,” Richardson said. “Alexandria and I always had a great relationship and supported each other.” The 38-year-old Air Force veteran and Mississippi native is a former President of ACLU Central Florida. “I really believe people need something to vote for, not just a ‘Democrat.’ ... Any blue won’t do, in my opinion,” he said of his challenge to Murphy. The 2009 American Public University System graduate, who completed law school at Florida Coastal School in 2014, is currently the Executive Director for Seminole County Uniserv -- an umbrella organization representing four local labor associations in the county public school system. District seven is also evenly split between Republicans and Democrats and will be extremely competitive in a general election. Murphy has a massive campaign-money advantage over Richardson and picked up two new endorsements Tuesday from major labor groups: the Florida Education Association and the AFL-CIO. More here.

Members of Color Could Shake Up House Leadership Race in 2018
The 2018 midterms could shake up control of the House and have already opened up at least one post in Democratic leadership, regardless of whether control shifts or not: the number four role currently held by Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY) after his primary loss to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) has already started talking to her colleagues about running for Chair of the House Democratic Conference. “I was not seriously considering this until Tuesday night,” Lee said. “I could bring a vision to this job based on my work with different caucuses — my time as co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, my record with the Congressional Black Caucus.” And Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (D-CA), currently the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Conference, is also throwing her name into in the mix. “I think that I would be a good caucus chair; having said that I’m not making any announcements,” Sánchez said on Tuesday. Sources tell The Beat DC that Sánchez’s bid is the “natural evolution but the issue is that Crowley was a big ally of hers. Without him, not sure what that all looks like.” As a reminder, Sánchez and Lee both ran for Vice Chair of the Democratic Conference, with Lee losing by one vote to Sánchez. Some have mentioned making a push for Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the Assistant Democratic Leader and third-ranking House Democrat, to replace current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) if Dems do not take back the House. "If Pelosi can't do it, we will push Jim for Speaker. Those discussions are going on right now," one CBC member said to Politico. Others have mentioned DCCC Chair Congressman Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) -- whose candidacy would receive a significant boost if he helps lead House Dems to victory; Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-LA); Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), whose work on criminal justice reform has garnered attention, and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH), as some of the other members of color at the top of the list of names being floated already for leadership slots. Other names in the mix include Cheri Bustos (IL), Joe Kennedy (MA), Adam Schiff (CA), and Mark Pocan (WI). More here.
Barack Obama Gives Marching Orders in LA
Former President Barack Obama made a rare post-presidency appearance at a DNC Fundraiser in Los Angeles on Thursday where he told the crowd, “Vote. Participate. Get involved.” Referring to his own campaign, he went on to say, “Do not wait for the perfect message, don’t wait to feel a tingle in your spine because you’re expecting politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving that somehow, ‘OK, I’ll get off my couch after all and go spend the 15-20 minutes it takes for me to vote,’ Because that’s part of what happened in the last election.” In a stark contrast to his successor, Obama made the point that his presidency should have been bigger than him. “I’ll be honest with you, if I have a regret during my presidency, it is that people were so focused on me and the battles we were having, particularly after we lost the House, that folks stopped paying attention up and down the ballot,” Obama said. The event, billed as an “Evening with Barack Obama,” was hosted at the Beverly Hills home of Allan Mutchnik, an executive at Harbor Freight Tools, and his wife Nicole. It also featured a performance by Christina Aguilera. “Governance is work and we shouldn’t expect it to be entertaining all the time. Christina Aguilera was wonderful but you don't need to have an amazing singer at every event. Sometimes you’re just in a church basement making phone calls and eating cold pizza,” POTUS44 said. Obama never mentioned Trump by name nor did he address Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. The event was the first of three fundraisers Obama is doing in California this week, with two scheduled Friday in San Francisco for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee. More here.

Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) this past weekend being honored by the Alliance for Retired Americans.
MI gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed joining CNN on Wednesday from Michigan.
DOJ Announces $110 Million Grant Program to Assist Victims of Crime in Indian Country
The DOJ announced on Tuesday that they plan to set aside up to $110 million for tribes seeking to support victims of domestic violence, assault, drug trafficking, and other crimes amid an opioid crisis that has hit tribal communities especially hard. The appropriation for tribes was tucked into the omnibus spending bill approved by Congress earlier this year. DOJ is already inviting tribes to apply to seek grants from the National Crime Victim Fund, which are being given due to the high rates at which Native Americans are victims of violence. Federal figures show a fivefold increase in overdose deaths between 1999 and 2015 among Native Americans -- the largest increase for any group in that time span. Meanwhile, more than half of Native American women in a National Institute of Justice survey released two years ago said they had been victims of sexual and domestic violence. "These numbers are staggering. But they don't tell the full story," Mary Daly, DOJ’s Director of Opioid Enforcement and Prevention, said at an Indian Country law enforcement training in Albuquerque. "Tribes and other communities across the country are suffering." While the funds have long been made available to states and federal agencies, long-time advocates say Native Americans have largely been left out of the key federal funding program for years, and tribes in the past oftentimes had to request funds from states. More here.

Adriano Espaillat and Elizabeth Warren Urge Feds to Extend Housing Aid for Puerto Ricans
Congressman Adriano Espaillat (D-NY)
and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday led members in the House and Senate in sending a letter to FEMA and HUD urging them to extend Saturday's deadline for Puerto Rican families currently participating in the Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program. The letter also requested that the Disaster Housing Assistance Program be activated to ensure these families have the support and assistance to help rebuild following last year’s Hurricane Maria. “Puerto Rico remains in shambles thanks to President Donald Trump as many of our fellow United States citizens are still struggling to obtain basic and livable housing. Several families still rely on the Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) Program, and we cannot allow these families to fall through the cracks in our system as the island remains in desperate need of repair and TSA is no longer available," Espaillat said. Unfortunately, FEMA appears to not be heeding the bicameral call -- a representative told Newsweek Thursday that the agency has offered counseling and a free one-way ticket back to Puerto Rico to the approximately 1,800 who remain in the program but that it would end the aid. “After 10 months of providing emergency shelter through Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA), FEMA is ending the program on June 30 for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria survivors,” the agency said. The same program for those displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were extended to 26 months. See the letter here.
Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón (R-PR), Governor Ricardo Roselló (D), and fellow Puerto Rican representatives in DC on Wednesday announcing their push for statehood.
Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) on Wednesday welcoming Hailey Caron, winner of the Congressional Art Competition for Utah’s 4th District, to DC.
Google Taps Bush Appointee to Run Policy
Karan Bhatia
, President of Government Affairs and Policy at General Electric (GE), will become the Global Head of Policy at Google next month. In his new role, he’ll lead policy efforts around major topics such as artificial intelligence, job creation, and infrastructure. Bhatia spent nearly a decade at General Electric, where he oversaw engagement on global commercial and public policy issues and worked to expand the company’s presence in global markets. Prior to joining GE, he was appointed by former President George W. Bush as the Deputy U.S. Trade Representative overseeing U.S. international trade policy with respect to Asia and Africa and served on the boards of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. The Princeton University graduate, who also has a Master’s from the London School of Economics and a law degree from Columbia University, also served as Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs at the Department of Transportation.
Bhatia has taught at the Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on International Trade & Investment. He will spend the first few months at the companies’ headquarters in Mountain View, CA and will then be based in DC. More here.
JustLeadershipUSA Announces New President
DeAnna Hoskins will become the President of JustLeadershipUSA, an organization that aims to reduce incarceration rates by half before 2030. Hoskins, who was formerly incarcerated for substance abuse in 1999, has been a longtime advocate for criminal justice reform and the rights of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. Prior to joining JustLeadershipUSA, Hoskins was the Senior Policy Advisor for Corrections and Re-entry for the Department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance Division under the Barack Obama administration. At the DOJ, Hoskins oversaw the Second Chance Act portfolio, where she managed partnerships between several agencies including the Department of Labor’s Clean Slate Clearinghouse, the National Reentry Resource Center, the National Inventory of Collateral Consequences and Convictions, the National Institute of Corrections Children of Incarcerated Parents, and more. She also served as the Deputy Director of the Federal Interagency Reentry Council. Before that, the 49-year-old was the founding reentry director for Ohio’s Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners and later went on to work for the Indiana Department of Corrections. The Mount St. Joseph graduate, who earned a Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, is also a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and a certified Workforce Development Specialist trainer for formerly incarcerated people. “I am thrilled to be JustLeadershipUSA’s next president,” said Hoskins. “I understand root causes, having lived in under-resourced communities and having been incarcerated. I understand the policies that are not working. And I understand the need for redemption, healing and racial and economic justice.” More here.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) catching up with Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) in DC on Wednesday.
CNN’s Athena Jones in Pittsburgh on Wednesday visiting the Fred Rogers Memorial Statue.
Tina Tchen Brings Change to the Grammy’s -- But What About JAY-Z?
Six weeks after the Grammys initiated a task force lead by Tina Tchen -- former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama -- to look into biases against women in the music industry, the Recording Academy is making changes. Outgoing Recording Academy President Neil Portnow announced this week that the number of Grammy nominees in its the ceremony's four most prestigious categories -- Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist -- will increase from five to eight. The change will come into effect at the 61st Grammy Awards show next year. The decision is likely a reflection of the uproar over the low number of female nominees and winners for the 2018 awards. However, there’s also the issue of JAY-Z. Although he was in a category with Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, Khalid, SZA, and No I.D. -- possibly the most musically and racially diverse in the Academy’s history -- the winners’ list did not reflect the wider variety of nominees as Mars swept Best Album, Song and Record. Moreover, in some categories, it seems likely that votes were split between JAY-Z and Lamar, arguably the world’s two most popular rappers. More here.

Today - Sunday, July 1st: The Color of Conversation Film Series. Program debuts with the documentary, MR. SOUL!, winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at AFI DOCS 2018. Other highlights include festival favorite, BLINDSPOTTING; acclaimed documentary, MAYNARD; and Boots Riley's highly anticipated feature debut, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, with the filmmaker in attendance. AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center, Silver Springs, MD. Click here for more information
Today - Thursday, July 12th: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 68th Boule. Houston, TX. Click here for more information.
Saturday, July 7th - Tuesday, July 10thUnidosUS’ 2018 Annual Conference. Speakers include Ilia Calderón, Co-Anchor of Noticiero Univisión, Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino, among others. Walter E. Washington Convention Center, DC. Click here to register.
Wednesday, July 11th, 8A: The Hill Latino's Entrepreneurship and The American Dream Forum. The forum will feature conversations with Congressmen Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) and Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), as well as Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón (R-PR), about Hispanic small business ownership trends. The Newseum. Knight Broadcast Studio. 3rd Floor. 555 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., DC. Click here to register
Thursday, July 12th - Friday, July 20th: March On Washington Film Festival. DC. Click here for more information.
Saturday, July 14 - Wednesday, July 18th: NAACP’s 109th Annual Convention. Henry B. González Convention Center. San Antonio, TX. Click here for more information.
Tuesday, July 17th - Wednesday, July 18th: The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) 2018 National Women’s Conference. Phoenix. Click here for more information.
Tuesday, July 17th - Saturday, July 21st: The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) 2018 National Convention and Expo. Phoenix. Click here for more information.
Friday, July 20 - Sunday, July 22nd: The 2nd Annual Black Campaign School, hosted by The Collective. Atlanta, GA. Click here for information
Wednesday, July 18th - Saturday, 21st: NAHJ International Training Conference and Career Fair. InterContinental Miami Hotel. 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL. Click here for more information.
Wednesday, August 1st - Saturday, August 4th: The National Urban League's 2018 Annual Conference “Save Our Cities: Powering the Digital Revolution.” Columbus, OH. Click here for more information and to register.
Wednesday, August 1st - Sunday, August 5th: NABJ Annual Convention & Career Fair. Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. 400 Renaissance Drive, Detroit, MI. Click here for more information
Monday, August 6th - Saturday, August 11th: 16th Annual Run&Shoot Filmworks Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. Click here for more information.
Wednesday, August 8th - Saturday, August, 11th: AAJA National Convention. Marriott Marquis Houston. 1777 Walker St., Houston, TX. Click here for more information.
Friday, August 17th - Sunday, August 19th: Martha’s Vineyard celebrates Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s (D-CA) 20 years of service. Special guests include House Assistant Minority Leader Jim Clyburn (D-SC), Congressional Black Caucus Chair Cedric Richmond (D-LA), and more. Harbor View Hotel, 131 North Water Street Edgartown, MA. Kelley House, 23 Kelley Street Edgartown, MA. Click here for more information.
Tuesday, September 11th - Wednesday, September 12th: CHCI's Annual Leadership Conference. Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., DC. Click here for more information.
Thursday, September 13th: CHCI's 41st Annual Anniversary Awards Gala. Marriott Marquis Washington, DC. 901 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., DC. Click here for more information.
Wednesday, September 12th - Saturday, September 16th: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation 48th Annual Legislative Conference. Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Click here for more information.
Thursday, September 25th - Saturday, September 29th: NBMBAA 40th Annual Conference & Exposition. Detroit, MI. Click here for more information.
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